1877 08 10 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 10/08/1877.


            The monthly meeting of this Board was held on Monday afternoon (06/08) – Mr. J. H. Webster, presiding. The other members present were Messrs. Blatherwick, Coulson, Crabtree, Dowson, Patterson, and Wren; with Mr. J. G. Thompson (clerk), and D. D. Bookless (surveyor).

The Clerk reported that, in accordance with the resolution come to the last meeting, E, had issued notices, intimating that proceedings would be taken against those who roared drove recklessly on the sands. The Chairman said he had had an interview with Lord Zetland’s agent as to their power on the sands. His Lordship having recently paid a large sum of money in defending his rights along the beach, did not wish to have them curtailed, or interfered with; and he (the Chairman), pointed out that the Board had no desire to do so, beyond exercising the power they possessed in their bye-laws. The Clerk said that although the beach was not a Street. It was an open for a further, and they could put down furious or reckless riding there just as well as though it occurred in a street. After some further conversation, in which a question was raised as to the desirability of proceeding with each case of reckless riding, it was resolved only to take such measures when the cases occurred between the piers, or in a crowd, and consequently a danger of persons being ridden over.

The Clerk intimated that a copy of the Local Government Board’s Provisional Order, extending the township of Redcar, which came into operation on 29th September, had been received. The portions of the adjoining parishes of Marske and Upleatham to be included in the district of the Redcar Local Board were as follows:- All the detached portions of the township of Marske which lie between the Local Government district of Redcar, and the boundary of the township of Kirkleatham, and to the north of the public highway leading from Marske to Kirkleatham; all the detached portions of the township of Upleatham, which is bounded on the north by the German Ocean, and on the south-east and west by the Local Government District of Redcar.

The following report from the . Medical Officer was all so read:-


I beg to report that, the sanitary condition of Redcar continues good. Infantile diarrhoea, usually very prevalent at this period, is comparatively rare.

“The number of deaths in Redcar during the quarter ending June 30th is 11: Of these five were under 16 months, non–preventable diseases; three 63 years and upwards; 151 years, Bright’s disease; one, 24 years, Phthisis; 11 years, bronchitis. Average death rate, 9.40 per 1000 per annum. I am, Gentlemen your obedient Servant.


“ J. H. Bennett, M.D.,

“Medical Officer of Health.”



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