1874 01 15 Committee Meeting


Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn News 15/01/1874.


            A special meeting of this board was held yesterday (Wednesday 14/01/1874) at noon. Present Messrs Lennard (Chairman), Harrison, Johnston, Mallaby, Whitaker, J. G. Thompson (Clerk), D. D. Bookless (Surveyor) and J. Marwood (Rate Collector).

            The Clerk having read the notice convening the meeting, the Rate Collector reported concerning several items received on Private, improvement account by Mr Crabtree, the late surveyor, who had informed him (the rate collector) that he would pay over the amounts when his claims against the board were settled. He also stated that he found much difficulty in collecting the water-rate, owing to both the present and previous rates being made out for 1873. The Clerk read a letter received that morning from Messrs Brewster and Stubbs, solicitors, of Middlesbrough, on behalf of Mr Crabtree, demanding payment of £46.16s.9d, which was alleged to be due to him in his late capacity of surveyor, and stating that in the event of the money not being paid forthwith, legal proceedings for its recovery would be taken. It not being deemed advisable to go into the subject in the presence of reporters, it was resolved to consider the matter in committee. The Clerk reported respecting Mr William Blatherwick’s property (who had been ordered to be summoned for contravention of the bylaws) that he did not consider the alterations in progress for covering a stable into a dwelling-house sufficiently advanced to warrant the board taking action in the matter; moreover, Mr Blatherwick had informed him (the Clerk) that he would submit a plan when he intended the premises to be used as a dwelling-house. Plan of proposed alterations in Athol Cottage, for Mr William Thwaites, rejected on the ground of the sections and elevations not being shown. The Surveyor was empowered toward a sufficient quantity of 4 inch water pipes for Back Lane, to be substituted for the present insufficient service pipe, after which the meeting was closed.


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