1876 12 08 – Redcar Local Board of Health

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 08/12/1876


            The monthly meeting of the Redcar Local Board of Health board was held on Monday (04/12). Present: Mr. J. H. Webster (in the chair), Messrs. Crabtree, Coulson, Dowson, and Patterson; Mr. J. G. Thomson (clerk) and Mr. Bookless (surveyor).

Minutes having been confirmed, a number of accounts were ordered to be paid.

The Clerk read the minutes of the meeting of the committee appointed to consider and report upon a communication from the Local Government Board, and Mr. Arnold Taylor’s report therein referred to, from which it appeared that the committee were of opinion that it is not expedient that the parish of Kirkleatham should be added to the District of Redcar, for the following reasons :-

(1)       That the proposed representation, viz., nine members for Kirkleatham and six for Redcar, would practically place the governing power in the hands of Kirkleatham.

(2)       That it does not appear that the union of the two places would be of any advantage to the ratepayers of Redcar, but on the contrary that the rates would be thereby increased.

(3)       That the District of Redcar has its own separate drainage system and water supply, and it is of the greatest importance that the ratepayers of Redcar, being liable for the existing debt, should have full control over thereon permanent works.

(4)       That if a union took place the existing offices of the Local Board might be removed from office, and the ratepayers of Redcar alone would have to compensate them, in the manner pointed out by the Public Health Act, 1875. On a motion of Mr. Dowson seconded by Mr. Paterson, the report of the committee was unanimously adopted, and it was resolved that the chairman called a meeting to elicit the opinion of the ratepayers on the subject.

The Medical Officer (Dr. Bennett) reported that the health of the town continued to be Good.

The Surveyor, in his report, recommended that the footpath along the North side of Lord Street, from Zetland Place to the West end should be asphalted. He was instructed to prepare estimates of the cost of this work, also for flagging portions of the South side of High Street.

Plan of four pan closets and ash pits for property in German Street, belonging to Mr. Roland, was approved.

Plan of cottage for Mr. C. Sill, intended to be built at the East end of the town, was rejected, in the absence of any Street plan.

The water and drainage rates for the current year having been passed, the meeting closed.


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