1877 02 09 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 09/02 1877.


            The monthly meeting of this Board was held on Monday (05/02). Present – Mr. J. H. Webster (in the chair), Messrs Coulson, Crabtree, Patterson, J. G. Thompson (clerk), D. D. Bookless (surveyor), and J. Marwood (rate collector).

Minutes having been read and confirmed, the Rate Collector reported there was still owing on account of the last General District Rate, £152.19s.71/2d.;  Special, £52.13s.9d; and Water, £39.9s.9d.; Total, £245.3s.11/2d. It was resolved, after some discussion, that the Collector be instructed to give notice to the parties named in his report that unless the arrears of rates be paid within seven days, legal proceedings will be commenced for the recovery of the same.

Plan of any photographic gallery, intended to be erected by Mr. G. Shayler, at the rear of the dwelling house, No. 10, Bath Street, was approved.

Plan of a stable intended to be erected in German Street, by Mr. E. Hirst, was approved.

Plan of house and shop, proposed to be erected in High Street, by Mr. Geo. Robinson, was rejected, on the ground of insufficient block plan.

It was resolved, on the motion of Mr. Crabtree, seconded by the Chairman, that the road at the bottom of Dundas Street, leading to the beach, be reformed.


“To the chairman and members of the Local Board.

“Redcar, Feb. 5, 1877.

Gentleman, – I beg to report that Redcar continues free from preventable diseases. Whooping cough somewhat prevails, though not to a great extent. Owing to the varying temperature and pressure of the atmosphere, the old and young, have been, during the last month, more than usual sufferers. Convulsive and bronchial attacks have been frequent, rather very prevalent.

“The number of deaths in Redcar during the quarter ending December 31, 1876, is 11. Of these 2 were infants, found dead; 4 were under 20 months; 1, aged 17 years, consumption; 1, aged 40, apoplexy; 1, aged 22, enteric fever – died October, 6, no fresh cases in the neighbourhood; 1, aged 79. Average death rate, 9.40 per 1000 per annum. I am, gentleman, your obedient servant,

  1. H. Bennett, M.D.,

“Medical Officer of Health.”


There were no other matters of public interest before the meeting.


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