1877 10 26 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 26/10/1877.


            A special meeting of this Board was held on Friday last (19/10), at the Board-room West Terrace. Present: Mr. J. H. Webster (chairman), Messrs.

Coulson, Dowson, Duff, Harrison, Patterson, and D. D. Bookless (surveyor). It was resolved that the legal proceedings ordered at the last monthly meeting to be taken against Mr. George Robinson, the abandonment on the following conditions, viz,: “That he be required to apologise to the Board for building contrary to plan, and to pay at the sum of £10 in an acknowledgement thereof; also, that notice be given at the next monthly meeting that so much of the plans as refers to the front elevation be rescinded, and that he present a new plan showing the present elevation and projection.” (We understand that Mr. Robinson has satisfied the demands of the Board.)


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