1878 04 12 Redcar Local Board of Health Election

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 12/04/1878.


            The voting papers for the election of three members in place of the three retiring members, Messrs. Coulson, Crabtree, and Dowson, were cast up on Monday 08/04) at the Board-room, by the returning officer, Mr. J. H. Webster. It will be seen that the two retiring members, who offered themselves for re-election are returned at the head of the Paul, and that’s and none of Mr. Blatherwick’s candidates were successful, Mr. R. Lee having been elected as the represented of the newly incorporated part of Redcar, exactly as we indicated last week. The following are the names of the candidates, with the number of votes recorded.

M. Crabtree 197
J. Coulson 182
R. Lee 169
R. Garbutt 161
R. Shieldon 129
T. Wetherald 108
H. Hudson 60
R. Jackson 41
J. H. Burgess 16
S. Gamble 9



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