1869 10 04 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 08/10/1869.


            Monthly meeting of this Ball was held on Monday (04/10). Present Messrs Lennard (Chairman), Cowl, Watson, Richardson, J. G. Thompson (Clerk), and a M. Crabtree (Surveyor). The minutes of the previous meeting were red and confirmed.

The clerk reported that he had changed from several seaside bathing places copies of the bylaws and regulations respecting bathing, and recommended that the consideration of them should be referred to a committee. He also reported that he had received a letter from the Clerk of the Highway Board, stating that the matter of repairing the road between the West End and Marine Terrace had been referred to the surveyor and way wardens of the parish of Kirkleatham, to ascertain the liability of the Highway Board to repair the road in question.

The minutes of a Committee of the whole Board on the subject of flagging paving, channelling, and lighting the streets was read by the Surveyor, recommending the lighting of Alma Parade, Wilton Street, Albert Street, and Jermaine Street, and an additional lamp in the Back Lane opposite the “Read Lying Opening,” and one additional lamp on the Esplanade; the kerbing, metalling, and channelling of the High Street; the formation of a footpath in Redcar Lane, and the trimming of the fences. The minutes were referred to the committee for the consideration of the cost of erecting the new lampposts, and whether the cost should be defrayed by the Local Board or the Gas Co.

A report of the Finance Committee was read by the Surveyor recommending the payment of pigs amounting to £149.6s.11d. The report showed that there was a balance that the bank of £220.


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