1877 09 14 – Kirkleatham Local Board Meeting

Accreditation Te Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 14/09/1877


            The first meeting of this Board was held on Friday (31/08) afternoon, at the Lobster Hotel, Coatham. The whole of the members were present, viz,. Messrs. T. D. Ridley, J. Rutherford, J. Hikeley, A. H. Turner Newcomen, P. Wallis, J. Proud, E. Robson, T. James, and W. Nelson. Mr. Joseph Dodds, M.P.., acted as clerk pro tem,; and Mr. Ridley, who was returned at the head of the poll, was called upon to reside during the preliminary proceedings incidental to the first meeting.


            Each member having signed the usual declaration on taking his seat, Mr. Ralph Woodwark (the returning officer) handed in the Order of the Local Government Board constituting the Parish of Kirkleatham, a Local Government District, and fixing the number of members to act on the Board; also the Registered of Owners and Proxies, and the Nomination and Voting Papers, together with a copy of his declaration of the result of the election.

Mr. Ridley, then proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. Woodwark for his services in connection with the election, which was warmly accorded. It was also ordered that the whole of the papers deposited by the returning officer be open for the inspection of any ratepayer during office hours for the next six months.


            The Clerk said his first business to be transacted would be for the Board to elect a chairman, who would old office until 15th April, 1879. Mr.  Nelson proposed that Mr. Newcomen be appointed; this was seconded by Mr. James and carried unanimously. Mr. Newcomen, on taking his seat, thanked the members for the honour they had done him in electing him as their chairman, and said he hoped, they would have no reason to regret their choice.


            It was next resolved, on the motion of Mr. Rutherford, seconded by Mr. Ridley, that the members retire in the following order, viz, :-First year, Messrs. Nelson, James, and Rutherford; second year, Messrs. Robson, Wallis, and Newcomen; third year, Messrs, Proud, Hikeley, and Ridley.


            Mr. Ridley proposed that the regular meetings of this Board be fixed for the first Friday in each month, at 3.30 p.m. This was seconded by Mr. proud, and carried unanimously.


            The next subject that came up for consideration referred to the appointment of a surveyor and inspector of nuisances. It was explained that one person could hold the two offices, and that the Local Month Board world, in the event of the appointment being made subject to the approval, pay half the salary of the nuisance inspector. A long conversation followed as to the amount of salary to be offered, and at length Mr. Ridley proposed that the amount be fixed at £150 – £90 for surveyor and £60 for inspector of nuisances. Mr. James seconded. Mr. Nelson proposed as an amendment that only £110 should be given – £80 for surveyor, and £40 for inspector of nuisances. Mr. Rutherford, seconded. On being put to the meeting, an equal number of hands were held up both for and against, and the chairman gave his casting vote in favour of the amendment. It was ordered that application be made to the Local Government Board for their sanction to the appointment of an inspector of nuisances.


            It was resolved that Mr. John Henry Burton, be appointed collector of general district rates, as such salary as may hereafter be fixed.


            It was agreed with the sanction of the Local Government Board, to appoint a medical officer at a salary of £20 per annum.


            The manager of the Redcar branch of the National provincial Bank, was appointed treasurer to the board, the security being fixed at £500. The Clerk was authorised to procure a seal, and obtained such books as may be necessary for the purpose of the Board. Messrs. Rutherford, Ridley, and Nelson were appointed a committee to consider and report on a suitable place for the offices of the Board, and until further orders the meetings are to be held at the Lobster Hotel. The Clerk was ordered to prepare an estimate of a general district rate, and submit the same to the next meeting. Application was directed to be made to the East Langbaurgh Highway Board, and to the Guisborough The rural Sanitary Authority, for their surveyor and inspector to continue their duties as usual, pending the appointment of surveyor and inspector of nuisances, the Board undertaking to recoup them the money expended. The Clerk was instructed to obtain from the Local Government Board drafts of their model bye-laws.


            The whole of the other routine business having been completed, Mr. Dodds left the room during the appointment of a clerk to the Board. Mr Robson proposed that Mr. Matthew Bowser Dodds to be appointed, and spoke eulogistic terms of his fitness for the office. Mr. Hikeley seconded. No other name was proposed, and on being put to the meeting. The motion was carried without dissentient.  Mr. Dodds (on being called into the room, thanked the Board for the honour they had done his son, and expressed his willingness to assist him in any way, and also attended the meetings of the Board for him occasionally. This concluded the meeting


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