1874 05 07 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn News 07/05/1874.


            The ordinary monthly meeting of the Local of Health for the district of Redcar, was held on Monday afternoons (04/05 as Perry, at the Board-room, West Terrace. Present – Messrs Watson (chairman), Coulson, Cowl, Fairbridge, Harrison, Johnston, and Mallaby; J. G. Thompson (clerk), and D. D. Bookless (surveyor).

Minutes of the last monthly meeting, were read and confirmed.


            An application from Mr Fairbridge, asking that he might be allowed to compound for the rates on the cottages lately build by him in Regent Street and Prince’s Place, was first considered, having been postponed from the last meeting, so that the amount might be fixed on which owners of property shall be assessed, where they compound for the rates stop.

Mr Watson said that he had hitherto been rated on three-fourths of the annual rental.

Mr Johnston said he had been assessed on four-fifths of the annual rental.

Mr Mallaby moved that in future, where owners of cottages compound for the rates, such rates shall be assessed on three-fourths of the annual rental, to be paid whether this property is occupied or not.

Mr Watson seconded.

Mr Harrison moved, as an amendment, that the amount on which they be assessed shall be four-fifths.

Mr Cowl, seconded, the amendment, which was carried.


            The Clerk submitted an estimate of a General District Rate of 3s in the £, which was approved stop.


            Mr Carol suggested that the Board undertake that the rate-collector shall collect the property and income taxes, so that it may not have to be done by a tradesmen of the town.


            Plan of six cottages intended to be built by the North-Eastern Railway Company, adjoining Regent Street, was rejected, on the ground that no street plan had be approved by the Board, and that the plan submitted was not in accordance with the bye-laws. Several other plans were also considered.


            The Clerk read the following letter, received by him from the Local Government Board:-

Local Government Board,,

Whitehall, S.W., 25th of April 1874.

Sir, The Local Government Board observe, from the returns made to the Registrar General for the quarter ended 31st December last, that seven deaths from fever are stated to have occurred in the Marske registration sub-district, part of which is within the district of the Redcar Local Board.

I am directed to request that the Local Board will, with as little delay as possible, furnish this Board with such information as they made be able to communicate respecting the circumstances under which such of the above-mention deaths, as took place within the district of the Local Board, occurred, with reference especially to the purity of otherwise of the water used for drinking, and to the efficiency in preventing nuisance, of the method of excrement disposal (whether water closets or privies) in the use in the localities where fever was prevalent. I am, Sir, your obedient servant,

Danby P. Fry, Assistant Secretary.

To J. G. Thompson, Esq.,

Clerk to the Redcar Local Board,


The Clerk said he had forwarded the letter to the Medical Officer of the Board, requested him to report on the subject to VAT meeting, and he had done so as follows:-

To the Chairman and Members of the Redcar Local Board.

Gentleman, I beg to report to you that the allusion to the seven cases of fever, in the communication from the Local Government, does not refer to Redcar. During the quarter ending December 31st, 1873, there were no deaths from fever. The total number of deaths during the quarter was 14; of these five were infants, two aged three years each, death from dentition and bronchial affection, 1 (aged 37 years) disease of brain. The remaining five were all aged people. I am, Gentleman, your obedient servant,

J. H. Bennett, M.D.,

Medical Officer of Health.

May 3, 1874.

The , clerk was directed to reply to the Local Government authorities, in accordance with the Medical Officer’s report, also to inform them that the water supplied was of the best possible kind.


            Surveyor reported that the repairs at the spring-head reservoir had been completed, and the supply of water was good, and quite adequate to meet the requirements of the township. The supply however, would be considerably improved if the leakage at the New Buildings reservoir was stopped. He also reported that the scavenging of the town be commenced with as soon as the asphalt footpath on the Esplanade at was completed. The report having been received, the meeting closed


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