1891 03 07 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-the-by-Sea Gazette 07/03/1891


           At Monday’s (02/03) meeting of the Redcar Local Board, Mr R. Lee presiding.


            The Medical Officer (Dr Stainthorpe) reported that a fatal case of scarlet fever had occurred since the last meeting. The case of enteric fever had also been notified, and from enquiries made he had come to the conclusion that the disease had been contract did not Middlesbrough. Two cottages in the Story’s yard were in his opinion on fate for human habitation. He also drew the Board’s attention to the fact that nothing had been done with respect to the eight uninhabitable houses in Smith Street, although the owner Mr Blatherwick, had been notified that repairs would have to be executed or the houses closed. It was agreed on the motion of Mr Hood seconded by Mr Weatherill that summonses should be taken out for the closing of the houses. The Board decided to write to the owners of the property in Story’s yard, pointing out that the property was unfit for habitation and would have to be closed unless put into a proper sanitary and structural condition.


            A discussion arose respecting the damage done in the town by storms being thrown by mischievous boys. And information was led by Sgt. Imeson against a youth for an offence committed a few days ago discharging storms from a catapult, and the officer asked that the Board undertake a prosecution. The Clerk (Mr Sill) said it was for the police authorities to prosecute in such cases, and not the Local Board. The police simply wanted the Local Board to be burdened with the costs.. Mr Hood said the sergeant please had informed him that he could take no action in cases of storm throwing unless at the instance of the Local Board. The Clerk said they must not look to a police sergeant for the law on the matter. The Chairman (Mr Lee) said he had had panes of glass in three windows broken, but he did not think it right that the ratepayers should have to pay the cost of any prosecutions that might be made. It was evidently the duty of the police to prosecute all offenders.


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