1870 02 11 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea 11/02/870


            The monthly meeting of this board was held on Monday, (07/02). Present – Messrs Lennard: (chairman), Cowl, Watson, Fairbridge and Mallaby.

            Minutes having been made and confirmed, bills, amounting to £45.12s were ordered to be paid.

            The minute with regard to lighting, flagging, and channeling Alma Parade, etc., Was ordered to be continued; also the minute with regard to the public lighting.

            The Clerk said he was in communication with the Board of Trade with respect to the extension of the boundary, and thought he would be able to report to the Board on the subject shortly.

            The minute with regard to the state of the road between the Clarendon Hotel and Craster Terrace was ordered to be continued.

            The Surveyor, said he was not able to make a report with regard to the water supply, as the weather had been too unfavourable to permit to permit of an inspection of the reservoir.

            Minute ordered to be continued.

            With respect to the Cemetery, the Clerk said he had written to the Earl of Zetland about the ground for the site of the proposed new burial place, and Mr Trotter told him that he had to meet the members of the Board about the alteration of the line of frontage on the beach, and he would tell them what were the Earl’s view is on the matter.

            The Chairman thought. Mr Trotter said the estate could not give or sell the land, but he would subscribe literally. He said he would write more fully on the subject to the Clerk.

            The Clerk said perhaps the best plan would be for him to write to Mr Trotter the game, requesting him to let the Board no. What were his lordship’s intentions?

            The Surveyor read a letter from Mr T. Bland, master of the Zetland school, objecting to the rating of the school premises, on the ground that schools were exempt from taxation; that he had been excused from payment of the poor-rate; and that he did not think the school was within the district, and there was no delivery of letters at his house.

            Some doubts were expressed as to the legality or otherwise of rating the school premises, but it transpired that he was only the dwelling house connected with the school that was rated finally it was decided to summon Mr Bland for payment of the rates.

            Referring to the non-delivery of letters at Mr Bland’s, Mr Watson complained that he did not get his letters. Till 10 or half past every morning.

            An application from Messrs Abbey, Hirst, and Johnson, asking for a supply of water in Marine Terrace, for building purposes, was read; and the Surveyor was requested to lay water on as early as practicable.

            A letter from Miss Hymers was read, giving notice of intention to remove a shop window on her premises in High Street, and to put in a dining-room in its place. The Surveyor was instructed to inform Miss Hymers that the Board required a plan of the proposed alteration.

            The Surveyor was authorised to get the inside of his house painted.

            A plan of alterations on the premises belonging to Miss Dickson, High Street was passed. A plan of a paint shop for Mr Bandford Adamson was also passed.

            A plan of a building to be erected for Captain Tomlinson by Mr Watson, on the old line of frontage, was presented; but the Clerk said the plan passed at the last meeting must be rescinded before the Board could consider the new one.

            Notice was accordingly given of a motion to be brought forward at the next meeting to rescind the original plan.

            The meeting then terminated.


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