1876 03 10 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 10/3/1876


            An adjournment monthly meeting of the Local Board of Health for the district of Redcar was held last Thursday night (02/03), at the Board-room, West Terrace, Redcar. Present: Messrs. J. Webster (in the chair) M. Crabtree, J. Dowson, and J. Mallaby; J. G. Thompson (clerk), D. D. Bookless (surveyor), and J. Marwood (rate collector) – The limits of last meeting were read and confirmed


            The Rate Collector reported several cases of non-payment of rates, and he was instructed to take legal proceedings against the parties named for the recovery of the same.


            The Clerk reported on the steps taken by himself, on behalf of the Board, in the matter of the petition which had been presented against this Bill. He had received an intimation that morning from the Company’s Parliamentary agents of the date for which the Committee on the A bill had been fixed. The most objectionable clauses were those which authorised the Gas Company to break up streets and roads, regardless of the rights of the Local Board. The Chairman remarked that while the Board had no present intention of opposing the Bill, it was extremely desirable that they should retain their present surveillance over the roads in their district. After a lengthy discussion, a committee (consisting of the Chairman, and Messrs. Coulson, Crabtree, and Dowson) was appointed in weight on the Directors of the Gas Company with the least possible delay, to confer with them on the points of which the Board desire to have incorporated in the Bill, with power to withdraw the petition provided the Directors undertake to introduce clauses in the Bill maintaining intact the present rights of the Board over the public thoroughfares, and all so empowering them to fix the line of pipes.


            The Clerk reported that an interview had been arranged between himself, and Mr. Semple, secretary of the Darlington section of the North Eastern Railway Company, with reference to the placing of wicked gates at the level crossing in Redcar Lane, and the minute relating thereto was ordered to be continued.


            The Medical Officer (Dr. J. H. Bennett) in his report stated that during the past month measles of a mild type had been prevalent, but none of the cases had been of a fatal character. There had also been one case of typhoid fever, now convalescent. With the exception of sore throats and colds, incidental to the season of the year, the general health of the town was satisfactorily.


            The subject of joining the Guisborough Rural Summitry Authority in the appointment of a medical officer devoting the whole of his time to the duties of the office, at a salary of £100 per annum, was deferred for further consideration. The appointment will have to be made subject to the approval of the Local Government Board, who will then pay half of the amount of the medical officer’s salary.


            Mr. Crabtree gave notice that he should at the next meeting move that so much of the Plan No. 283 as related to the altering of the front of the house, 110, High Street, be rescinded. Plan of 26 cottages, intended to be built by Robert Plows, in Herschel Street, was approved. An application from the Redcar Race Committee for leave to make a connection with the water drain in Redcar Lane, for the purpose of supplying the G,rand Stand with water, was acceded to.

This ended the public business.


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