1874 03 12 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation. The Rector and Saltburn News 12/03/1874.


            The monthly meeting of this Board was held on Thursday (05/03) evening, having been adjourned from the previous Monday (02/03). Present— Messrs Lennard (Chairman), Coulson, Mallaby, and Watson; J. G. Thompson (Clerk), and D. D. Bookless (Surveyor).

Minutes having been read and confirmed, the Clerk read a letter received that day from Mr Richardson, of Ings Farm, Redcar Lane, to the effect that he understood the inhabitants of Redcar were not charge for water for house purposes, and applying that the water meter to be placed on his premises may be fixed between the house and the cattle troughs, so that he may have the same privilege as the other ratepayers. After some discussion, it was resolved “that if the dwelling-house be separately assessed, Mr Richardson’s application be acceded to, subject to the surveyor’s approval.”—The clerk next reported that after the last meeting. He wrote to Mr Crabtree, the late surveyor, in accordance with the minute passed, to the effect that legal proceedings would be taken if a statement of monies received by him while acting as surveyor was not furnished within seven days. He also informed Mr Crabtree that his clerk would attend at the Board room on a given date and render him any assistance in his power in making out the statement. He was glad to say that Mr Crabtree had complied with the wish of the Board, and had furnished in a statement showing that £14.13s had been received by him on behalf of the Board, and the money handed over to the rate collector. At the interview with his clerk, Mr Crabtree asked the farmer if he had the cheque for the balance due to him by the Board, and expressed a desire to have the matters between himself and the Board settled, and intimated his willingness to accept the amount offered. He (the Clerk) accordingly forwarded to Mr Crabtree, a cheque for £15.1s.3d, balance due to him for salary, &c., but had not received any acknowledgement of its receipt. The Chairman of the Board had since received an account from Mr Crabtree claiming £25.15s as due to him, and showing £15.1s.3d as having been received on account.—It was resolved “that the cash statement sent in by the late surveyor be received and entered on the minutes.”—The Board then ordered a number of accounts to be paid, and several plans having been passed, the meeting closed.


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