1871 05 19 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 19/05/1871.


            At a special meeting of the local board held on the 16th inst., present Messrs. E. W.  Lennard (chairman), J. Mallaby, W. Fairbridge,  J. H. Webster, J. G. Thompson (clerk), M. Crabtree (surveyor). The Clerk, having reported his recent interviews in London with the authorities at the Board of Trade and Home Office and Lord Zetland’s solicitors on the proposed extension of the district of Redcar, and having also submitted to the Lord a printed copy of the provisional orders as proposed to be made by the Home Secretary, it was ordered that the proposed order to be approved, and that the Clerk the instructed to take such steps as he might deem necessary for having the order made and confirmed during the present session of Parliament.


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