1874 09 07 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn News 07/09/1874.


            The usual monthly meeting of this Board was held on Monday afternoon (07/09), at the Board-room, West Terrace, Present – Messrs T. Watson (chairman), G. M. Clay, J. Coulson, W. Fairbridge, J. Harrison, J. G. Thompson (clerk), and D. D. Bookless (surveyor).

Mr Clay made the usual declaration on taking his seat at the Board for the first time, he having been appointed to the vacancy caused by the death of Mr Abbey, and it was resolved that his name be added to the Finance and Waterworks Committee. The Surveyor reported that of the 28 plans were missing from the Board-room, 14 being had been returned by Mr Crabtree’s, the late surveyor, and the Clerk was directed to gain right to Mr Crabtree, requesting him to give up the 14 plans still missing. The Surveyor submitted plan of new main sewer for the south side of the town, from the West side of Mr P. Wallis’s property to the Colbert in Redcar Lane, which he (Mr Bookless) estimated could be laid down for £135.9s. After a lengthy discussion, it was resolved that the subject stand over for consideration at a special meeting. A letter was read from Mr. William Rowland, of Lofthouse, complaining that the flagging in front of Mr Castiglioni’s shop, high Street, had been raised above the entrance, thereby causing the rain to run into the shop. The Surveyor was directed to see into the matter. Mr P. Wallis applied for the water main to be laid in Red Lion Street, which the Surveyor stated had been done since the receipt of Mr Wallis’s letter. Mr William Chappell also applied for a water main to be laid to his property in West Dyke, and it was resolved to ask the Gas Company for leave to make a connection with their main for the present. A letter was read from the Clerk to the Burial Board, asking that the Surveyor be allowed to take charge of the laying of the footpath at the eastern boundary of the cemetery. The application was acceded to. Plan of seven cottages intended to be built in Cleveland Terrace, by the North-Eastern Railway Company was approved. Plan for four cottages on the south side of Red Lion Street, for Messrs Hornsey, and Robson, was also approved.

This was the whole of the business.


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