1868 07 17 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 17/07/1868.


                The monthly (adjourned) meeting of the members of the Redcar Board was held on Thursday last (09/07), at the offices, Redcar. Present – Messrs J. Johnston (chairman), J. Harrison, J. Mallaby, H. Moore, C. Richardson, J. G. Thompson (Clerk), and M. Crabtree (surveyor).

                Minutes the last meeting were confirmed. An estimate for a general district rate of 2s.6d in the pound was submitted to the meeting by the clerk, and on the motion of Mr Moore, seconded by Mr Mallaby, was ordered to be entered in the rate-book.

                The nuisance on Mr Daniel Duck’s property was reported by the Surveyor to have been considerably modified, and it was not thought necessary by the Board to take any further steps the matter. He further reported that the painting of the outside of the offices by Mr T. Grey was nearly finished, that the new cesspools in the north drain work completed, and Mr Henry Moore added that they were working well.

                A letter relating to the appointing of a polling station was laid before the Board, and a committee, consisting of the chairman, Messrs Lennard, Moore, Mallaby, and Harrison, was appointed to carry the matter to a satisfactory termination on the motion of Mr Harrison, seconded by Mr Richardson.

                A twelve months’ notice to discontinue the use of the water at the railway station, from Mr Bouch, was read and accepted, on the motion of Mr Moore.

                It was next ordered that the water be turned off at 10 o’clock in the evening, after Monday next (27/07), during the remainder of the bathing season.

                Plans for alteration in a house, submitted by Mr George Wren, were passed; and for converting the Friends’ Meeting House into a cottage, submitted by Mrs Thompson, were not finally considered. Some discussion ensued as to whether Mrs Thompson’s plans had been altered since the last meeting of the committee. Mr Mallaby declared that the committee saw the plans, and the Surveyor as positively stated that they were not laid before the committee at all.

                Plans for alterations of premises at the back of the house, No. 46 High Street, before Mr Richard Shieldon, were passed. The meeting then closed.


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