1870 10 07 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 07/10/1870.


            The monthly meeting of the Board was held on Monday (03/10). Present:- Messrs E. W. Lennard (chairman), J. Cowl, W. Whitaker, J. Mallaby, R. Johnson, J. G. Thompson (Clerk, and M. Crabtree (the surveyor)

            The minutes of the previous monthly meeting were read and confirmed.

            The Surveyor, said he had seen Mr W. Blatherwick, respecting the payment of his account. Against the Board’s claim of £3.12s.6d, for flagging, he presented a bill amounting to £2.4.6d ., For work done for the Board at different times, the first item being for work done as far back as 1856. He (the surveyor) allowed the set-off, and Mr Blatherwick paid the difference, 18s.

            Several members expressed an opinion that the claim ought not to have been allowed without being firstly before the Board. They thought it strange that the bill should not have been presented sooner, seeing that some of the work charged for was done 14 years since.

            The surveyor said it allowing Mr Blatherwick’s claim he thought he was only following the instructions given to him at the last meeting of the Board. With respect to the rubbish in Dundas Street, he had seen the man who laid it there, and he promised to get part of it rebuild. He, however, insisted that Mr Johnston had ordered him to deposit the rubbish in that place.

            Mr Johnston denied that he ever done so. In proof of this, he said he would shortly have to remove all the rubbish out of the street at his own expense.

            Mr Cowl complained that cobles were allowed to remain on the sea wall, notwithstanding the prohibitory notice which had been issued.

            The chairman said it was agreed upon, when the sea-wall was built that the fishermen should be allowed to place the cobles on the sea wall in case of need, such as during a storm or a high tide. The course the Board did not wish to prevent their doing so, but the cobles ought to be removed when the danger was over.

The surveyor was instructed to see the owners of the cobles, with a view to having them removed. If the owners would not remove them, the Clerk was instructed to issue summonses against them.

            The clerk said his attention had been called to the lamp on the esplanade at the foot of Moore Street, which was so players that all the light went into the Swan Hotel yard, leaving The Esplanade and Moore Street in darkness.

            The surveyor said the lamp would be filled with next week. It was placed in its present position because there. It was quite out of the way of vehicles passing along the road.

            Complaints were made of nuisances caused by pigs belonging to Mr Hall, and the depositing of manure behind Wellington Place, by Mr Weatherald; the surveyor was instructed to see that the nuisances were abated.

            Mr Cowl gave notice that at the next meeting. He should call the attention of the Board to the necessity of re-numbering the houses.

            The meeting then terminated.


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