1871 12 08 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 08/12/1871


            The monthly meeting of the Local Board of Health was held at the Board Room, West Terrace, on Monday last (04/12). Present: Messrs. E. W. Lennard (chairman) Joseph Mallaby, R. P. Johnston, J. Cowl, J. Harrison, T. Watson, and J. G. Thompson (clerk) and Mr. M. Crabtree (surveyor). The minutes of the last two meetings were read and confirmed. Ordered,  the minutes relating to private streets to be declared highways, be continued. The Clerk having reported that the necessary alterations had been made in the gas contracts, it be ordered that the same be signed and sealed in duplicate. It was also ordered that the minutes relating to the by-laws be continued. The Clerk having reported as follows on the subject of the formation of a Burial Board at Redcar :-

“To the Chairman and Members of the Local Board of Health of Redcar.


In accordance with your instructions received at the last meeting I had carefully perused and considered the provisions of the Burial Acts, with the view to ascertain what steps it will be necessary to take to constitute a Burial for Redcar. Under certain circumstances a Local Board of Health may be appointed the Burial Board, but in the present case, as the Local Board and Burial Board Districts would not be co extensive, a Burial Board will happen to be appointed pursuant to the statute 18th and 19th Vic. cap. 128, sec.11, by the Vestry acting for the ecclesiastical district designated ‘ The Consolidated Chapelry of St. Peter, Redcar;’ and it will be necessary in accordance with the 9th section of the 20th and 21st Vic., cap. 81, to obtain the approval of one of her Majesty’s Principal Secretaries of State be for the appointment can take place. Doubts having arisen as to whether the Secretary of States approval should be obtained before or after the appointment of a Burial Board, it was enacted by an act of last Session, the 34th and 35th Vic. cap. 33 sec 1, that in certain cases the Vestry most in the first instance meet and pass a resolution that it is expedient to appoint a Burial Board, and if after receiving a notice thereof the Secretary of State approves of such resolution, the Vestry may at once proceeded to the appointment of the Board. With regard to the expense of carrying out the Burial Acts in the event of a Burial Board been constituted for Redcar, a very considerable responsibility has been removed from the town by the munificence of the Earl of Zetland, who has promised to provide a Burial Ground and subscribe £1000 towards the cost of the necessary buildings and for other purposes, but if the expenditure of the Burial Board (as is most probable) should exceed £1000 the surplus would have to be borrowed on mortgage of the Polar Rates stop power is given by the Act 18th and 19th Vic. cap. 128 to a portion the expenses, and therefore that part of the town of Redcar which lies within the Parish of Upleatham, and is assessed in respect, will be liable to contribute its proportionate part of such expenses. The necessity for a new Burial Ground at Redcar is so apparent, that in view of the Lord Zetland’s gift to the town the proceedings which will have to be taken to form a Burial Board will not, it is presumed, be met by the slightest opposition. It will be the duty of the Churchwardens, in the first instance, to summon a Vestry meeting to consider the expediency of providing a new Burial ground; and I would recommend that the Local Board should instruct me to communicate with the churchwardens at once, and requested them to take the necessary initiative steps in the matter. I am, Gentleman, your obedient Servant, Jno. G. Thompson, Clerk to the Board. Redcar, Dec. 4th, 1871.”  Ordered, that in accordance with the Clerk’s recommendations, e be instructed to communicate with the Churchwardens with a view to a Vestry meeting being called as early as practicable.

Mr. R.P. Johnston’s application to have the kerbstones laid in for the footpath in front of new houses, No 11, High Street, and Nos. and 5, Dundas Street, was acceded to, and the Surveyor was directed to execute the work as soon as possible. Ordered that,

Elizabeth Gardin’s letter of the 4th inst on the subject of an alleged nuisance, be referred to the Sanitary Committee. Ordered that the Clerk give Mr Crabtree notice that it is the intention of the Board to determine his engagement as Surveyor, Inspector of nuisances, and Collector on the exploration of three months in accordance with his agreement, with a view to relieve him from the duties of Collector of Rates. Ordered, that plan No.134 of a cottage in Dundas Street, and alterations in a house in the High Street, intended to be erected by Matthew Martin, and the plan No.135 of to cottages intended to be erected by Thomas Rowland in German Street, be approved. Cheques, to the amount of £116.2s.5d stop, having been ordered, and in having also been ordered that foregoing resolutions and approved plans would be signed, the meeting was separated.




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