1877 12 07 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 07/12/1877.


            The monthly meeting of this Board was held on Monday last (03/12), at the Board-room,, West Terrace, Redcar. Present: Mr. J. H. Webster (in the chair), Messrs. Blatherwick, Coulson, Crabtree, Harrison, and Patterson; R. Nicholson (deputy clerk), and D. D. Bookless (surveyor). Minutes having been read and confirmed, the Surveyor submitted estimates for various works in the recently annexed portion of the district viz: Kerbing, channelling, and metalling the East end of Lord Street; channelling in front of Clarendon Terrace; and the extension of the asphalt footpath of the Esplanade. These matters were ordered to be left over for further consideration. The condition of the thoroughfare called Cowl’s Opening was brought under the notice of the Board, and Mr. Crabtree said it would have been repaired long ago, but for the poverty of some of the owners abutting on the street, who were unable to pay their proportion of the cost. In reply to the Chairman, the Surveyor said the cost of putting the road into a proper repair would not amount to more than £27.10s which some would have to be divided amongst seven owners. The Chairman remarked that the state of the road had been a crying nuisance so long that it ought to be put right without further delay. Owing to the accumulation of water it was at times deeply impossible. Mr. Harrison said the inhabitants of German Street, were the worst sufferers; for the people living in West Terrace and the Esplanade, whose backdoors only opened into the street, could go round by the front in wet weather. But to get to German Street, people must either go up to their ankles in mud, of round by Douglas Street. The Chairman said that for the convenience of these people, and for the sake of public health, he would move that the street be repaired forthwith. Mr. Blatherwick suggested an adjournment, but the motion was seconded by Mr. Harrison, and carried with only one dissident. An application from the Lamplighter for an advance of his wages from 12s to 14s per week, was acceded to. The Clerk was directed to write to the North-Eastern Railway Company (Darlington section), calling attention to the bad state of the level crossing in Redcar Laden, which requires paving the whole width of the highway, being the road to the Cemetery, and much used by foot passengers. A number of accounts having been ordered for payment, the meeting terminated.


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