1877 10 12 Kirkleatham Local Board

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 12/10/1877.


            The monthly meeting of the Local Board for the district of Kirkleatham was held on Friday afternoon last (05/10), at the Lobster Hotel, Coatham. Present: Messrs. Hikeley, James, Nelson, Newcomen, Proud, Ridley, Rutherford, and Wallace and Mr. M. B. Dodds, clerk. Mr. Newcomen was unavoidably detained elsewhere at the commencement of the meeting, and Mr. Ridley was voted to the chair. The appointment of Mr. J. H. Burton as rate collector, at a salary of £30 per annum, was confirmed, he giving security to the amount of £300. The Clerk said that the first business would be for the Board to proceed with the appointment of a surveyor and inspector of nuisances. A special meeting of the Board had been held on the 2nd inst. to consider the applications for the office, 63 in number, and three had been selected as appearing the most eligible, viz., Mr. J. Brownrigg (formerly surveyor at Hexham, and more recently assistant surveyor at Darlington); Mr. J. Howcroft (manager to Mr. W. C. Yeo, builder, Coatham), and Mr. T. L. Thompson (assistant with Mr. Spencer, borough surveyor, Tynemouth), whom he (the Clerk) had communicated with, requesting their attendance. The candidates named having been before the Board, a desultory conservation followed, and when the names were submitted for decision, Messrs. Howcroft, and Thomson had an equal number of votes. Their applications and testimonials word again gone through and eventually, on the motion of Mr. Rutherford, seconded by Mr. James, Mr. Thos. L. Thompson was unanimously elected. It was understood that he would convince his duties, not later than the 1st proximo. The clerk read a letter from the Local Government Board approving of the appointment of a medical officer of health, and he was instructed to advertise for such an officer, at a salary of £20 per annum. A sum of £57 of being due from the Langbaurgh East Highway Board, it was resolved that the Clerk be ordered to write to Mr. Trevor, requesting him to deduct an approximate sum for the common charges, which cannot be determined until the end of the year, and pay over the balance to the Board. The Clerk was also instructed to write to Mr. Coulson, the secretary and treasurer of the Coatham Lighting Committee, asking him to hand over his accounts to the Board. The rate-collector was ordered to prepare an estimate of a general district rate, and submit the same to a special meeting of the Board. This was the whole of the business.


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