1877 03 09 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 09/03/1877


            The monthly meeting of this Board was held on Monday afternoon last (05/03). Present: Mr. J. H. Webster (in the chair), Messrs, Coulson, Crabtree, Dowson, Mallaby, and Patterson; Nicholson (deputy clerk), D. D. Bookless (surveyor), and J. Marwood (rate collector).

The Rate Collector submitted a list of persons in arrears with rates, and he was ordered to take legal proceedings for the recovery of the amounts owing in several of the most flagrant cases. In answer to a question from Mr. Crabtree, the Chairman stated that no further communication had yet been received from the Local Government office, with reference to the proposed joint Board for Redcar Township and Kirkleatham parish. The subject of the new bye-laws for the Redcar district would have, therefore, to remain in abeyance. The minutes of the Highways, Sanitary, and Lighting Committee were next read and adopted, and it was ordered that the recommendations contend therein be carried out, viz., the repair of the asphalting in front of the Royal Hotel, and the formation of a new approach to the Beach at the front of Dundas Street. The flagging of Graffenburg Street and King Street, was also ordered. Letter was read from Messrs. Freer and Co., solicitors to the Earl of Zetland, intimating that the Board of Trade no longer contested his Lordship’s claim to the foreshore in front of Redcar, and requiring that the agreement with the Board with reference there to should now be carried out. In the absence of the Clerk, the subject was deferred until the next meeting. Plan of alterations in shop window of 32, High Street, submitted by Mr. Liddle, was rejected, as defective and encroaching on a neighbour’s rights. Plan of additions to the Alexandra Hotel, submitted by Mr. Smith, was approved. Plan of a slaughter-house for Mr, Stott, intended to be built in Albert Street, was rejected, in the absence of proper block plan. Plan of workshop and shed for Mr. D. Enoch, to be erected at the foot of Red Lion Street, not been accompanied by proper block plan, was also rejected. Mr. Crabtree called the attention of the Board to the advisability of steps being taken at an early date to provide storage for sea water for watering the streets in the summer months. He produced a sketch of a building such as he contemplated which on the ground floor could be used as a lifeboat house, and the tank for storing water to be placed in a room above. The total cost including pumping appliances etc., would probably amount to between £500 and £600, and towards this sum, he thought the Free Gardeners’ would be willing to contribute at least £200, provided the Board agreed to grant them the use of the lifeboat house for the reception of the boat which they intended to present to the fishermen of Redcar. In the course of the conversation which followed, and opinion was expressed that the question of street watering was one which ought to be entered into in common junction with Coatham, and it was eventually decided to leave over the matter for further consideration. In reply to Mr. Dowson, the Chairman stated that the only means the town pause S4, extinguishing fires was a small hosepipe. This concluded the business of the meeting, and the minutes and approved. Plans were ordered to be signed and sealed.


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