1877 09 07 Redcar Local Board Of Health Meeting

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 07/09/1877.


            The monthly meeting of this Board was held on Monday afternoon last (03/09), at the Board-room, West Terrace, Redcar. Present :- Messrs. J. H. Webster (chairman), Blatherwick, Coulson, Crabtree, Dowson, Duff, Patterson, and Wren; J. G. Thompson (clerk), and D. D. Bookless (surveyor). Minutes of last meeting were read and confirmed, and after some discussion checks were ordered for payment of a number of accounts.


            The minutes of the Highways, Sanitary, and Lighting Committee having been received, a proposal contend therein relating to the paving and flagging of Chairman Street, provoked considerable discussion. The Surveyor recommended that, the street being narrow, a channel should be laid down at the centre thereof, and submitted a plan of the same. Mr. Blatherwick proposed, and Mr. Wren seconded, that this plan be rejected, and that the channel run down one side. On being put to the vote, only the mover and seconder death held up their hands in favour of the amendment; and on the motion of Mr. Duff, seconded by Mr. Crabtree, it was resolved that the street be formed according to the plans submitted by the surveyor. Notices were subsequently ordered to be served on the owners of property in the street to pave, level, flag, and channelled the same within one month.


            The Chairman reported that, in response to an invitation from the Gas Company, a deputation from the Board had met the directors. It appeared that they were not satisfied with the way in which the accounts relating to the lighting of the street lamps had been kept during the past winter, and they propose to the Board to undertake the lighting of the lamps, at a charge of 2s. per night , instead of the Board, employing a man for the purpose, former years. In the conversation that followed, most of the members expressed themselves in favour of the lighting of the lamps being retained under the control of the Board, and the Clerk was instructed to write to the secretary of the Gas Company, declining their offer.


            Mr. Blatherwick gave notice that he should at the next monthly meeting bring forward the subject of the scavenging of the town, and move the desirability of some change be made; also, that he should propose that in future one person undertake the duties both of surveyor and red collector.


           The Surveyor submitted estimates for the levelling and channelling of Dundas, Bath, Moore, King, Graffenburg, and Clarendon streets, and was ordered to proceed with the work. He also reported that the water courses in Redcar Lane were stopped, and it was resolved that notices be served on the owners or occupiers of land abutting thereon to clear out the same.


            The Medical Officer (Dr. Bennett) reported that during the past month there had been a marked absence of all diseases of zymotic nature; infantile diarrhoea, from dentition, and few cases of pertussoid, had been the diseases most prevalent – no mortality resulting there-from.


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