1871 03 10 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 10/3/1871


            On Tuesday (07/03) afternoon the monthly meeting of the Board was held. Present – Messrs Lennard (Chairman), Harrison, Mallaby, Cowl, Johnston, J. G. Thompson (clerk), M, Crabtree (surveyor), and Dr. Bennett (medical officer to the Board)

After the minutes were read and confirmed, the following report was read by Dr. Bennett:- “I make to report that the sanitary condition of Redcar is in every respect satisfactory; the only prevailing complaints be catarrh and biliary derangement’s, consequent on the extraordinary weather.”

An application from the owners of property in Westbourne Terrace, on the Esplanade, for curbing to be laid in front of the terrace, was deferred till the adjourned meeting, which was fixed to be held on the 24th inst., in order that the Surveyor Mike prepare a plan of the kerbing required.

The clerk said the contracts between the Board and the Gas Company were in the hands of the latter for signature.

The surveyor read the minutes of the committee appointed to consider the subject of numbering and naming the streets, which recommended the adoption of black letters and figures on a white ground.

The minutes were confirmed.

The surveyor said the plans and estimates for the proposed cemetery would be ready by the adjourned meeting.

A plan of alterations on Mr Cowl’s premises was passed.

The surveyor was requested to repair the approaches to the beach, and a committee was formed to advise him in the matter.


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