1871 11 10 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 10/11/1871.


            The monthly meeting of the Board took place on Monday last (06/11), Present – Messrs. E. W. Lennard, (Chairman); J. Mallaby, and R. P. Johnston; J. G. Thompson, (Clerk); and M. Crabtree, surveyor. The minutes of the last meeting were red and confirmed. Several minutes were continued. On the subject of the contract for the purchase of the gas lamps, the Surveyor reported that the purchase money was £91.6s.6d. and not £76.9s.4d. as he had previously stated; and the clerk was instructed to have the contract altered accordingly and completed. The clerk reported that the sum of £9.1s.8d., The amount of the water cart repairs had been paid by the Highway Board immediately on application, and the matter was settled. A plan of a wooden shop intended to be erected by Robert Abbey in George Street was approved; but one of the intended direction of the dwelling house and shop by Thos. Rowland in High Street, adjoining the Masonic Hall, was rejected on the ground that the notice accompanying the plan referred to cottages which were not shown on the plan. Cheques amounting to £86. 8s. 4d. Having been passed, the meeting terminated.


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