1877 12 14 Kirkleatham Local Board Meeting

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by the-Sea Gazette 14/12/1877.


            The monthly meeting of this Board was held on Friday, (07/12), at the temporary offices, Nelson Terrace, Coatham. Present: Messrs. Ridley (in the chair), Hikeley, James, Nelson, Proud, Robson, Rutherford, and Wallis; M. B. Dodds (clerk), and J. H. Burton (rate collector).

Minutes been read and confirmed, the Clerk reported that the appointment of Dr. Walker as medical officer had been reported to the Local Government Board, who had approved the appointment, limiting, however, their sanction to 5 July next. He (the Clerk) understood that this was because the Local Government Board again intended early next year to urge upon the various local governing bodies in the district the desirability of uniting in the appointment of a district medical officer. After a short discussion, it was ordered that the Clerk be requested to inform the Local Government Board that depending on their former sanction the Board had appointed a medical officer for a whole year; and that they had already considered the question of uniting with the Guisborough Rural Summitry Authority in the appointment of a medical officer, but preferred to have a medical officer of their own control. The Clerk next read letters from Mr. MacNay and Mr. Semple, with regard to the condition of the roads in West Terrace, and Sandy Lane, and it was decided to leave them over for further consideration at the next meeting. Tenders for scavenging for the next six months were referred to Messrs. Nelson and Rutherford, to confer with the Surveyor on the subject. Mr. Ridley called attention to the subject of the ventilation of the sewers, and the Surveyor was requested to report thereon to the Board at the next monthly meeting. Plan of a shop front to be put in the premises, 27, Newcomen Street, for Mr. Thomas Bradley, was approved. Cheques having been ordered to be given to the Surveyor for pass and current expenses, and to Messrs. Dodds and Co, for formation expenses, the meeting was closed.


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