1900’s Timeline

Here we list the important events from the years 1900 to 1999. They are listed in blocks of 10 years. If you have any other events or additional information then please feel free to contact us.


20/01/1900 John Ruskin, painter and social reformer, died at Coniston in the Lake District.
16/03/1900 Sir Arthur Evans uncovered the ancient city of Knossos, Crete.
14/061900 Hawaii becomes a United States territory.
02/07/1900 Second Olympic Games opened in Paris. American athlete was the most successful, winning four gold medals in 3 days.
19/07/1900 The first line of the Paris Metro opens for operation.
31/08/1900 Coca-Cola first went on sale in Britain.
30/11/1900 Oscar Wilde, Irish-born playwright. died in Paris aged 46.
01/02/1901 Clark Gable, film star was born in Ohio, USA. On studio turned him down for having ‘big ears and the looks of an ape. Went on to become a famous film star of his era.
1901 Colonel Locke wrote his “Reminiscences of Redcar”.
1901 Census Redcar 3,205. Coatham 4,490. Total 7,695 people.
09/05/1901 Australia opens its first parliament in Melbourne.
04/08/1901 The birth of jazz trumpeter and singer, Louis Armstrong.
04/12/1901 American animator and film-maker Walt Disney was born. He won 22 Oscars and introduced Mickey Mouse to the world.
1902 Redcar Golf Club formed ladies section.
14/07/1902 The Campanile of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice collapsed during a safety inspection.
03/05/1903 Bing Crosby was born in Tacoma, Washington, as Harry Lillis Crosby.
01/07/1903 Start of the first Tour de France bicycle race.
23/07/1903 The Ford Motor Company sold its first car.
02/11/1903 Daily Mirror newspaper publish for the first time in Britain. It was originally devised as a newspaper for women.
1903 First public conveniences built in town.
17/02/1904 Madam Butterfly receives its premiere at La Scala in Milan.
04/05/1904 Charles Rolls and Henry Royce signed a provisional agreement to produce Rolls Royce cars.
15/05/1904 America held the Olympic Games for the first time, with St. Louis playing host.
27/10/1904 The New York subway opened.
26/01/1905 The world’s largest diamond was found at the Premier Mines in Pretoria, South Africa. The Cullinan Diamond weighed more than 1.25lb.
1905 ‘Titty Bottle’ Park formed, and flower beds all shaped like the suits in a pack of cards.
18/09/1905 The birth of enigmatic Swedish actress, Greta Garbo.
1905 Bandstand built costing £400. The shelters were to be built later costing £1,000.
1905 ‘Titty Bottle Park’ formed, and flower beds all shaped like the suits in a pack of cards.
13/10/1905 legendary English actor Sir Henry Irving died in Bradford, during his farewell tour.
23/12/1905 The Aldwych Theatre in London opened.
24/12/1905 American tycoon , Hollywood filmmaker and recluse Howard Hughes was born
1906 Railway footbridge built from Scott Street to France Street.
26/05/1906 Vauxhall Bridge opened in London
22/06/1906 The flag of Sweden is adopted.
02/09/1906 Ronalkd

Roald Amundsen, the first person to reach the South Pole, completed his sailing round Canada’s Northwest Passage.

03/10/1906 SOS became the international distress signal.
1907 In February 1907 a Fisherman’s Disaster Fund was set up in Redcar.
1907 National Provincial Bank of England (NPBE) opened.
1907 Redcar Pier Company built pavilion as a Concert and Dance Hall.
1907 Lifeboats – ‘Fifi and Charles’ into service saving 41 lives.
1907 Zetland Lifeboat taken from Marske storage, and housed in the old boathouse built for the Free Garners ‘Emma’
01/06/1907 The birth of Frank Whittle, inventor of the jet engine.
06/06/1907 Persil – the world’s first household detergent was launched.
10/12/1907 Jungle Book writer Rudyard Kipling won the Nobel Prize for literature.
05/04/1908 American actress Bette Davis was born in Massachusetts.
07/05/1908 British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith introduced old age pensions for people over 70.
26/07/1908 The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was established in Washington, DC.
15/08/1908 Winston Churchill announced his engagement to Clementine Hozier. Married in January 1909, and lived together for 56 years.
16/09/1908 The General Motors Corporation is founded.
1908 New Police Station building Lord Street. Cost £7,000.
01/10/1908 The first Model T car was introduced by Henry Ford, built in Detroit, USA. 15 million built between 1908 and 1927.
08/10/1908 ‘Wind in the Willows’, written by Kenneth Grahame, was published.
1909 05/02/1909. One of the fatal dates of Redcar’s history when 6 fishermen died caught in gale force conditions and treacherous seas. Whilst rescues were made six fishermen died.
1909 Whitsun Bank Holiday weekend- Estimated that 6,000 residential visitors. 27,000 day visitors, 2,000 weekend visitors came to Redcar.
1909 Miss Emily Pankhurst, a suffragette, addressed a campaign meeting on the beach.
1909 Redcar & Coatham Literary Institute in High Street erected in 1909, for concerts etc. Built of corrugated iron, and seated 350 people.
1907 National Provincial Bank of England (NPBE) opened.
07/11/1908 British physicist Ernest Rutherford made public that he had detected a single atom. Died 1937 with his ashes buried in Westminster Abbey.
28/12/1908 A magnitude 7.2 earthquake rocks Messina, in Sicily, Italy, killing over 75,000 people.
17/02/1909 Geronimo, the great Apache leader, died. His real name was Goyathlay, which means “0ne who yawns.”
15/03/1909 Harry Gordon Selfridge opened new London store in Oxford Street
18/05/1909 Fred Perry, three times Wimbledon men’s single champion, was born.
19/08/1909 The first automobile race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway took place.
05/11/1909 Woolworths opened its first store in Liverpool. Founder Frank Winfield Woolworth proudly boasted that nothing in the store was over 6d.
1909 Whitsun Bank Holiday weekend- Estimated that 6,000 residential visitors. 27,000 day visitors, 2,000 weekend visitors came to Redcar.
1909 Miss Emily Pankhurst, a suffragette, addressed a campaign meeting on the beach.
1909 Redcar & Coatham Literary Institute in High Street erected in 1909, for concerts etc. Built of corrugated iron, and seated 350 people.
22/11/1913 Composer Benjamin Britten was born in Lowestoft.


08/031910 The first pilot’s licences were granted. The Royal Aero Club granted number one to JTC Moore Brabazon (later Moore Brabazon of Tara).
18/05/1910 The Earth passed through the tail of Halley’s Comet.
1910 Sunday School Service held on the sands.
1910 Glass shelter built on site of Coatham Pier.
1910 Sheltered seating added to the Bandstand.
1910 ‘The Gem’ showed films in the evening but was the Assembly Rooms by day – 112 High Street.
13/08/1910 Death of Florence Nightingale, ‘The Lady With The Lamp’ during the Crimean War.
12/09/1910 Composer Gustav Mahler’s Symphony premiered in Munich with 1,028 musicians and singers. Last performance of one of his premieres, dying eight months later at the age of 50.
05/10/1910 Portugal became a Republic.
22/10/1910 American born Dr. Haley Crippen convicted at the Old Bailey of poisoning his wife Cora. Hanged (23/11) Pentonville Prison.
1910 Police Station and cells built in France Street.
03/03/1911 Jean Harlow (Harlean Carpenter), the platinum blonde actress, was born in Kansas City.
1911 The Coronation Year of King George V
1911 Bandstand Shelters built. 40,000 visitors during Whit Weekend.
16/07/1911 Fred Astaire’s dancing partner Ginger Rogers was born in Virginia Katherine Mc Math in Missouri. USA.
1911 Redcar & Coatham population 10,503.
1911 Cruck cottage. Known as Old Potts Cruck Cottage, and the last in Redcar to be demolished in 1911. It was an old fisherman’s cottage built in cruck house fashion, using an A frame usually shaped out of an oak tree. Stood around 118 High Street (and since replace by Solicitors Office. Cottage was recorded in reign of Henry V111 (1509 – 1547).
04/11/1911 Britain’s first escalators were introduced, connecting the District and Piccadilly platforms at Earl’s Court underground station in London.
1911 During this year of the Coronation George V in the August, 1,000 Middlesbrough children brought from Middlesbrough to Redcar (seaside) as a celebration.
12/11/1911 Delhii replaces Calcutta as the capital of India
23/11/1910 Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen. who poisoned his wife to seek a new life with his love Ethel Le Nerve, was hanged in Pentonville Prison.
14/12/2016 Roald Amundsen, Norwegian explorer, became the first man to reach the South Pole – 35 days ahead of Captain Scott.
1912 Railway built the wooden footbridge over West Dyke Crossing.
1912 2,500 Territorial Soldiers of Yorkshire & Durham Brigade marched through the town 29/7/1912.
15/04/1912 RMS Titanic made its ill-fated maiden voyage to New York with the vessel struck an iceberg and 1,517 people went down with the ship. Lights were still on and the band playing when she sank.
16/04/1912 American pilot Harriet Quimby became the first woman to fly across the English Channel solo in a time of 59 minutes.
08/05/1912 Paramount Pictures is founded.
20/08/1912 The death of William Booth, English founder of the Salvation Army.
12/09/1912 Washed up on Redcar beach east of Redcar Pier a whale. Cut up and buried.
29/12/1912 Captain Robert Falcon Scott died in Antarctica returning from his South Pole expedition to the South Pole.
10/11/1912 It was reported that owing to the price of a chimney sweep some residents of Redcar were deliberately lighting the soot up the flues of their homes causing the soot to catch fire and be emitted out of the chimney. Those on washing days were not to pleased, and some were asking for a by law to prevent same.
12/11/1912 The remains of English explorer Robert Scott and his companions were found in Antarctica. Bodies were buried in the ise beneath the tent and a wooden cross was set up and carved from poet Tennyson. “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”
28/11/1912 Albania declares its independence from the Ottoman Empire.
30/11/1912 Sir Hugh Bell reported to have been Chairman of the Tees Conservancy Commission for 37 years
1912 11 local fishermen lost their lives during a storm off Redcar and Marske during Winter of 1912.
04/01/1913 Reported that the council had advised children could not go onto the bandstand unless with a parent. The children were also not allowed to make a playground of the bandstand. The Police were instructed to remove such children.
11/01/1913 Reported that to popularise the seaside resorts between Redcar, Saltburn to Bridlington it was decided by North Eastern Railways to offer return tickets to the towns at a single rate after 6pm in the evening.
1913 Palace of Varieties, a purpose built picture house was opened on the Esplanade.
18/01/1913 Reported that the newly erected King Edward VII memorial clock mechanism would be set in motion on the 19th hour on the 19th day. Rumoured whiskey and cake would be served at the ceremony. Built and erected by John Dobson. Weather vane made by Mr. Banks. Opening ceremony 29/01/13.
18/01/1813 Reported B.O. Davies elected President of the Redcar Liberal Association.
25/03/1913 New parish hall opened. Many thanks were given to the amateur builders who built the hall.
08/02/1913 Reported that the council would take over the running, repairing, winding, and lighting of the Memorial Clock.
08/02/1913 Reported in local newspaper under Local Churches by Ecclesiastical about that the throwing confetti at weddings was a stupid meaningless custom. It was impossible to sweep up, and made the churchyards and churches unsightly. Quote:- “The throwing of confetti has no historical origin, and is strictly modern. Rice can be cleaned up. Confetti makes its presence known for weeks”.
04/06/1913 Suffragette Emily Davison deliberately threw herself in front of King George V’s racehorse, during The Derby at Epsom Race course.
05/07/1913 Residents and visitors to Redcar became annoyed and had cause to complain to the authorities at the closure of the post office at 8pm. It would appear that at the time Post Offices in and around the area in the Summer closed at 10pm.
05/07/1913 A number of coke ovens were to be laid down at Warrenby by Messrs Walker Maynard & Co, for the manufacture of coke.
18/07/1914 Indian philosopher and national leader Gandhi left South Africa after successfully leading campaigns of passive resistance
29/07/1913 Reported that soldiers marched through town, believed territorial below.
02/08/1913 Territorial Army made camp just outside Redcar towards Marske 3,000 soldiers.
13/08/1913 First production in the Uk of stainless steel by Harry Brearley.
09/09/1913 The Wesleyan Methodist Church purchased the old Catholic Church in West Dyke. Church renovated, and opened .
06/09/1913 High seas reported to have washed away the ‘pierrot stand on 3 occasions.
18/09/1913 Death of a well known and liked Liberal person Mr Harry HUDSON. Died 13/09/1913
14/10/1913 Britain’s worst pip disaster took place at Senghenydd, Glamorgan when 439 died after an explosion.
01/11/1913 It was reported that a Mr Ike Owen late of the Union Jack Cafe, Redcar took over the management of the Queens Hotel, Redcar in November.
08/11/1913 A request was made to the Kirkleatham Estates for them to be asked if land could be leased or sold for an isolation hospital in Redcar, or land for an extension of the present hospital.
08/11/1913 It was reported to the council that the Coatham Graveyard was getting full and a maximum of 3 years left. It was suggested at least posing the question to amalgamate with Redcar
13/11/1913 First modern elastic brassiere patented by Mary Phelps Jacob
22/11/1913 It was known that the Cleveland Golf Club was proposing the building of a new Golf Club with a proposed cost of £3,000.
21/12/2013 The comic section of the ‘New York World’ carried the first crossword puzzle.
21/12/2013 The first crossword puzzle was published – in New York World, compiled by Liverpool-born Arthur Wynne.
15/01/1914 It was noted that a game of football on Redcar Racecourse, between Langbaurgh East Police and Langbaurgh West Police took place with the Langbaurgh East Police winning 4-1
15/01/2014 Cleveland Show arranged for 21/08/1914. In spite of drawbacks in previous years the seaside town of Redcar is acknowledged to be the greater draw, and went down popular amongst the show people and crowd attending.
07/02/1914 Water closet tenders invited for Red Lion Street and Cleveland Street.
28/02/1914 The inhabitants of West Dyke were practically unanimous in opposing a licenced premises in their area. The town of 12,00 people already had 16 public houses and several out-door beer licences.
29/02/1914 Public Auction of machinery and equipment at Saw Mills, Charles Street Redcar, and Builders Yard, back Turner Street. Sale date 28/03/1914.
22/03/1914 (11pm) A traffic accident occurred on the Promenade, Redcar, when a well known local person Mr. Frank Atkinson, of Picton House, Redcar, received fatal injuries. The side car of motorcycle which he was riding, came into contact with wheels that were used for carrying boats.
04/04/1914 (A blast from the past) The Matron Stead Hospital?) brought to the attention of the council that the following renovations required attention. White washing of the wards, bathroom, and landing. Playroom required dis tempering. Kitchen required painting. Nurses bedrooms required papering. 2 door mats replaced, and a rug for the nurses bedroom. A chair and form required repairing, and1 easy chair would be acceptable.
04/04/1914 The council accepted a tender of £9 from a Mr. H. C. Eves of Coatham in respect of laying manure, planting beds of flowers and shrubs. Generally for maintenance of a Triangular Enclosure. triangular park. (possibly ‘late to become known as ‘Titty Bottle Park’, opposite then the Bandstand?)
11/06/1914 A fine specimen of a white beaked dolphin washed up at Redcar. Taken to Dorman Museum.
20/06/1914 Redcar Town Band commenced playing on the Bandstand.
28/06/1914 Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria his wife Sophie are assassinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia, lighting the touch paper to the First World War’.
04/07/1914 Close to 2,00 poor children from Darlington visited Redcar.
11/07/1914 Hetton Motor Company applied for a char-a-banc license to ply for hire in Redcar. Not granted.
11/07/1914 Madame Elsie’s application for a clairvoyants tent on the sands. Not granted.
18/07/1914 A button hole Day (Funds collected for North Ormesby Hospital) was to be held on 19/07/1914, for those in North Ormesby Hospital. Organised by Mr & Mrs Cochrane, Norton House, Redcar.
04/08/1914 Great Britain declared war on Germany for violating the Treaty of London – and the First World War began
08/08/1914 Redcar Gas Company submitted to the council application for the installation of gas lamps along the Promenade. The gas would shine equal to 500 candle power, and cost the council 1d a lamp standard per night
08/08/1914 130 men of the town had left since war had broken out. It was with regret that it was found that excessive prices were being charged for goods from some dealers. Due to the war, the Pierrot’s Show on the sands closed early in the season/
22/08/1914 The council were informed that the River Tees was now under martial law. Restrictions were now in place, making passage up the river very difficult. Officers were now patrolling the river.
29/08/1914. The Admiralty drew the attention to local councils of the indiscriminate mining of the North Sea by Germany. As a result (not in this area two Danish steamers had been destroyed).
29/08/1914 Appeal made in Redcar to the residents for 500 pairs of socks, also blankets and shirts for the soldiers defending the breakwaters at the Tees entrance.
29/08/1914 It was reported that a Police Officer Ashworth threw himself at a runaway horses head. Although knocked down he kept hold of the horse. His actions saved a serious situation, as the horse was heading for the bandstand area of the seafront, where many people were congregated.
05/09/1914 Want a job. It was reported that 4 Boy Scouts were guarding the Redcar Water Works and reservoir engine house. Paid 10 shillings each, a week.
03/10/1914 The following communication from the Home Office was read out at a council meeting, that recent requests to have all coast lights extinguished were being ignored, and some can be seen 20 miles out. Compulsory orders would be issued if further ignored. Handed to the Police for further process. As a result this the manager of the Palace of Varieties wrote stating that he was losing money as a result of the order. The council reply was that of the original order, in that it must be complied with.
11/10/1914 A large Swordfish ( Xeptua Gladues) 10 feet long, washed up on Redcar beach by 2 boy Scouts. Dr. A. S. Robinson referred to it as being “an armed alien” which had wandered from its haunts. Past to Dorman Museum for preservation at museum. Speciment very rare. Last known record 1874.
19/10/2016 The first Battle of Ypres began.
27/10/1914 The birth of Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas
10/12/1914 Hollywood film star Dorothy Lamour was born Mary Dorothy Slaton in New Orleans.
19/12/1914 A Mrs. W.E. Ennis of Redcar High Street, was reported to have a letter of thanks for the collection throughout Redcar of grammar phones and records, for the troops at the South Gare, and 1st Redcar Troop of Boy Scouts.
1914 Convalescent Home billeted the 12th Battalion of the Green Howards.
1914 Warrenby Works of Dorman Long taken over by Government to make munitions.
1914 Redcar Racecourse meeting discontinued and the land used by 300 Army soldiers.
1914 German battleship shelled South Durham and North Yorkshire coast.
1914 Royal Navy Air Station built on Ramshaw’s Low Farm.
09/01/1915 The trawler ‘Lemburg’ which appeared to bring such bad luck to the district was re-floated Sunday, 3rd, January, 1914 off the Redcar Rocks.
04/02/1915 Slapstick film star and comedian Sir Norman Wisdom was born.
06/02/1915 It was reported that the fishermen have had a rather sad time lately, due to the lack of fish, and what catches were caught were expensive. Now fish was plentiful, and cheap.
08/02/1915 DW Griffith’s epic The Birth Of A Nation was released.
23/02/1915 French actress Sarah Bernhardt had her right leg amputated, but was back on stage by November.
27/02/1915 Monday, 29/02/1915 is to be the first meeting of the Chamber of Trade. It was reported that already 75 percent of the tradesman had joined, or notified their intention of becoming a member.
13/03/1915 A proportion of each fisherman’s catch this week in Redcar was put aside as a thank you offering for St. Peters Church new building fund.
20/03/1915 Captain J.W. Bell, from Alfred Street, Redcar was awarded Distinguished Service Cross for his services in commanding his steamship ‘Thordis’ 23/02/1915, when he rammed a German submarine in the English Channel. The submarine had previously attempted to sink his ship, when a torpedo aimed at the stern missed owing to the stern lifting out of the water on a wave. On trying to take up a new position the submarine was then rammed. The ‘Thordis’ with bow damage made immediately for Weymouth Harbour.
03/04/1915 Heavy seas damaged the Dundas Street slipway.
07/04/1915 Billie Holiday -“Lady Day” – said by some to be the greatest jazz singer of all time – was born in Baltimore as Eleanora Fagan.
10/04/1915 The landlord of the Royal Standard was fined £2 charged with having a man on his premises drunk. Stated that the man was not served whilst on his premises.
10/04/1915 The landlady of the Clarendon Hotel was fined £2 charged with having a man on her premises in a helpless condition. She stated that she would not have served him with a glass of rum in front of him had she known he was so drunk.
22/05/1915 The second Battle of Ypres began on the Western Front and Germany first used poison gas as a chemical weapon. An estimated 6,000 died within ten minutes.
1915 Royal Navy Air Station established Low Farm, Redcar.
08/05/1915 Northumbrian Hussars now stationed at Redcar.
08/05/1915. Proceedings to be taken against the noise and nuisance caused by people at 4 Rocket Terrace, and the Coatham Hotel.
15/05/1915 Announced that there would be no horse racing at Redcar over the Whit Bank holiday (Monday & Tuesday) due to the war crisis.
15/05/1915. The officer commanding the Tees Defences unable to comply with the councils request to have the amusements on the sands due to the emergency.
01/06/1915 Zeppelins carried out their first raid on London.
19/06/1915 Redcar Police received instructions that it should be acquainted to several shop keepers the Sunday Shop Trading ruling. That these traders must be closed on a Sunday.
11/07/1915 Magnificent Seven film star Yul Brynner born in Vladivostok
14/08/1915 Wounded soldiers of the war (18) arrived at Kirkleatham Hall from York for recuperation. The Hall was now being used full time for this purpose.
04/09/1915 The following figures were reported from The Railway Station re use of the train services. 1914 Booked Out 69,681 Booked arrived 116,149.
1915 Booked out 80,947. Booked arrived 151,1776.
13/09/1915 The process for making breakfast cereal flakes was patented by Fran Martin.
18/09/1915 It was reported that a Mr. C. S—- a tramp was found begging in Kirkleatham. Sent to prison for 1 month. The Bench expressed their opinion he ought to be fighting for his country. A man of 42 years was well able to work.
12/10/1915 Edith Cavell a British nurse was executed by German firing squad for being a spy.
20/11/1915 Sir Hugh Bell was re-elected as Chairman of the Tees Conservancy Commission.
12/12/1915 American singer and film star Frank Sinatra was born.
18/12/1915 A motor ambulance was presented to the local detachment of the Red Cross. It was purchased through generous donations from the citizens of Redcar.
1915 Promenade pavements extended to it’s present day width. Sea wall extended further along promenade.
08/01/1916 Mr. W. S . charged with causing four fires at Wilton, which might have been of use to the enemy. Fined 15/- (fifteen old shilling then = 75p now)
1916 According to the information available in the Redcar area, it was about now that as the case above shows, people were not recognising that lights illuminated on shore could be seen for miles, and useful to the enemy.
08/01/1916 The dwelling house known as London Cottage, Station Road was deemed by the Medical Officer to be unfit for human habitation. As a result the council prohibited the premises for use as a house.
12/02/1916 Messrs Dorman Long & Co purchased Redcar Iron Works. They intend to provide labour and material for the building of 6 furnaces during 1916. They also proposed to lay down a steel works plant, however this would mean
12/02/1916 North East Railway Company already purchased a large area of land (Marshes) close to proximity of Redcar Wharf, for purpose of deep-water berths to encourage still greater shipping in the Tees. Augured well for Redcar seaside town.
30/03/1916 PM Nine wounded soldiers arrived at Redcar and conveyed to Kirkleatham Red Cross Hospital in motor cars belonging to Miss Walton, Saltburn
01/04/1916 Notice served on the Coatham Hotel to abate the nuisance caused by insanitary refuse pit.
01/04/1916 Mr. Thomas Davis, of Ludlow House. Redcar, left estate valued at £11,531.8s.6d.
15/04/1916 One of Redcar’s oldest citizens (Mrs. Jane Preston) dies/interred during this week. The deceased was one of the first persons to travel by train on the Darlington to Redcar line. She also traveled by stagecoach from Leeds to Redcar.
22/04/1916 The council decided having received circular from the Board of Trade in respect of discovering those of military age who had evaded the National register. The dividing of the town into divisions and asking the special constables to co-operate with the civil police to canvas those concerned.
24/04/1916 A club room in Station Road was being provided by the Local Ladies Group for the benefit of troops. The club became popular so the Wesleyan School had now been placed at the disposal of the committee. It was estimated that 1,000 items of post were addressed daily by the troops.
06/05/1916 New lavatories at the bandstand, and urinals near the Swan Hotel were opened.
06/05/1916 Appearing before the court were between 18 and 20 people for Lighting offences after dusk. (black out due to war) Following the convictions, the bench desired it to be known, that they would seriously consider sending people to prison without the option of a fine in future.
14/05/1916 14/5/1916. On this date close to 10,000 people arrived at Redcar by train.
31/05/1916 The Battle of Jutland was fought in the North Sea.
08/08/1916 On this date a Zeppelin dropped bombs on the outskirts of Redcar, looking for the military camp. No deaths or injuries. The Zeppelin was brought down over Hartlepool.
18/08/1916 A heavy court was held at the Redcar Courts recently, with a total of 49 defendants appearing for varying offences such as, 22 for lighting after dusk offences. 1 Drunk and Disorderly. 5 motor car offences. 4 for striking matches after dusk on the Esplanade, and 1 for cruelty to a donkey.
03/09/1916 Captain William Leefe Robinson became the first pilot to shoot down a zeppelin airship crashing down in Cuffley, Hertfordshire. He was later awarded the VC.
09/09/1916 The council ordered for demolition 5 houses that were not fit for human habitation, repairs having not been carried out. They were 77, Lord Street, 5,7,8,9 Smith Street.
15/09/1916 Tanks went into battle for the first time for the British Army, in the Somme. Designed by Sir Ernest Swinton, they revolutionised battle strategy.
17/09/1916 First World War flying ace Manfred von Richthofen better know as th Red Baron won his first aerial battle near Cambrai, France. Credited with 80 kills before being shot down over the Somme, and died aged 25 years.
04/11/1916 It was reported that Warrenby Fever Hospital that a patient from Loftus had been admitted with Scarlet Fever.
18/11/1916 The first battle of the Somme ended.
30/02/1916 Rasputin influential Russian mystic who was a favourite of Nicholas and Alexandra was killed by a group of conservatives led by Prince Yusupov.
16/02/1917. Warrenby Works, Dorman Long produce first ingot cast 9th February.
03/03/1917 The council were petitioned by 17 council worker employees stating that they did not receive a living wage, compatible with the cost of living. It was decided to increase their wages to 2/6d per week (22pence approx now)
09/03/1917 Foreign intervention in the Russian Revolution begins as British troops land in Murmansk.
15/03/1917 Tsar Nicholas II of Russia abdicated.
01/04/1917 Heavy snowstorms in Redcar, and left snow 2 feet deep in Redcar. Gigantic drifts in the town brought it to a standstill. A special path was made for the Vicar of Redcar to get to his church but all in vain! No one attended the service. Troops in the town assisted in snow clearing with the residents who also did their bit, and showed gratitude to the Tommie’s by handing out cups of coffee, cocoa, tea, and other beverages.
14/04/1917 Children of Coatham School sent a supply of cigarettes to soldiers recuperating within hospital’s in the district.
28/04/1917 Dorman Long discussed at a conference at Middlesbrough the erection of houses for their workmen at Warrenby. One of the main issues was that a main road should run from East to West, and connecting up to the roads to Middlesbrough. (Possibly why Tod Point Road is like it was/is.)
05/05/1917 It was common knowledge that the Promenade was being treat like a store yard by the fisherman. As a result the council decided that only fishing boats be allowed on the Promenade.
09/06/1917 Complaints from allotment holders that seeds and crops were being damaged due to cattle and mules straying from racecourse due to broken fence.
23/06/1917 Rowdy scenes had place on the Esplanade, Redcar, when it was revealed at Guisborough Court that a male person Mr. W.G. was fined at the court. It would appear that a struggled had occurred when a detective constable found the defendant playing ‘pitch and toss’ for which he was fined 10/-, for assaulting the constable fined 30/-, and for damaging his clothing 15/-
04/07/1917 During a heavy thunder storm a resident of Lumley Road, escaped serious injury, when approaching her home a lightening strike hit the premises prior to her entry. The chimney stack was ripped open at the centre, dislodging half of the roof, bringing down interior ceilings. The fireplace downstairs in the sitting room was blown entirely out of the window. Debris was thrown 25 yards away by the force of the explosion which was felt by many local residents.
02/08/1917 Ship ‘ Teesdale’ owned by Ropners was hit by a torpedo in the North Seaton 02/08/1917. The crew of the stricken vessel took to the lifeboats, following the Captains vain attempts for help by way of firing 16 distress rockets with no response. The crew in the lifeboats eventually were seen off Redcar Pier and the Redcar Lifeboat launched in difficult seas. All 21 men from the Teesdale were brought ashore mainly due to the skill of the coxswain of the lifeboat and his men. The survivors were treat by a local doctor. All recovered.
04/08/1917 Allotments near to the (Racecourse) were voiced to the council who would make enquiries.
11/08/1917 On August Bank Holiday Monday 7,000 people traveled by train to Redcar. Large crowds on the beach and also at a Military Tournament on the Racecourse.
11/08/1917 Reported that there was a shortage of sugar in Redcar, which may have to be rationed. As a result sugar cards were later brought into use.
15/09/1917 Concern was growing about the amount of damage being caused in ‘Titty Bottle Park, through children ‘running wild’. Damage was also continually being caused to covered seats on the Bandstand.
22/09/1917 £25,000 to be spent immediately on mains water to Warrenby. Urgently required.
29/09/1917 Over recent weeks soldiers being treated (recuperating) were moved from Kirkleatham Hall to the Red Barnes. This would make it easier for them to walk and take advantage of the Promenade and sea walks.
13/10/1917 Redcar Food Committee distributed 25,000 boxes of butter from cold storage to relieve the shortage.
15/10/1917 Double agent Mata Hari was shot in Paris after being found guilty of passing on information to the Germans.
23/10/1917 Lenin calls for the October Revolution.
27/10/1917 Tribute to the late Lieut. Gordon Ridley and officers associated with him placed in St Peters Church, Redcar, a brass tablet. This was dedicated by the church.
06/12/1917 Finland declares independence from Russia.
07/11/1917 Russian Revolution when the Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin overthrew Russian Prime Minister Alexander Kerensky’s government and formed their own
15/12/1917 Troops (1,000) treated to a night of entertainment in the Palace Theatre, Redcar.
15/12/1917 Redcar Food Committee fixed prices for butter at 2/6d per pound following recent shortages. The committee also urged the Food Controller to fix maximum price for stock at auctions.
22/12/1917 Redcar to be rationed for food. New system of distributing tea, butter, margarine and bacon.
22/12/1917 Redcar Workingmen’s Club & Institute completely destroyed by fire. Police and soldiers prevent loss of life by rescuing trapped people.
26/12/1917 Two unknown vessels ran ashore at Redcar due to heavy winds and high seas. Later both re-floated. No damage to vessels and lifeboat not deployed.
31/12/1917 Charles C Duncan (originally named Sturgeon) hit mine off South Gare this date. All 6 lives on board lost.
31/12/1917 Sugar rationing introduced in the UK during World War 1.
1917 Dormanstown houses built, described as ‘Redcar’s Garden City’.
1918 Formation of Redcar Food Committee.
1918 Redcar Food Committee requested that the fishermen of Redcar caught more fish. The committee offered 12/6d for every stone caught.
16/02/1918 Anniversary (1st) of starting of Warrenby Steel Furnaces. People met to celebrate the occasion.
06/04/1918 Reported that 5,000 people visited Redcar on Easter Monday.
1918 Reported at a Middlesbrough Council Meeting (Pans Committee) that enquiries were now being put forward for a new Trunk Road, from Middlesbrough to Redcar.
21/04/1918 Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron, scourge of the First World War British fliers, was hot down in his red Fokker tri-plane and died.
17/08/1918 Redcar Food Committee decided that visitors to Redcar were not allowed to purchase cheese, jam, syrup, and ‘Nestle’s’ Milk, as the needs of residents could not be fully supplied
28/09/1918 Redcar Food Committee set the price of 3 shillings a gallon from 01/12/1918 until 30/04/1919
12/10/1918 A deputation from Warrenby Blast Furnace men met Redcar Food Committee for more meat, stating that they were unable to carry on a seven day working week unless meat was forthcoming. Request denied. At the time no household was to be supplied with no more than a quart of milk. (children first)
19/10/1918. Coatham Grammar School held their Speech Day in the Redcar Palace. It was reported that there were now 200 pupils attending the school.
11/11/1918 11 am. The end of World War 1 Ceasefire. 3,765
soldiers lost their lives from Teesside towns in this war.
14/11/1918 Czechoslovakia becomes a republic.
28/12/1918 Lloyd George’s coalition government was re-elected.
1919 Dormanstown Redcar Works Athletic Club formed this year. The meeting was held in a barn.
1919 Royal Navy Air Station closed.
1919 Shell case 6ft tall on display under the Town Clock’s arched base. Presented to the people of Redcar in recognition of war efforts.
01/02/1919 Russia adopts the Gregorian calendar.
05/01/1919 The Nazi Party was founded by Anton Drexler in Munich.
08/02/1919 Reported that the first liquor licence was issued to Mr Arthur Dorman (Messrs Dorman Long) for a public house to be erected in Dormanstown. It was felt by the Liquor Licencing Officers that the name of the liquor licence should be in the name of a head of Dorman Long Company. At the same time it was revealed that 800 new dwellings were going to be built in Dormanstown.
23/03/1919 In Milan, Italy, Benito Mussolini founds his Fascist political movement.
1919 29/03/1919. Reported that the Golf Clubhouse adjoining the Convalescent Home, Coatham was destroyed by fire. During the war the building housed by military personnel.
1919 It was reported that concern was growing in relation to the number of large wagonettes, traps, and people travelling by rail (males), coming to the town from the mining district of Cleveland and Eston, and Middlesbrough area. These people were using filthy language, and interfering with the respectable inhabitants of the town.
23/03/1919 In Italy, fascism became an organised political movement following the founding of Fasci di Combattimento by Benito Mussolini a month earlier.
12/04/1919 Reported that B.O. Davies was elected to represent the East Coatham ward.
19/04/1919. Reported that council met the Redcar Gas Co., and the Electric Power Co. to discuss lighting for the town.
19/04/1919 The International Labour Organization was founded.
1919 June 1919. Reported that the first steps taken to make Redcara separate Petty Sessional Division. To include area from Lazenby to Saltburn.
1919 Redcar Racecourse resumed meetings.
14/06/1919 Reported that on the first day of racing 53,000 tickets were collected at Railway Station during Tuesday & Wednesday of the races. This required in total 127 trains each 100 yards long.
17/06/1919 British actor Beryl Reed was born. Awarded MBE in 1985.
1919 Reported that concern was growing for the abuse in relation to the donkeys on the beach by some owners. A report had been sent to the inspectors. Offenders hopefully would be punished by heavy fines
05/07/1919 Reported that the council had served notice on the owners and occupiers of the Jolly Sailors Boarding House, and the London House, to abate nuisance arising from overcrowding.
18/07/1919 The Cenotaph in London Whitehall was unveiled. Designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens it would later do double duty for WW II .
09/08/1919 Reported that following numerous practice sessions Redcar Town Band gave their first performance. Well acknowledged.
11/08/1919 The constitution of the Weimar Republic was adopted.
1919 Reported that during the Summer of this year Police and Council were concerned over the increase of hawkers and travellers without the necessary permission. Other local people genuinely trading had to pay for a licence.
07/11/1919 Reported three fisherman returning from fishing got into difficulty on Saltscar Rocks. High running sea swamped the boat. One fisherman rescued, whilst two other fishermen were not recovered or found.
28/11/1919 First woman took her place in the House of Commons. Nancy Viscountess Astor.
30/12/1919 Lincoln’s Inn in London, England, admits its first female bar student.
1919 It was reported in Court Circulars the The Queen had received Miss Gertrude BELL, daughter of Sir Hugh BELL, assistant political officer @ Baghdad since 1917.
1919 Tank from WWI was given to the town and displayed at the East end of the High Street, before being sited at the junction of Lilac Grove, Later sold for scrap in 1940.


1920 The Tees Consevancy Act sees reclaimation of the Seal Sands, Teesmouth
24/02/1920 American born Nancy Astor became the first woman to speak in the House of Commons following her election as an MP two months earlier.
20/03/1920 Reported that B.O. Davies did not present a nomination for election to Redcar Urban District Council
24/03/1920 Reported that a proposal had been submitted to have Redcar, Coatham, Marske and Saltburn Gas Co to be taken over by Redcar UDC who would also supply gas for other purposes.
1920 Redcar’s first Post Office opened 38/40 High Street, Redcar.
20/08/1920 Cleveland Agricultural Show held at Redcar Racecourse
1920 War Memorial unveiled.
1920 Council purchase of land off West Dyke Road for council housing.
1920 Sketch before Redcar Council for proposed High School for Girls (212 pupils) with accommodation for some. (provisional approval)
29/05/1920 United Motor Services (Lowestoft) began running bus services from Redcar to Middlesbrough and Saltburn, with further destinations available.
05/09/1920 Hollywood comedy star Fatty Arbuckle was charged with murder. He was later cleared, but the accusation ended his career
07/10/1920 Oxford University admitted its first 100 women fro degrees.
08/11/1920 The well loved Rupert Bear made his first appearance in the Daily Express newspaper.
11/11/1920 King George V unveiled the Cenotaph in Whitehall
15/11/1920 The Free City of Danzig is established.
16/11/1920 Quanta Australia’s national airline is founded as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd.
16/11/1920 The Bolsheviks defeated the White Russians in the Crimea, ending Russia’s Civil War
04/12/1920 Five cases of Scarlet Fever admitted to the Fever Hospital, and six recovery patients had been discharged. A complaint regarding food in the hospital was made but not substantiated.
04/12/1920 The whole of the houses in Warrenby, belonging to Dorman Long were to be repaired forthwith, and work was already being carried in progress.
04/12/1920 It was known in Dormanstown that 98 houses of the new type were being built with76, already occupied. A further 100 were agreed at the with25 ready. West side of the village 15 houses were nearing completion, with another 35 to be erected.
18/12/1920 A sketch plan was placed before the council for a High Schools for Girls available for 212 girls. The contents of the plan got provisional approval.
08/01/1921 Report submitted to create Redcar a Municipal Borough. The clerk of the council was given permission to submit to His Majesty in Council, to grant a Charter of Incorporation creating the Urban District of Redcar a Borough.
29/01/1921 Mrs Margaret Isobel Emmans, 28 years met her death whilst assisting in the quick launch of the lifeboat Fifi and Charles.
21/01/1921 Chief Officer P.G. Power RN. in charge of Coatham and South Gare Coastguard Station, retied after 40 years service. Presented with a suitably inscribed walking cane. Served in China, Japan, and South East coast of Africa, and also took part in the prevention of slaves trade operations 1888/1889.
05/03/1921 Additional bore hole work to increase supply of water for Redcar carried out.
05/03/1921 Monthly death rate in Redcar 10.5 per 1,000, and the birth rate 28.9
17/03/1921 The first birth control clinic was set up in London by Dr Marie Stopes.
19/03/1921 H.M. The King sanctioned the appointment of The Marquess of Zetland, K T, Knight of Grace to the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem in England.
23/03/1921 Donald Campbell, who emulated his father, Sir Malcom, by breaking land and water-speed records, was born in Horley, Surrey.
09/04/1921. The Parish of Coatham disappears with the advent of the new financial year. Redcar & Coatham being merged into one Parish.
04/06/1921 It was reported that a person found playing games between the two piers, proceedings would be taken against them. This also included West of Coatham Pier.
11/06/1921 A new sewerage pipe was laid in Redcar Lane, which would have an effect of opening out land for new homes.
11/06/1921 It was reported that if Redcar became a Borough it was proposed to have a Council of 24. This would include 6 aldermen who could not but make for stability in the administration.
11/06/1921 Two popular dances were now being held in the Pier Ballroom on a Wednesday and Friday evenings 9pm. Music was supplied by Mr M. Bell, and popular artist from the Redcar area. The dance floor had been acknowledged by all dancing experts to be the most exquisite in the North.
07/07/1921 North Riding Yorkshire Education Committee forwarded a letter stating, that it was not going to proceed at present with the erection of a girls secondary school
09/07/1921 New premises for use by Redcar Urban District were officially opened for use. Afternoon tea was given for councilors and press on the lawns outside.
09/07/1921 In the July Edition of the Redcar Parish Magazine was an interesting article ?A Peep at Ancient Coatham?, by a local churchman. The writer traces Coatham back to 1119, and points out that important salt works existed on Coatham Marshes over 600 years ago, and that a church stood on the golf links in the 15th Century. He also refers to the charter granted by Henry III to the then Lord of the Manor in 1257, to hold a market and fair at Cotum. For many generations Coatham was the chief port of Cleveland, and ?Port offe Cotum? is mentioned as long ago as 1246 says the historical writer.
16/07/1921 An interesting cricket match at Redcar C.C. took place when the members of the local Police Force played Redcar Tradesmen. Police scored 100 runs. Redcar Tradesman 51.
23/07/1921 A large sports day was held for all the elementary schools of Redcar, Coatham, Warrenby, Dormanstown, and Yearby.
02/08/1921 Enrico Caruso, the great Italian tenor, died aged 48 from peritonitis.
05/08/1921 Redcar Rugby Football Club held its 1st Annual General Meeting, Friday, 5th August, 1921, in the Coatham Hotel.
06/08/1921 Marquess and Marchioness of Zetland celebrated their Golden Wedding. On 16/08/1921, the Marchioness celebrates her 77th birthday. Large celebrations at Marske Hall.
03/09/1921 A visit from the Sanger’s Circus and Menagerie in Redcar. The circus was celebrating its Centenary of existence.
17/09/1921 Number of employed in the district 1,000.
17/09/1921 Council decided laying a continuance of the sewer along Redcar Lane.
22/10/1921 Steel Plant at Warrenby Works of Messrs Dorman Long & Co, closed down.
29/10/1921 Works scheme introduced by council to combat unemployment. Decision to build a road from Sandy Lane through to Dormanstown, and then right to the boundary with the Eston Urban area. Further work agreed to the extension of the Promenade.
03/12/1921 How things change. It was reported that one player from the Redcar Rugby Club three quarters, actually walked from Guisborough to play in the game. Total of 6 miles.
03/12/1921 How things change. It was reported that one player from the Redcar Rugby Club three quarters, actually walked from Guisborough to play in the game. Total of 6 miles.
17/12/1921 Redcar population reaches 16,000.
24/12/1921 A well known Tradesman and respected person MR.W.G. Lennard, the confectioners of Redcar died 20/12/1921. President of the local Chamber of Trade, and a director of the Pier Company.
21/11/1921 Messrs Dorman Long agree with council for the extension of a water main from Dormanstown to Lazenby pumping station.
1921 Council complete first council housing Westfield Avenue.
1921 Redcar & Coatham population 16,401
1921 At the end of the WW1 to the Western end of the then golf course was constructed the Paisley Battery, being named after General Sir Charles Paisley. The battery was complete with a breech loading counter bombardment gun, which was used in WWII. Following the war the gun was removed.
1922-1923 First Mayor of Redcar: Councillor Benjamin Owen Davies.
1922 Redcar was incorporated as a Municipal Borough.
1922 Malcolm Campbell established the land speed record Saltburn Sands in a 350hp Sunbeam vehicle
1922 Town Guide states – 8 miles of golden sands, sand and pavement at same level
11/01/1922 Insulin was first used successfully in the treatment of diabetes.
14/01/1922 Crowded meeting at Pier Pavilion for establishment for market in the town. All full ratepayers admitted and overwhelmingly supported venture. B.O. Davies Chairman stated he would try his best to give ratepayers what they wanted.
02/02/1922 Author James Joyce published his masterpiece Ulysses.
11/03/1922 South Gare’s recent adverse weather had moved 20 of the 60ton blocks from the Gare into deeper water exposing the end of the Gare. Work to commence in summer to rectify.
14/03/1922 Redcar market held and a huge success.
13/05/1922 It was reported to the council that The King, and the Home Secretary, had approved the documentation for Redcar to become a Borough.
25/03/1922 Proposed that a Shopping Carnival be held in Redcar, and was given approval
13/05/1922 Redcar Works Band came 1st in a Bands Competition in Manchester, in which 65 bands competed. This now allows Redcar Works Band to compete in a higher class.
30/05/1922 The Lincoln Memorial is dedicated in Washington. D.C.
10/06/1922 The opening of the new Trunk Road took place, from the Redcar Racecourse to the boundary of the Eston U.D.
08/07/1922. Captain G.M. Cox of Norton, Malton, asked for permission to use a portion of the foreshore for short aviation flights. It was resolved by the council, subject to the Estate Agent concerned, that Captain Fox be informed that the council had no objection to part of the sands opposite the Coastguard Station being used. It was later reported that the flights were now part of Redcar’s entertainment, open on a daily basis in the Summer for 2 months. Proving popular with visitors.
08/07/1922 Redcar’s oldest resident was Rev. Dr. Hodgson 95th Birthday on 22/07/1922. He came to Redcar to reside 12 months previous following 43 years in the ministry at Wilton-le-Wear, County Durham.
1922 Cleveland Show held on the Racecourse. A record crowd of 4,000 attended the event.
27/08/1922 Paavo Nurmi of Finland ran a world record 3,000 metres in 8min.28.6 minutes in Sweden
09/09/1922 It was agreed to recommend to the College of Arms to modify to modify the proposed Grant of Arms by deleting the two centre portions, and the insertion in lieu thereof the emblems representing blast furnaces on either side, with a steel ingot between, and a ship between the ingot and the sea with fishes.
09/09/1922 Coatham Hotel requested how much they were prepared to pay to co-operate with the council in providing fire escapes from the upper floors of the Hotel. The hotel later refused to pay anything.
09/09/1922 Reported that Dormanstown was to get its first Post Office facility commencing 1st October, 1922.
09/09/1922 The council gave consideration to the Agent of Marquess of Zetland Regarding the sale of land for a proposed Coast Road from Granville Terrace to the council boundary on the East. The council could not give a pledge regarding the taking over of Green Lane as it was outside the council’s district. More information was requested.
07/10/1922 Marie Lloyd music hall entertainer, died aged 52, defying doctor’s orders not to go on stage when unwell.
18/10/1922 The British Broadcasting Company was officially formed.
22/10/1922 Dedication of memorial with a fully carved mural tablet, in St.Peters Church, Redcar, to those who paid the supreme sacrifice in WWI
21/10/1922 Clog days started this year. A clog day was a fund set up to provide footwear to the needy of the town. Fund raising was started.
24/10/1922 Last meeting of RUC held. Business of the Urban Council was officially concluded.
31/10/1922 Benito Mussolini is made Prime Minister of Italy.
04/11/1922 Redcar’s first Aldermen elected to the Aldermanic Bench were.
04/11/1922 The tomb of Tutankhamen was discovered by Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter.
09/11/1922 Most businesses in Redcar were closed on Thursday, 09/11/1922, to celebrate the formation of the new Redcar Borough, and the Inaugural Meeting of the Borough of Redcar, took place at the Palace Theatre, Redcar. The first mayor of the Borough was inaugurated Alderman B.O. Davies. A reception after the event was held in the Institute Hall. Flags and bunting were out all over the town, with children entertained at the pictures, with tea at their respective schools. The formal opening of the Trunk Road took place opened by the Chairman of the North Riding of Yorkshire County Council Sir Henry Berisford Pierse BART. Old people were given a treat on the evening in the Institute Hall. Other local events held throughout the week with the funds raised going to the Local Distress Fund. B.O. Davies was recognised by the Welsh people for his great generosity in giving to the Eisteddfods and other worthy causes. Presented with a silver salver by the Cleveland and South Durham Welsh Association.
11/11/1922 A screen was set up above Hinton’s Shop in the High Street, for the general election that was held on 16/11/1922. Sir Ged Park elected M.P. to serve area.
09/12/1922 New water main to be built in Moore Street for better protection of businesses in town.
09/12/1922 A petition from residents was received by the council from Dormanstown residents, for the provision of a new children’s school, to replace the present unsatisfactory temporary building.
09/12/1922 The County Council directed that no petrol pumps were to be built on highways without permission.
09/12/1922 Confusion had arisen in duplicate names for the streets register in the Borough. It was therefore decided that the postal addresses were to be as follows:-
09/12/1922 High Street, Redcar as High Street East, and High Street, Coatham, and High Street West.
1922 Portland Terrace as Portland Terrace East, Portland Terrace Coatham, Portland Terrace West.
1922 The High Street ornate fountain outside Potts Cottage knocked down by car. It was never rebuilt.
1922 Redcar Pier extended Pavilion to The Esplanade with a couple of novelty shops.
14/12/1922 John Reith was appointed general manager of the fledging BBC.
1922/1923 Redcar Ladies Choir formed.
1923 Municipal Buildings were housed in the combined ‘Seafield House’ and ‘Norton House’. Both large villas on Coatham Road.
1923 Redcar Racecourse Company presented a gold chain for the new Mayoress.
06/01/1923 Possible site for Pleasure Ground at Granville Terrace end of the town, being explored. Decision deferred for further consideration re how sand banks are laid out.
24/02/1923 Funeral of Mr. T.H. Callum 18/03/1923. Attendance was representative of every part of the community, which testified how he was held in high esteem. The present Mayor Ald.B.O. Davies, town councilors and public officials, representatives of Cleveland Golf Club, Redcar Cricket Club, Redcar Bowls Club, Redcar Rugby Club and many other sporting and social organisations attended.
24/02/1923 The Flying Scotsman locomotive began calling scheduled services between London and Scotland.
10/03/1923 Permission given for the Coatham Hotel to hold concerts during July, August, September during the hours 8pm to 10pm
26/03/1923 Leaders of public life in the town and members of the public met on the 26/03/1923, to pay tribute to the community by Mr Alfred Hick and his 44 years as Headmaster. Warm praise came from all walks of life in Redcar.
07/04/1923 The making of the following streets were completed apart from minor work:- Lawrence Street, Yeoman Terrace, Southampton Street, Fitzwilliam Street.
26/04/1923 The Duke of York weds Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon at Westminster Abbey.
28/04/1923 The first English FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium was staged. Bolton Wanderers defeated West Ham 2-0.
1923 05/05/1923. Council seal of approval on the conveyance of land on Redcar Lane for the purpose of recreation and cemetery extensions.
1923 05/05/1923. Letter received from the Yorkshire Automobile Club, asking for permission to use the sands between Redcar and Saltburn for their annual speed tests on 06/06/1923.
1923 The birth of the astronomer Patrick Moore
21/05/1923 On the Monday, the Whit Bank Holiday Weekend people thronged to Redcar, invading the beaches and town. It was also Redcar Races on the Monday.
02/06/1923 On this date 500 poor children from Middlesbrough were taken to Redcar for a day’s outing under the auspices of the Pearson Free Air Fund. Many civic dignitaries from Middlesbrough visited that party on the sands.
09/06/1923 A book was published re History of Local overnment in Redcar.
09/06/1923 A further 500 children from Middlesbrough, spent the day at Redcar complete with part on the sands under the auspices of the Pearson Free Air Fund.
30/06/1923 It was reported that Redcar was now promoting the Redcar Downs, in that there was now a lovely walk from Redcar to Marske through the old bridle ways and sand dunes. The downs had now been cut through to make the Redcar – Marske Trunk Road. The area along the dunes had now been flattened at the Seaward side of the rear dunes, The flat area was to be grassed, shrubs planted and seating installed. The walk over the weeks became very popular with people in their hundreds taking advantage of the new area. This also at the time encouraged the building of fine villas, bungalows etc.
1923 Population of Redcar 16,401. Population of old Redcar & Coatham showed little difference.
04/08/1923. The 1921 Census returns were made public and returned for Redcar a population of 8,243, and the population of Coatham 1,611. The average age of males was 29 and females 30. Number of females per 1000 males was 1,003. Number of married women under 45 per 1,000 females of all ages was 202. The occupation of males per 1,000 for classes peculiar to Redcar.
21/07/1923 Middlesbrough & District Motor Club used Yearby Bank for Hill Climbing Tests Competition. Best time was by a F.T. Dixon on a 9hp Harley Davidson covering the course in 29 seconds being equal to 77.14mph
21/07/1923 Middlesbrough Corporation Hackney Carriage Company inaugurated a new service from Stockton to Redcar, via Newport Road, Middlesbrough.
18/08/1923 Redcar residents gathered on The Promenade to celebrate Redcar’s first Carnival Night. Streamers, balloons, confetti, squeakers, paper hats, and all the necessary carnival requisites were in evidence. Dancing was to the Municipal Military Band on the roadway in front of the Bandstand until 10.30pm. residents and scores of holiday makers took part. 2nd event to be held 22/08/1923.
18/08/1923 It was reported that Redcar was one of the earliest lifeboat stations, and that the Zetland and the present lifeboat Fifi and Charles had saved 700 lives were amongst the interesting facts mentioned at a meeting held at Redcar on Monday 13/08/1923 to form the local ladies guild to assist in fund raising for lifeboat work. Mrs. A.O. Cochrane was elected President of the guild. A flag day in connection with the carnival and fancy dress parade, arranged by the town authorities for 22/08/1923 was agreed to. The lifeboat would also be taken from its station and paraded around the town, and afterwards launched.
26/08/1923 It was reported that 16,000 railway tickets into the town had been purchased for the carnival celebrations, along with residents, people in motor cars, motor cycles, char a banc and other modes of transport, there was a large crown. At times the crowds were so dense it was hard to move. The council expressed warm congratulations on the success of the event to everyone concerned, despite the inclement weather.
31/08/1923 The birth of comedian Larry Grayson, Generation Game’.
08/09/1923 Redcar Swimming Clubs 2nd Annual Water Carnival was held near to the pier, witnessed by a large crowd.
15/09/1923 It was stated by the North Riding of Yorkshire Education Committee, that the Sir William Turner Grammar School, Redcar, had the highest number of passes by any school in England, and also the greatest number of distinctions of any boys school.
15/09/1925. A number of schemes were scheduled by Redcar Town Council with a view to relieving unemployment. The schemes included a new gas main to Dormanstown. A new gas holder. Introduction of electric lighting. Widening of the Promenade. Extension of water and gas mains, and the construction of a Floral Hall. Steps to be taken to supply electric to all parts of the area.
28/09/1923 The Radio Times was first published.
27/10/1923 It was reported that on the 31/10/1923 Bostock & Wombles the world renown Zoo was to visit Redcar during a tour of the area. The exhibition was to be held on Lynas Field, New Road, Redcar.
03/11/1923 On this date the service of the deceased Doctor J.E. Stead was held at Redcar with many men of science, representatives of iron and steel, traders attending. It was requested that there should be no flowers and no mourning.
1923 Redcar Police Court also made a sympathetic reference to his death, stating that he had been a member of the North Riding of Yorkshire Magistrates since 1896. He was the 2nd senior member of the bench. He had taken a deep interest in all matters relating to the public good, and his death was greatly deplored.
17/11/1923 It was reported that Lady Zetland presented a youth W. Wilkinson of Redcar with the Royal Humane Society certificate for gallantry in saving the life of a mate who was in danger of drowning whilst bathing near the Pier on 29/08/1923.
22/12/1923 At the closing of this year it was also announced that work would commence immediately on the erection of a new Floral Hall in Redcar. It was to be built on the site of the old Coatham Pier. A grant from the Unemployment Committee, had already been passed for the work, which was expected to be completed by the Summer Season.
27/12/1923 On this date at 4 am in the morning people were alerted by a fire in the Drapery Sore of Mr & Mrs Roebuck, High Street, Redcar. The premises burnt fiercely and quickly, bringing the store into ruination. The premises and stock were completely gutted, and lost. The fire it was understood started in the upstairs sitting room. The premises and stock were insured.
29/12/1923 Redcar Parish Church paid out the yearly gifts of charity to the poor and needy. Over 60 people received gifts of money.
31/12/1923 The chimes of Big Ben were heard for the first time on the BBC. Became famous in WWII when they were heard on BBC World Service radio.
1923 The council offered to sell Guisborough Council slag at 7/6d per ton delivered over the councils private railway in Green Lane. The Town Clerk also offered cement kerb stones 4/- each, delivered by road, and ashes and other materials at 5/- per ton.
1923 Limited number of council houses built. New Housing Act encouraged builders by offering free sites with road, sewers, and drainage.
1923 Borough park opened.
1923 Redcar Cricket Club’s tea pavilion built.
1923 Royal Naval Air Station site finally cleared and the buildings demolished.
21/01/1924 Comedian and film star Benny Hill born Alfred Hawthorne Hill in Southampton.
26/01/1924 Saint Petersburg, Russia, is re-named Leningrad.
02/02/1924 Was this the first occasion a street Telephone Kiosk had been opened in Portland Street, available day and night. Calls to Redcar & Saltburn 2d. To Middlesbrough 4d. It was reported that calls could be made to other distant subscribers.
09/02/1924 The council voted for the postponement of the Redcar Pavilion due to financial commitments elsewhere.
09/02/1924 It was reported that the catches of fish had decreased due to the particular stormy weather over a long period of time.
23/02/1924 The death was reported of Surgeon Colonel T.W.S. Locke. J.P. at his residence ‘Whitburn’ Coatham, Redcar. 94 years old he was one of the oldest residents in Redcar, and arrived at Redcar following the Crimean War. He set up as a doctor and commenced his practice which lasted 50 years before retiring. He was held in great esteem and respect among everyone. He was also a County of Yorkshire Magistrate. Flags throughout the town were lower in respect. He was buried in Coatham churchyard on Saturday, 01/03/1924.
23/02/1924 Cleveland Dog Society met at the Station Hotel 16/02/1924, for the first occasion. The rules were in accordance with the Kennel Club and Ald B.O.Davies was made President.
15/03/1924 Three hard tennis courts approved for Zetland Park.
29/03/1924 It was resolved that the Yorkshire Hussars would give 28 evening concerts during the forthcoming Summer period.
03/04/1924. Guisborough Council to open Marske section of Coast Road.
12/04/1924 Right or wrong decision The council decided to abandon making that portion of the new Trunk Road, between West Dyke Road and the sea Coast Road, owing to the heavy cost.
12/04/1924 New hospital site chosen for Fever Hospital at the bottom of Redcar Lane. (that would be the southern end)
28/06/1924 On this day Redcar Zetland Park was officially opened by the Mayoress Mrs. B.O. Davies. Park contained, walks, gardens, bowling greens, hard and grass tennis courts. Lord Zetland had donated 6 acres for the park.
28/06/1924 Redcar 1st Carnival reported to have been a huge success. Pageant on the racecourse, amongst other activities.
19/07/1924 The 1st Annual Open show promoted by the Cleveland Dog Society was held at Redcar with 168 entries, and it was reported that the society had received encouraging support from the people in the area.
19/07/1924 Marquess of Zetland laid the foundation stone to St Peters Church. Building works to include new chancels, a lady chapel, and vestries.
09/08/1924 Redcar Carnival for next year cancelled due to lack of support owing to business obligations by committee.
30/08/1924 Redcar Magistrates gave power to Police to take immediate action against persons creating a noise when leaving dance halls in the town. Complaints that the halls were staying open until late hour, with shouting and brawling in the nearby streets.
09/09/1924 It was noted that exorbitant rents were being charged for properties in Redcar.
21/09/1924 Coinciding that as Summer Time ended, a gale blew up with considerable force lasting several houses. It caused large amounts of damage in Cleveland and on Teesside. Large numbers of people were awakened by windows breaking. Damage was caused to the wooden fence surrounding Zetland Park. A house in course of erection had its gable end blown down.
25/09/1924 Alderman B.O. Davies again chosen as Mayor for 3rd year.
13/10/1924 Ramsay MacDonald made his first election broadcast on the BBC on behalf of the Labour Party.
25/10/1924 Redcar Fishermans Distress Fund opened in 1919 was closed.
25/10/1924 The Government were prepared to make a grant of 75% of the interest and redemption charges on the cost of a proposed extension of Lord Street, to the present Promenade.
08/11/1924 The Masonic Hall in the High Street reported to have had built on it a further floor. The ground floor contained the reception and cloakrooms, the 1st floor the officers rooms and temple.
15/11/1924 An extension to the billiard room of the Redcar Institute, made room for two additional billiard tables, making the hall one of the finest in the North East. Opened by Hugh Bell, President of the Institute.
22/11/1924 Called to the Bar at various Inns of Court on 17/11/1924 was Mr.R. McClean, Town Clerk of Redcar. In 1922 was appointed Clerk to Redcar U.D. and it was largely through his efforts the town obtained its charter of incorporation in 1922.
22/11/1924 Lieut-Col Miles J Staplyton. Rt Worshipful Provincial Grand Master consecrated a lodge of Mark Masons, at the Masonic Hall, Redcar. Very Wor Bro J.M. Meek, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, was installed as first Master of the new lodge.
06/12/1924 The death was reported of Mr. Alfred Hich, 67 years, of ‘Cullingworth’, Queen Street, Redcar who was the Head master at the Wesleyan School, Redcar, and later when closed became the head of West Dyke School. He served 45 years in education, and was held in high esteem, with a public testimonial on his retirement.
13/12/1924 Redcar Town Council decided to undertake a large sewerage scheme for the Eastern end of the town, where a large number of houses were being built.
13/12/1924 Sea cars to be allowed next season, however steam roundabouts are to be banned from the sands.
13/12/1924 An application was granted to Mr W Dove to use an outbuilding at the rear of the Warrenby Hotel as a slaughter house for 12 months
19/12/1924 The last Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost was sold in London. Called “the best car in the world.”
20/12/1924 Zetland Club in the vicinity of Coatham Road opened by the Marquess of Zetland.
24/12/1924 Large new gas holder opened, Saturday 24/12/1924, on Corporation Road, and put immediately into operation.
27/12/1924 Death rates reported in Redcar up to the four weeks 20/12/1924 = 9.4. Birth rates over the same period was 17.2
1924 The introduction of electricity into the town.
1924 Foreshore rights purchase completed.
1925-1926 Mayor – Alderman William Wardman.
07/02/1925 Two cases of small pox reported in Dormanstown.
1925 Land purchased from Lord Zetland, subsequently new estate in Redcar opened. 350 houses for working classes.
10/04/1925 The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is first published in New York.
11/04/1925 Many council houses in Dormanstown nearing completion, and the council decided to sell them. Temporary sanction for another 150 free sites is to be applied for, and plans for 120 houses to be erected by private enterprise was passed.
15/04/1925 Council applies for more Police Officers, due to the increase in traffic in all parts of the town.
14/05/1925 It was on this date that prior to the commencement of the council meeting a Deed of 32 acres of land was handed over to the council. The land was to be laid out as a park in memory of Col. W.T.S. Locke.
14/05/1925 It was agreed that Redcar Borough Park could be supplied with hard tennis courts.
13/06/1925 Ralph Davison aged 11years, son of Councillor R.D. Davison of Saltburn was awarded a North Riding County Council scholarship at the Sir William Turner Grammar School. He was later on in life Chief Constable of Middlesbrough Police & Teesside Constabulary
13/06/1925 Borough Park Bowling Club was opened by Alderman B.O. Davies. It was remarked that the greens were the best in the district.
18/07/1925 The famous band of the Grenadier Guards was to visit Redcar for one week, commencing on 19/07/1925, and give 14 performances. The first was in Zetland Park.
23/07/1925 Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud became chair of the International Psychoanalytical Foundation.
25/07/1925 The Royal Irish Hussars Band was to play at Redcar on the 2nd,3rd, August, 1925 respectively, followed by the Seaforth Highland Band with pipers and dancers.
27/07/1925 It was decided to supply electrics to the Town Clock building and install lamps accordingly.
19/09/1925 The council decided to go ahead again with the Floral Hall. Later on 03/10/1925 deferred back again.
30/10/1925 It was reported that since the opening of the Redcar Literary Institute it had turned into a story of success on all fronts. Good work was being done by the institute in the town itself. Membership was up, and the billiard room also a success. The library had improved with a record number of books withdrawn.
24/10/1925 The Mayor Alderman B.O. Davies presided over his last meeting of the Redcar Town Council, and gave a resume’ of the Borough over the last 3 years.
30/10/1925 John Logie Baird creates Britain’s first television transmitter.
21/11/1925 Sir Hugh Bell, 81, years still Chairman of the Tees Conservancy Commission after 50 years service.
28/11/1925 What some people do. An unknown man paying 1d for his admission to Redcar Pier, later jumped over the railings and into the sea. A boat went to his rescue but the man was found to be dead. His clothes were the only means of identity, no money was found on him. It would appear to have paid his last penny for admission to the pier.
26/12/1925 The 1st Annual Dinner was held by the Redcar Branch (Men) of the British Legion in the Swan Hotel.
1925 It was reported that bus proprietors were not carrying out the regulations laid down by the council. The Town Clerk responded that should they be found not carrying out the regulations properly their licences would be refused on renewal.
1925 Amusement Park opened.
1925 War memorial unveiled.
1926-1928 Mayor – Alderman Walter Sacker Hill.
1926 General Strike declared with Teesside Industries at a standstill.
1926 Coatham Grammar School was elevated to the status of a public school, and renamed Coatham School. Previous called Sir William Turner’s School.
02/01/1926 It was reported that Redcar & District Cage Bird Society held one of its Cage Bird Shows if the Literary Institute and was a success with 60 entries.
09/01/1926 Sir Bertram Hornsby newly knighted. Governor of the National Bank of Egypt. Educated at Sir Wm. Turners Grammar School.
09/01/1926 Up to 500 children on 06/01/1926 were guests of the Unionist Club, Redcar, and Women’s Unionist Ass, at a New Year’s Eve Party, generously provided for the benefit of children from hard hit and unemployment families.
09/01/1926 Review of lifeboat during 1925, reported that 200 launches of lifeboats had taken place around our coasts saving 380 lives
1926 Coast Road, Redcar, was declared a main road by N.Y.C.C. The council also asked to pass a resolution to have the road from Kirkleatham Lane Bridge to the junction of Granville Terrace/Coast Road a main road.
16/01/1926 Total number of council houses built during 1925 to 1926 = 283
27/01/1926 John Logie Baird gave a public demonstration of television to members of the Royal Institution in London.
13/02/1926 Redcar Brewster Sessions reported 44 persons had been proceeded with during 1925 compared with 39 in 1924. Twenty two of the 44 above were from outside the area and non residents, with 6 being females.
13/02/1926 A scheme for two buses of M. Hall and 2 buses of United Automobile Services to ply for daily throughout the week between Zetland Park, and Dormanstown. This would make a seven and a half minute service during the busiest hours
13/02/1926 Member of council and Town Clerk instructed to see what steps could be taken to improve the appearance of the old lifeboat house on the Esplanade.
13/02/1926 The Sherwood Forrest Infantry Brigade and 54th West Riding and Staffordshire medium Brigade Artillery Camp to be held in Redcar in July.
13/02/1926 Letter from Lord Zetland offering 6,000 sq yards of land in South Terrace, Redcar, for car parking.
27/02/1926 It was recognised by the RNLI that the difficulties of launching the Redcar Lifeboat were paramount. The lifeboat had to be hauled down to the sea by the crew, and volunteers with a consequence that the time being lost on launching. As a result the R.N.L.I. provided a motor tractor that would be at the station in the near future.
13/03/1926 An act of kindness. The Deputy Mayor of Redcar, Alderman B.O. Davies performed an act of kindness by giving a defendant at his court, the amount required to renew his dog licence. The defendant stated that his dog licence was out of date, and could not afford a new licence for the dog which he was keeping for his little boy who was in hospital.
13/03/1926 It was agreed to the installation of steps from the Bandstand to Dundas Street Slipway, from the Promenade to the sands as quickly as possible
17/04/1826 There was a large attendance at St. Peter’s Church, Redcar when His Grace the Archbishop of York, consecrated the new extensions to the church. The new extensions will now mean that the church can hold 300 new worshipers.
17/04/1926. Following the disagreement of the removal of the WW1 tank from Redcar, the council approved the scrapping of the tank. It was agreed to sell the tank for scrap.
17/04/1926 It was agreed by the council that no public meetings would take place on The Stray, or Coatham Promenade.
14/05/1926 Comedy star Eric Morecambe was born.
(Morecambe & Wise)
22/05/1926 Amusement Park opened at Redcar with attractions including scenic railway, ride commonly know as figure eight, large ballroom to accommodate 2,00 people.
08/06/1926 Australian opera singer Dame Nellie Melba, gave her final stage performance at Covent Garden, singing Mimi in La Boheme.
12/06/1926 Reported no demand for apartments in Redcar this season. Boarding houses in the town showed much concern.
19/06/1926 New premises opened. Pavilion for Redcar Swimming Club.
10/07/1926 Land in front of South Terrace now used as car.
10/07/1926 Report that a there was a large increase of the electorate in the Esplanade Ward. Possible that there would be a future distribution of the ward.
17/07/1926 Sir Hugh Bell received a message of condolence from the King and Queen on the death of his daughter Gertrude Bell.
17/07/1926 Redcar War Memorial to be unveiled 16/10/1926 by Viscount Lascelles, and to be situated front of the Council Building (offices) Coatham Road, Redcar.
27/07/1926 The Coast Road, Redcar thronged with people and motor traffic when Saltburn speed trials took place.
31/07/1926 Sherwood Forrester Territorial?s numbering 2,000 arrived in Redcar for their camp. Brigade accompanied by 5 brass bands, 2 drum and fife, and a fine ram and wolfhound mascots.
31/07/1926 Decided by the council to include a lake for boating in Locke park.
03/08/1926 Electric traffic lights were installed at Piccadilly Circus, the first in Britain.
06/08/1926 American swimmer Gertrude Ederie became the first woman to swim the English Channel in 14hours 34minutes. This time beat the existing record held by a man by nearly 2 hours.
14/08/1926 Deputy Mayoress (Mrs. B.O. Davies) offered a water fountain to be placed in the corner of Locke Park, near the junction with Kirkleatham Street. This was accepted.
14/08/1926 High tides sprang up in Redcar due to a North Westerly gale, and the tide rose above the usual limits. Boats had to be taken from the sands, and the kiosks, and deck chairs were surrounded with sea water.
14/08/1926 Darlington Ragged School held outing to Redcar with 500 children on the beach. Donkey rides, boat trips, roundabout treats, plus two meals were all provided.
14/08/1926 Redcar Workingman’s Institute on 11/08/1926 opened their new premises in Redcar Lane. Spacious rooms consisting of billiard room bars, reading rooms, and stewards quarters. Electric lighting and heating also installed. Lord Zetland opened the building with a silver key. He also unveiled a stone commemorating the occasion. He was presented with a silver loving cup.
23/08/1926 Film heart throb Rudolph Valentino underwent surgery on a ruptured appendix, but died.
21/08/1926 The Marquis of Redcar purchased the Redcar War Tank and allotted a space near Zetland Park as its perpetual resting place. On 09/10/1926 it was lowered into its place by two large traction engines.
19/09/1926 Germany is admitted to the League of Nations.,
25/09/1936 Freedom of the Borough to Mr. A. B. Cochrane.
25/09/1926 Council received an application to form a bowling club at Borough Park. This was accepted.
02/10/1926 The next Mayor of Redcar would be Ald. S. Hill.
16/10/1926 Heavy seas battered Redcar, washing away the Redcar Swimming Club new premises.
18/10/1926 Bing Crosby mad his first commercial recording, I’ve Got The Girl.
07/11/1926 Redcar War Memorial completed and a dedication service took place.
18/11/1926 George Bernard Shaw refused to accept the Nobel Prize money of £7,000 awarded to him a year earlier. He said “I can forgive Nobel for inventing dynamite, but only a fiend in human form could have invented the Nobel Prize.”
1926 November. Messrs E. Upton opened a music shop in Queen Street, Redcar. Gramophones, records, wirelesses, cycles,, motor cycles, pianos, prams, some of the goods on show. Extended payments for customers were introduced for people who could not lay down the full payment.
03/12/1926 British crime writer Agatha Christie disappeared from her Surrey home. Discovered in a hotel in Harrogate under an assumed name, but no idea how she got there..
08/01/1927 Redcar boy overtaken by a swift incoming tide whilst playing on sands and a large wave took him by surprise. 2 men Christopher Alderson and Robert Snowden ran into the water and rescued the boy.
15/01/1927 Four bungalows completed for the NER Cottage Homes Ass, for OAPs. Situated near Zetland Park, the pensioners who reside in these cottages have to pay weekly sums to the association, and those whose circumstances warrant special consideration are permitted to reside in the homes for 1 shilling a week.
15/01/1927 Directors of the Pier Co. accepted a council offer of a 5 year lease of the Pavilion during the Summer season.
15/01/1927 15/01/1927. A letter received from the Imperial War Graves Committee, seeking permission for the erection of headstones on graves of members of the Armed Forces.who are buried in the cemetery. All the graves will be given headstones and proposed inscription will be approved.
15/05/1927 Between 250/300 people attended a ball in aid of the Redcar Tank Appeal. The tank had been saved from destruction. Captain Rooke was the first person to have the tank re-instated. He informed those present that he had received a painting depicting the tank in action, which was to be presented to Lord & Lady Zetland, who had unfortunately been advised not to travel. The painting was by Mr. J. Short of Redcar.
22/01/1927. Standing at 6feet 8inches tall Police Constable William Prood of the North-Yorkshire Constabulary station at Redcar was the second highest constable in England.
29/01 /1927 Work commenced on the making of Thrush Road.
04/02/1927 British driver Sir Malcolm Campbell broke the world land speed record in his car. Bluebird, with a speed of 174.88mph
05/02/1927 A connection with the old Stockton to Darlington Railway Line was severed this week by the death of Mr. John Metcalf, of Redcar on the 29/12/1926. He was with the exception 1 other person the oldest person (87years) locomotive driver in the world. He also drove the first steam locomotive along the coast line to Whitby, and drove the first train over the Crook to Tow Law line. For many years he drove the “Derwent” that now stands on Darlington Railway Station.
12/02/1927 The Redcar Licensing Bench again refused an application for Sunday Evening Performances in the town.
14/02/1927 Following a lapse of 7 years a large crown gathered in the High Street, Redcar, which was the scene of the meet for the Cleveland Hunt, which on previous occasions had met at locations outside the town. Horses, hounds and many foot followers were seen off and immediately made an early fox find on Ings Farm in a covert.
23/04/1927 Cardiff City became the first non-English side to win the FA Cup beating Arsenal 1-0 (own goal)
09/06/1927 James MacKinlay School was opened on this date.
11/06/1927 It was reported that in normal traffic conditions 44 buses per hour were recorded on normal time tables, went through the town. This doubled during the Summer months.
11/06/1927 Whit Monday, 60,000 people visited Redcar with motor bus traffic being the greatest seen. 3,000 people came by bus waiting until after midnight at Zetland Park to get buses back home. 12,000 people traveled from Middlesbrough to Redcar by train. 40 lost children. (all reclaimed)
11/06/1927 American aviator Charles Lindbergh awarded the American Distinguished Flying Cross, the first ever awarded. Record breaking flight crossing New York to Paris.
25/06/1927 Redcar making a gigantic effort to raise funds for the North Ormesby, Middlesbrough and Redcar Hospitals. Events of all sorts arranged for the following weeks involving participation from every one inside and outside the Borough.
02/07/1927 A full military funeral was held in Redcar for Captain. R. H. Hampton who died of his injuries received while at camp of his unit 107th Middlesbrough Corps of Royal Engineers. The coffin covered with the Union Jack on which laid his hat and belt was conveyed on a gun carriage, behind following was a military charger bearing the Captains sword and jack boots (reversed). He was buried in the Coatham graveyard and at the close of the internment three volleys were fired over his grave, and the last post sounded followed by reveille.
09/07/1927 A car driver from Sheffield, drove his car onto the beach and 5 yards into the sea with an incoming tide, when it became stuck up to its axles in the sand. 2 men and 2 women got to land without assistance. It took 30/40 people to pull the vehicle from the sea.
30/07/1927 Since last census 1,146 houses had been built in Redcar.
30/07/1927 30,000 people attended a motor cycle trials event on the sands between Redcar and Marske
30/07/1927 46th North Midland Corps of Signals, the first of Redcar’s Territorial visitors arrived by special train at Redcar Railway Station. 13 officers and 300 men.
06/08/1927 A letter of apology was sent to the Redcar Bench for the non-appearance of a Bradford man who had sent a postal order for 21 shillings which had to be used to pay expenses and if their was a balance that was to be put into the poor box. Charge with obstruction of the highway with a motor car he was find 10/6d, with 10/6d being put into the poor box.
06/08/1927 Enormous hospitality shown to the Dr Barnardo’s girls outing to Redcar. Fun and games were set out with free rides and free ice-cream. They were then given a tour of the Mayor’s parlour, with further fun at the Amusement Park. The outing concluded with a long sea ride by sea car.
27/08/1927 New launching tractor now on station for Redcar Lifeboat
10/09/1927 A milk seller retailing milk at two and a half pence a pint was convinced he can make a reasonable profit.
10/09/1927 Rates reduced in Redcar 8/6d to 7/4d in the pound for 6 months
30/09/1927 Babe Ruth hit his 60th home run of the season and with it a record that would stand for 34years.
06/11/1927 The first full length talking picture, The Jazz Singer, opened in New York. Al Jolson sang Toot Toot tootsie, Goodbye, Mammy and Blue Skies.
14/10/1927 The birth of film star, Roger Moore (007)
29/10/1927 Forty one blast furnaces reported to be working throughout Teesside.
21/11/1927 It was proposed that the charge for Winter games on the miniature golf course would be 2d, and on the 9 hole golf course 3d. The attendant would take 75 per cent of the takings with no other remuneration.
1927 Redcar Operatic Society performed ‘Pirates of Penzance’ in Arcadia Theatre in Wilton Street.
27/11/1927 Charges for Winter games on miniature golf course 2d. For nine hole course 3d. 75% of takings to attendant with no other remuneration.
28/11/1927 Steps built down to sands between the Bandstand and Dundas Slipway.
02/12/1927 Ford Model A went on sale as a successor to the Model T.
1928-1930 Mayor – Alderman William Metcalf.
1928 In this year the population of Redcar became 22,000
03/01/1928 Wreckage found on Redcar beach on Christmas Day was part of a sunken wreck. Part of the keel, and bottom timbers of a wooden vessel suggested initially that the sea had given up the wreckage of the Norwegian barque ‘BERGER’, which was swept onto the rocks 30 years previously. Subsequently, it was found that the wreckage was identified at that of the ketch ‘GRACE’, which went down off Redcar in a howling blizzard early November, 1923 with the loss of 2 lives.
27/03/1928 The Finance Committee of the council fixed the rate of pay for a refuse collector at 1s-1d per hour.
27/03/1928 Hearse Grove was changed to Stanley Grove.
19/04/1928 Deck chair attendants should be appointed from ex-service men, preferably those in receipt of disablement allowance.
27/05/1928 Floral Hall officially opened by Mayor Ald W.S. Hill.
02/06/1928 Mr. J. E. Batty elected Chairman of the Redcar School of Managers.
18/06/1928 Norwegian explorer Roland Amundsen disappeared along with a five-strong crew while on a rescue mission in the Artic.
30/06/1928 So much is true?At a founders day at Sir William Turners School the Rev F Hedley said, “Too much in these days were people disposed to rely upon the help of others, and got into the habit of thinking that the State or some other organisation was going to do all for them. As a result the old British spirit of self reliance was in danger.”
30/06/1928 Troops arrived for the Redcar Camp 4,000.
07/07/1928 Following a fatality of a tight rope walker in Redcar at the inquest of Rosa Elizabeth Carollina Nunn 20 years the inquest expressed an opinion that tight rope walkers when giving a performance they should have safety nets in place. This followed when the above fell 60feet to her death.
07/07/1928 The Royal National Lifeboat Institute presented with vellum signed by the Prince of Wales to the oldest lifeboat station maintained by the RNLI. Established in 1802 twenty years before the RNLI was founded and a record of over 200 lives saved from shipwrecks. A spectator Thomas Hood Picknett 83 years was the last serving member of the ‘Zetland’ crew. He became a lifeboat man at the age of 16 years.
29/071928. A new site was chosen for the Redcar Primitive Church, in Lilac Grove, near to the Zetland Park.
01/08/1928 The New Morris Minor was launched by Morris Motors Ltd. This car remained on the market until 1935 and cost £100.
25/08/1928 Princess Mary and Viscount Lascelles paid an unexpected visited to the Redcar Racecourse 18/08/1928.
19/09/1928 Most of the shops in Redcar closed on 17/09/1928 for a day, as a trip organised by the Redcar Chamber of Commerce went to Harrogate and Knaresborough for the day. This was following the August Bank Holiday when they were too busy catering for holidaymakers requirements.
13/10/1928. It was reported that Councilor Dr Robinson was taking a keen interest in the old lifeboat ‘Zetland’, and was endeavoring to locate a little museum in the old Lifeboat House.
10/11/1928 Hirohito was crowned Emperor of Japan. The Crown Prince, aged 27, had been regent for seven years before taking over from his sick father.
22/11/1928 The premiere performance of Ravell’s ‘Bolero’ takes place at.
01/12/1928 Councilor F Senior was reported to have invented a light motor driven roller for use on sports fields, and roads, which he had patented in 7 other countries. It was said the a boy could use it.
08/12/1928 Mayor of Redcar distributed 100 tons of coal to needy families in Redcar.
10/11/1928 Hirohito was crowned the Emperor of Japan, aged 27, had been regent for seven years before taking over from his sick father.
15/12/1928 An application was accepted by the council for Mr C Rea to open premises for fish frying in Tod Point Road, Redcar for 12 months.
15/12/1928 The foundation stone was laid for a new Baptist Church in Park Avenue, Redcar
25/12/1928 Olympic champion Johnny Weissmuller announced his retirement from amateur swimming taking up a career as an international film star with 12 movies as ‘Tarzan’.
29/12/1928 The Cleveland Fox Hounds meet started at the Swan Hotel Redcar, where large crowds of people were present.
04/01/1929 Australian cricketer Don Bradman made his first Test century playing against England in Melbourne.+
05/01/1929 Was this the way to do it? For having stolen a motor cycle from Redcar a youth appearing at the North Riding of Yorkshire Quarter Sessions was given 3 years Borstal Training
19/01/1929 It was reported that the Cleveland Miners were falling on hard times, and in view of the semi starvation Redcar Tradesmen organised functions to raise money for the miners, Many Redcar citizens offered help with help and gifts. The Miners Distress Fund was set up with the Mayor and Mayoress Patronages of the fund. Parcels of food, clothing etc gained momentum in the town with no expenditure being placed on the funds and the goods were transported administration free.
19/01/1929 A dedication service was held at the Redcar Wesleyan Chapel of a war memorial, stained glass window and porch.
19/01/1929 Large falls of snow were reported in and around the Borough.
26/01/1929 The tombstone of William Guy, in Redcar parish graveyard was renovated with monies placed in the collection box at the old Zetland Lifeboat House.
09/02/1929 The numbers of drunkenness during the last 12 months was 28 people and increase of 10. 21 of the 38 came from outside the area and were non-residential.
09/02/1929 Snow in and around the area of the Borough during the previous week had now reached 7 feet. The lake of Locke Park was frozen over with many ice skaters taking advantage.
11/02/1929 Kingdom of Italy and the Vatican sign the Lateran Treaty.
18/02/1929 The first Academy Awards were announced and earned a mention on page seven of the entertainment newspaper Variety. Janet Gaynor was named best actress for Street Angel, Sunrise and Seventh Heaven.
02/03/1929 A presentation was made to Mr. W. Davison a head teacher retiring after 50 years, 30 of which were at Zetland Council School. 300 boys and girls had gained scholarships throughout his association with the school. Councilor J.H. Batty school manager presented a cheque for a substantial sum to Mr. Davison.
09/03/1929 Ald B. O. Davies was elevated to the Aldermanic Bench of the North Riding County Council.
16/03/1929 The Redcar Wheelers later to be known as Redcar Cycling Club was formed with the first official run on Sunday 17/03/1929 meeting at the Town Clock, 9am prompt.
14/04/1929 The Monaco Grand Prix was first run – 78 laps around the narrow streets and harbour of Monte Carlo.
15/04/1929 J.M. Barrie donated the copyright of his hit play and novel Peter Pan to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, London.
11/05/1929 Opening Ceremony of the Redcar Baptist Church.
15/06/1929 The council announced that they intended to introduce boating in Locke Park. The public would pay 6d per hour for each person. The following boats would be purchased.
17/06/1929 Film director Alfred Hitchcock’s movie ‘Blackmail’ premiered in London. First reel with the studio not equipped for sound. First part features only sound effects and music Dialogue introduced for second reel. The thriller is considered to be the first British talkie.sound.
11/07/1929 Redcar’s new beach walk was officially opened by the Marquis of Zetland. The mayor handed a knife to the Marquis, the latter handing a halfpenny to the Mayor, thus keeping up with tradition. 6,00 people were at the opening. The beach walk was illuminated on an evening.
13/07/1929 The council once again made it quite clear they were against Sunday opening of anything.
03/08/1929 The Stead Hospital was opened by Dowager Marchioness of Zetland. The building was given to the town by Mr Arnold Stead. 7 beds and equipment for emergencies was provided. The beauty in the outside grounds everyone remarked on. Redcar’s medical men offered their services free for the first year.
08/08/1929 The German airship Graf Zeppelin begins a round – the – world flight.
31/08/1929 St Peters Church celebrated its Centenary.
07/09/1929 Redcar Town Council announced that it was to carry out a big improvement programme in the town with the construction of an outdoor, and indoor separate bathing pools. A Boating Lake in front of the Coatham Convalescent Home. There was also to be built a sub way under the railway near to Redcar Halt Station.
21/09/1929 The recent Redcar New Walk and illuminated areas won praise from many visitors to the town
26/10/1929 Councilor J. E. Batty resigned from the office of Hon Secretary of Redcar Literary Institute after 35 years.
28/10/1929 Collapse of the New York Stock Exchange causing a world economic crisis.
29/10/1929 By a 3 to 1 majority Redcar rejected a proposal, that the Corporation should provided facilities for games and boating on Sundays. Total Electorate 8,612 only 1,060 voted with 791 Against 269 For.
21/11/1929 Second Aircraftman Robert Wilson, of Hanson Street, Redcar was killed in Scotland, when the two seater Hawker-Horsley aircraft he was piloting crashed in the sea during exercises. The deceased was brought home and buried in Redcar Cemetery.
09/11/1929 An overwhelming majority of the electorate decided in favour of joining Redcar and Marske in reorganisation of the county districts. In favour of joining Redcar with Redcar 815. In favour of joining Guisborough 97. Only 30% of the electorate voted.
11/09/1929 Hollywood film star Grace Kelly was born in Philadelphia.
23/11/1929 Sir Hugh Bell was re-elected to be Chairman of the Tees conservancy Committee of which he had been a member for over 50 years, and its Chairman for half of that period.
28/11/1929 Cleveland Hunt Fox Hounds meet at Redcar Promenade. Large crowds present.


1930-1931 Mayor – Councillor John Emmerson Batty.
04/01/1930 Cleveland Hunt Farmers Ball at the Swan Hotel becoming the social event of the year with 200 people in attendance, including some of the most notable people in the area.
11/01/1930 Go to Jail, go directly to Jail. Lingdale man charged with breaking windows at the Redcar Pier Pavilion. Sent to 2 years hard labour. Gave himself up saying that he wanted to go to gaol.
11/01/1930 Letter received by Redcar Town Council to ban all funerals on a Sunday, except in case of emergencies.
25/01/1930 New Post Office in course of erection in Town. Authorities anxious to open a sub Post office along Redcar Lane.
18/02/1930 American astronomer Clyde Tom Baurgh discovered the planet Pluto from a series of pictures taken the previous month at Lowell Observatory.
02/03/1930 Novelist DH Lawrence died in France of tuberculosis.
09/03/1930 Work carried out on widening a portion of the Eastern Promenade.
15/03/1930 Portion of the beach to be allocated for sermons, lectures, and meetings under the bye-laws was fixed for East of the Royal Hotel.
15/03/1930 It was agreed to recommend that as an experiment 20 ruby glass strips be placed in public lamps at the principal corners indicating the main streets. The cost 7/6d each.
22/03/1930 Large falls of snow fell in the area and farmers had an anxious time with safety of their sheep.
22/03/1930 It was reported that Locke Park would be one of the prettiest parks in the North East of England, especially so through the Summer season.
29/03/1930 Developments that were taking place along the West of the Promenade were well in hand for the Summer Season.
24/05/1930 The funeral of Lady Bell took place at East Rounton near Northallerton. The flags in the town were all at half mast in recognition.
24/05/1930 Demolition of the Central Hall took place and Central Cinema built with 800 seating capacity.
07/06/1930 Local seaside resorts were reported to be well booked up for the Whit holiday, although in many cases weekends only. On Whit Monday, Redcar had 36,000 visitors.
12/04/1930 The Mayor of Redcar presented Cleveland Golf Club with a silver cup (Mayors Trophy).
05/05/1930 Amy Johnson left Croydon in Gypsy Moth “Jason” to become the first female to fly solo to Australia, arriving on May 24.
17/05/1930 Cleveland 1st Dog Show of the year was held in Redcar with tremendous success.
31/05/1930 Don Bradman became the first Australian to score 1,000 runs in England by the end of May.
02/06/1930 Redcar’s New Municipal Orchestra made its debut appearance at the New Pavilion. Great success.
07/06/1930. A new look Locke Park was opened by Mrs B.O. Davies on 01/06/1930. The park consisted of a boating lake, fountains, walks, gardens, tennis courts, bowling greens and a croquet lawn.
14/06/1930 Boating Lake in the Coatham Enclosure illuminated and it was reported that it had a brilliant effect on visitors and the towns people.
04/06/1930 To all you motorists. The Town Clerk was to advertise the enforcement of the new bye-law dealing with the parking of motor vehicles on the Promenade (West). Motor cars 6d and motor cycles 3d.
14/06/1930 A new bowling green was agreed for Zetland Park, the cost not to exceed 500 pounds.
21/06/1930 The council was requested to consider extensions to the present bandstand by making it 3 to 4 times larger than it was now.
21/06/1930 The daughter of the present Prime Minister Miss Isabel Mac Donald, visited Redcar to address a meeting of their NY & SD Labour Women’s Advisory Council held in the New Pavilion. Mostly all the seats were taken despite it being perfect weather outside.
21/06/1930 Coatham Enclosure officially opened. Thousands of people attended the event with the Boating Lake, both outside and indoor swimming pools, paths, rockeries, and walks.
22/06/1930 First started ‘Uncle Tom”s Corner’, Redcar beach. Redcar man Tom Thompson In 1933, More than 300 services during a 17 week season.
12/07/1930. The illumination of the the Promenade was carried out on this date.
12/07/1930 Building of several prospective developments to take place along the Coast Road, part of which was now outside the boundary of the Borough.
09/07/1930 Schools from all over the North Riding of Yorkshire took place in the North Yorkshire Schools Athletic Association Annual Sports Event, held at the Racecourse.
06/07/1930 The first Corpus Christi Procession was held in Redcar with 3,000 people in attendance. The parade marched to the Church of the Sacred Heart and into the Convent Garden
30/07/1930 Uruguay won football’s first World Cup
02/08/1930 The council received a handsome clock from the town jewelers Borteners 11, Esplanade, a gift from the company for use in the new Coatham Enclosure. There was also another gift of a large ball for use of the patrons using the outside swimming pool.
09/08/1930 Redcar was take take action from the recent flooding in parts of the area. It was apparent that the flood waters were coming from outside the Borough.
11/08/1930 On this date the new Post Office, Cleveland Street, Redcar opened. The new postmaster was a Mr. T.A. Humberston. At, 2 pm the same day the old Post Office in Newcomen Street closed.
16/08/1930 A device intended to make flying safer in Redcar was made by a Mr. J. S Lee. It consisted of a self activating contrivance which steadies the aeroplane in flight should the pilot lose control of the aircraft.
21/08/1930 Redcar Carnival week took place with numerous events taking place despite inclement weather.
23/08/1930. Redcar Racecourse recorded its lowest attendance for some time.
30/08/1930 Redcar’s Sunshine Corner conducted by “Cousin Tom” along with 200 people visited the Council Chamber where songs, hymns and choruses were sung.
30/08/1930 The largest ever crowd gathered around the War Memorial, Redcar for a service and wreath laying ceremony.
30/08/1930 Naval battles were played out with models on the Boating Lake of the Coatham Enclosure. Large crowds attended this and were treated to special illuminations
24/09/1930 First performance of Noel Coward comedy Private Lives took place at the New Phoenix Theatre, London. He wrote the script in four day’s whilst suffering from flu, in Shanghai.
29/09/1930 George Bernard Shaw turned down a peerage.
01/10/1930 Germany annexes the Sudetenland.
05/10/2016 The British airship R101 crashed at the edge of woodland near Beauvais, France killing 48 of the 54 passengers including Air Minister, Lord Thompson.
01/11/1930 605 male persons and 19 females unemployed in Redcar.
02/11/1930 Ras Safari was crowned Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia.
08/11/1930 New telephone exchange installed in Redcar Post Office.
08/11/1930 Tees Conservancy dissatisfied with the warning which the lighted bell buoy at Saltscar Rocks. The warning sound from the buoy bell was dependent on the movement of the sea. A more powerful light and warning device will be considered.
08/11/1930 Whiley Brigg Cottages to be demolished along with part of Lord Street, East of the Church Street, and opposite Redcar Parish Church. Some back to back cottages near the Promenade, Pybus Place, and Lynas Place, would also be demolished. Eight Whiley Brigg cottages were looked upon by locals as a half way point between Redcar and Grangetown. A future new road was to replace these cottages.
13/12/1930 New juvenile bathing/swimming pool erected near to adult pool Coatham Enclosure.
1930 Mrs. B.O. Davies former Mayoress, made her usual distribution of steak and kidney pies for deserving people who are in needy circumstances, and would not, but for her kindness have only a makeshift Christmas dinner
1930 Flower beds constructed on the Esplanade
1930 East Halt railway station opened.
1931-1932 Mayor – Councillor Isabella Lonsdale.
1931 Foundations laid in Dormanstown for 20 Senior Citizens. Lord Zetland also presented the town with land to build a similar set of bungalows at the other end of Dormanstown.
19/01/1931 A large enthusiastic gathering marked the opening of “Redcar Social Dancing Club” at the Lonsdale Cafe, Redcar. This club was formed to establish a social centre for younger people of the town to assist the Stead Hospital. All profits from the club would go to the hospital.
31/01/1931 Report that a firm of brewers were to erect a large hotel in the town close to the Esplanade on a site selected at Park Avenue/Lord Street overlooking the Zetland Park and along The Stray. The hotel would have a roomy ground floor, bar, lounges, and a restaurant. It would be three floors 1 and 2 of which would have 25 bedrooms.
31/01/1931 The Ministry gave permission for the Redcar Town Council to erect 150 houses at Dormanstown. 100 houses non-parlour and 50 houses with parlour.
08/02/1931 James Dean, cult actor, was born in Marion, Indiana. He made just three films. East Of Eden, Rebel Without A Cause and Giant, before he died in a car accident.
13/02/1931 New Delhi becomes the capital of India.
14/02/1931 According to the Redcar Hackney Carriages Inspector, over two and a half million passengers were carried on the buses in and out of Redcar during the 4 Summer months.
01/03/1931 How long would this take today.Forty feet of roadway was excavated under the Redcar East Railway Halt to form a subway underneath the railway for the erection of a bridge. The work entailed taking up all the present track to carry out the work. They then removed 180 tons of earth, and also put in the necessary grillage, along with four massive 40 feet iron girders. The track which the previously taken up was relaid. All of this was done in 10 hours.
04/03/1931 Negotiations taking place for the purchase of land for housing purposes Kirkleatham Lane and 10 acres of land at Corporation Road, for the purpose of playing fields to adjoin Locke Park.
14/03/1931 A new bowling club was started at Locke Park and was entered in the Cleveland Bowls League.
14/03/1931 New electricity showrooms opened in Wilton Street, formerly the Arcadia Theatre. For sale were the latest electrical appliances, cookers, lighting and power.
02/05/1931 The first grass sod was cut for Dormanstown Parish Church.
23/05/1931 St Andrews Church, Warrenby. On removing decaying timber for renovation purposes a memorial stone was found in relation to the Warrenby Works Boiler Explosion Disaster 35 years previous. (painted words) Later the Archdeacon of Cleveland laid a proper restoration stone. The church 1st foundation stone was laid some 50 years previous in 1881.
04/04/1931 It was decided by the housing committee of the council that no person(s) will get consideration of a new council home unless they can prove continual residence in Redcar for 3 years. This was brought in owing to abuse of the housing system.
06/04/1931 Sir Hugh Bell presided over the inauguration ceremony of a new Redcar Lifeboat “Louisa Polden”. It was gratefully received on behalf of the Redcar Branch by the President the Marquis of Zetland. It was noted that Yorkshire in the future would have 5 self righting lifeboats with two more under construction.
13/06/1931. Redcar’s 1st Open Redcar & District Tennis Tournament was held between 13/06/1931 and 20/06/1931.
13/06/1931 Motor vessel ‘NORHAM’ from London to the Tees carrying loam, struck the rocks at Redcar. After 20 minutes became free again. It made a dash up the Tees to Thornaby, where is was safely berthed.
13/06/1931 New Baptist Church opened in Park Avenue, Redcar.
27/06/1931 Reported that Redcar had grown from a population of 3,200 to 5,400 since 1920, and was likely to grow even further.
30/06/1931 Foundation stone laying ceremony for All Saints Church.
11/07/1931 Police drew attention to the council regarding the noisy conduct in the streets of Redcar on a Sunday. The bye law was to be enforced forthwith.
15/07/1931 Redcar Borough Swimming Club, held their 10th Gala to great success. Large enthusiastic crowds were in attendance.
01/08/1931 The Town Council made a clearance order in respect of Pierson’s Buildings off Coatham Road. Declared a clearance area 09/04/1931.
14/08/1931 It was proposed that the whole of Redcar Lane will have houses erected upon it.
30/08/1931 A large wreath laying ceremony took place, where bunches of flowers were laid on and around the Redcar Town Memorial as a tribute to the fallen.
12/09/1931 Zetland Park Lake overflowed causing flooding in the park due to heavy rain.
12/09/1931 Glorious weather brought 420 OAPs to Redcar at 10am in the morning and did not leave until 7pm in the evening. Some did not even wish to leave.
26/09/1931 Sunshine Corner Redcar special event held at the New Pavilion in aid of funds for conveyance of 300 children to Middlesbrough for Sunshine Campaign in October. So popular was the event that scores of people were unable to obtain admission.
30/09/1931 Redcar Primitive Methodist Church officially opened.
10/10/1931 Council instructed the Town Clerk to open negotiations with a view to obtaining increased water supply from Lockwood Beck.
24/10/1931 Al Capone’s gangster career ended when he was sentenced to 11 years for tax evasion. He was released in 1939 and died in 1947.
24/10/1931 Mr ‘Walley’ Pendleton, Redcar, Cleveland Golf Club, 18 handicap, secured the English Junior Golf Championship at Sandy Lodge Golf Course, London.
24/10/1931 Halifax Building Society opens in Redcar, 6, Milbank Terrace.
24/10/1931 New Bowls Club formed at Zetland Park.
31/10/1931 War hero Mr Maurice Roche, 52 years, buried at Redcar Cemetery. Served as a Royal Munster Fusilier during the Great War. Was one of those who took part in the retreat of Mons early part of war.
09/11/1931 Councillor Mrs Isobel Lonsdale elected as the first woman Mayor of Redcar. Teesside’s first woman Mayor.
12/11/1931 Composer Sir Edwaed Elgar officially opened the Abbey Road recording studio in London. Pathe’ news filmed him conducting his piece Land of Hope and Glory with the London Symphony Orchestra at this former 9 bedroom Georgian terrace house. Later followed by such names as The Beatles Sting, Pink Floyd and many others. Still in use today.
25/11/1931. 2 days of Bazaar in aid of the Stead Hospital, was held in the Pier Pavilion, and the stalls provided by all the churches. Great success.
05/12/1931 Cargo Fleet No.2 Hopper grounded on slag bank half a mile out South East of South Gare light. Later towed off undamaged.
12/12/1931 Mr Power of Thirsk prepared to take over lease of The Pavilion, Redcar, subject to conditions being met.
19/12/1931 Official opening of the subway from Borough Road to Laburnum Road.
26/12/1931 The appeal for the funds to establish a School of Archeology in Iraq (Gertrude Bell Memorial) with the help of the British Museum could now go ahead. The committee were called a meeting of all subscribers at the British Academy 11/11/1931. It also expressed their sadness that neither Sir Hugh or Lady Bell had lived to see the realisation of their daughters wish by the establishment of the school.
1931 Coatham Memorial Hall was built in memory of those killed in 1914/1918 war.
16/01/1932 Duke Ellington recorded Don’t Mean A Thing (if it Ain’t Got That Swing) in New York.
24/02/1932 Michael Campbell in Bluebird beat his own land speed record at Daytona Beach by reaching 253.96mph.
19/03/1932 The Sydney Harbour Bridge opened. The world largest single-span bridge at the time stretching 1,650 feet. 6 million rivets were used when constructed.
27/08/1932 The Spinners Strike saw more than 200,000 English textile workers in Lancashire stop work in defiance of their leader’s acceptance of a new wage agreement, which involved taking a cut of 1s.5p (old money) in the pound.
03/10/1932 Iraq gains independence from the United Kingdom.
28/11/1932 American comedy star Groucho Marx performed of Radio for the first time.
14/01/1933 14 OAPs Cottages suggested for the east end of the Coast Road.
14/01/1933 North Yorkshire County Council Libraries intimated their willingness to have Redcar admitted to the scheme of lending books. NYCC libraries however concerned about funding.
14/01/1933 Voluntary milk club operating in Dormanstown school where 100 children took up 1d bottle of Milk Grade A. Milk supplied by Mr W. Ramshaw, Low Farm, Redcar.
11/02/1933 Report that Cleveland Agricultural Show would be cancelled this year.
25/02/1933 Allotment Society formed in Dormanstown.
04/03/1933 Snow storms in Redcar were the worst experienced for many years. It found employment for 30 extra men to clear the snow. In Redcar the snow was 12″ deep and in Kirkleatham the snow reached to top of the hedges. Sandy Lane and Trunk Road were covered by 2 feet of snow. Saturday and Sunday saw the removal of snow from the town centre, with outlying lanes and roads left. Monday attention was turned to the Trunk Road, and by noon there was only a little left on the edges of the road.So deep was the snow on the Trunk Road in the early hours that a bus returning with a party from the NUT dance at Redcar became snowed in. The party could not proceed until nearly 4am. No flooding occurred during this period due to the councils drain clearing policy
04/03/1933 North Riding County Council deferred for a year re the lending of books to be extended to Redcar Library.
11/03/1933 Permission given for Public Houses in Redcar, Marske, Saltburn Warrenby and Dormanstown to remain open until 10.30pm.
08/04/1933 Redcar Council to recommended the purchase of a number of electrically propelled boats for use in the Coatham Enclosure Boating Lake.
08/04/1933 Redcar Clock designed by Mr William Duncan F.I.A.S. a well known architect, was chosen and the work of erection given to the late Mr John Dobson, the Redcar builders whose son John Dobson still carries on the business and who incidentally, was engaged on the erection. The honour of providing the actual clock was entrusted to Mr Robert Richardson of Middlesbrough.
06/05/1933 New school at Dormanstown opened (1st school since the war). Two storey unit and will bear the name Dorman, the council being indebted to the late Sir Arthur and Lady Doman for it existence. Alderman Wardman opened the school.
06/05/1933 A special meeting of the council was held to rescind all minutes dealing with the proposed Concert and Conference Hall, and was defeated by 12 votes to 10 following a 2 hour meeting. 19 of 22 Councillors present. Considerable conflict of opinion, and the wide interest which the scheme aroused was demonstrated by the number of visitors in the chamber being more than for a long time
20/05/1933 Messrs Hardy & Co. opened a new store in Queen Street, Redcar. 2 Police Constables had to keep the crowds back until it was officially opened. The company proudly presented itself as a supplier of comfort furniture at a reasonable cost, and suppliers of goods of every type and character suitable for the modern home.
24/05/1933 Redcar held Swimming Gala and was a huh success.
27/05/1933 A cow that did not jump over the moon? A cow caused considerable excitement in Lord Street on 21/05/1933, when it entered an unoccupied shop/house, mounted the stairs and into the bedroom. Having spent some time up there it was coaxed down into the street, and led away.
10/06/1933 A speedway track was opened along the Esplanade where everyone could drive their ‘own car’. The track was equipped with 12 of the latest cars (the only ones in the country) and fitted with “Rollfast” steering. Described as a fresh and exhilarating game in the town, and provides a laugh every second.
10/06/1933 Visitors to Redcar 50,000 on 05/06/1933 Whit Monday. From Saturday of this week-end it was reported that hundreds of people slept on the beach and under shelters.
17/06/1933 The 1st National Conference was held in Redcar when 150 delegates of the National Master of Farriers and Blacksmiths association met in the Pier Pavilion.
24/06/1933 Redcar illumination reported to have now 9,000 bulbs of various colours. Coatham Enclosure now continually lit. Plans ahead to extend the illuminations to 12,000 bulbs. Greatest attraction was near to Zetland Park which traces out “Welcome to Redcar” in six feet letters.
01/07/1933 A flying display was held on Wednesday, 29th, June, 1933 in Redcar, when the Mayor remarked that he hoped Redcar would become a permanent air station
05/07/1933 Grand Skating Carnival held in Redcar this date.
08/07/1933 It was recorded that in 1932 – 149 males and 153 females were born in Redcar. 8 boys were born illegitimate and 7 girls. The birth rate was 14.4. there were 205 deaths – 29 from cancer, 12 from influenza, 11 from tuberculous, 6 from pneumonia.
15/07/1933 Approval was given for a layout of 42 houses for Warrenby Road.
05/08/1933 Film Star Visits. A friend of Councillor Mrs. J. Cartwright the leading lady of the film “Silver Dollar” Miss Eileen McMahon from the USA visited the Councillor for 2 weeks.
23/09/1933 Durham & North Yorkshire Chambers of Trade held conference at Redcar Municipal Buildings.
23/09/1933 Scarlet Fever. 35, families reported to possibly have the infection at Teesport.
14/10/1933 Reported that 1,100,000 people had been brought to Redcar by bus over summer period.
21/10/1933 It was reported that Diphtheria had broken out in Cleveland at Dunsdale with 1 death reported and 1 case reported at Yearby.
10/02/1934 Coatham Church and parish finances showed a deficit on the year. Extensive repairs needed to church.
10/02/1934 Popularly called the “Glass House” the New Pavilion is being altered.
10/02/1934 New road proposed to create a public road between Warrenby and Dorman Long. It was agreed to open negotiations with Dorman Long
11/02/1932 Fashion designer Mary Quant born in London Later became the pioneer of the mini-skirt and hot pants.
24/02/1934 Diphtheria spread traced to Dunsdale – to Domanstown now 6 cases.
17/03/1934 Redcar’s frequency of electric was changed to bring it in line with standard consumption throughout the country. The change at one minute past midnight will enable householders to connect electric clocks, have synchronised G.M.T. always in their homes.
17/03/1934 The Rating Committee of Redcar Town Council to issue summonses against rate payers who have failed to pay their rates. Summonses expected to run into hundreds
26/03/1934 The driving test is introduced in the United Kingdom.
31/03/1934 New fleet of canoes for Coatham Enclosure Boating Lake for the commencement of Easter Holidays
14/04/1934. Local employment lowest for years and also improvements in employment in iron and steel making
02/06/1934 Sir Alan Cobham’s air Display at Redcar from 04/06/1934.
02/06/1934 Redcar Railway Station renovated to include two platforms.
23/06/1934 Territorials (2,000) were welcomed to their Redcar Camp to take place along the Coast Road. Marched from Railway Station to camp accompanied by bands. Hundreds of people lined the route.
30/06/1934 Redcar illuminations in July to be extended to 10,000 bulbs, six miles of wiring. Redcar Promenade and Pier to be included this year.
30/06/1934 First discussion take place to extend the present bandstand on Promenade.
14/07/1934 Facts about Redcar. It was revealed that the death rate in Redcar was higher than in previous years over every age group. Children under 15 years 12.1 per thousand in years 1929 to 1933. Birth rate is shown to be 13.1 per thousand down on previous years. Redcar population 21,400 are accommodated in 5,962 houses according to rate boo. Slightly more than 61% live in four or five bed roomed houses and one eight in smaller accommodation.
21/07/1934 A party of 14 including women and children spent a night in a motor boat off Redcar following a visit to Staithes. On returning the motor boat broke down. Fortunately the weather was warm and sea calm. Seen about 4am by Coastguard making little headway. Meanwhile a boat was launched by Redcar fisherman William Picknett which towed the crippled motor vessel to safety.
08/07/1934 200,000 people witnessed the official opening of the Mersey Tunnel with King George V and Queen Mary. 1,200,00 tons of rock removed to construct tunnel.
11/08/1934 Drop of 10,000 trippers over the last year 1933. Rain kept holiday makers away over August Bank Holidays.
25/08/1934 Throughout Cleveland (Redcar) wrought havoc occurred due to gale force winds. An unusual scene near the Coatham Enclosure occurred when a current of the gale developed into a whirlwind and a cloud of sand some 30′ high was swept from the road into a perfect spiral and whirled away which exhausted itself.
08/09/1934 Dormanstown – New Methodist Church. Mayor and Mayoress in stone laying ceremony.
15/09/1934 Redcar boy, Roy Bannister blind since the age of 4 years reported to be playing four musical instruments. Piano, organ, accordion and ukulele.
15/09/1934 Council tribute to Mr. R. McLean (deceased) It was stated the the Town Clerk, Middlesbrough offered to assist in Council securing new Town Clerk, and appointment of successor. Middlesbrough agreed to loan Redcar the services of other officials.
26/09/1934 Weighing more than 75,000 tons, the largest Cunard White Star Liner ‘Queen Mary’ was launched at Clydebank.
06/10/1934 New Mayor chosen Councillor Nixon
20/10/1934 New Costa Guard Mr. E. Hymas, Redcar recently took over the duties relinquished by Mr. J. Walker on his retirement
20/10/1934 Redcar Workingman’s Club celebrated 21 years on 21/10/1934, with a 21st, Anniversary Dinner in the Pier Pavilion.
27/10/1934 Announced that Mr. T. D. Hocking 34 years to be the new Town Clerk.
27/10/1934 Redcar formed its own new air unit the Legion of Frontiersmen ‘A’ Flight, based at Marske Aerodrome
08/12/1934 Their was a great urgency for shops in Dormanstown due to its growth over the last years.
12/01/1935 With hindsight it would have worked better. The scheme for the Trunk Road Extension Corporation Road, Thrush Road, (and bridge) to Park Avenue, Coast Road not to be proceeded with
16/01/1935 Nine Pedestrian Crossing to be introduced into Redcar area
26/01/1935 10th Anniversary of Zetland Club.
02/02/1935 Gales in Redcar travelling close to 90mph caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage. Crew of lifeboat stood by following an incident that Louise Rose, from Liver pool was in distress. Crew later stood down.
06/02/1935 The current version of Monopoly went on sale for the first time. Special editions made for POW’s during World War II, hiding maps, money, compasses, to help in escape attempts.
09/02/1935 Was this the cheaper alternative to the above.Two traffic islands to be introduced into Redcar at Zetland Park roundabout, and West Dyke Road/Thrush Road.
23/02/1935 Report of shortage of houses in Redcar. 400 applications for 3 bedroom type house for rent of 10/-. Waiting list.
16/02/1935 The rates for Redcar were raised Nine Old Pence.About 3.5 to 4p in today’s terms.
16/03/1935 Hitler renounced the Versailles Treaty and reintroduced conscription.
02/04/1935 Scottish physicist Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt patented radar, Britain’s first secret weapon designed to use against enemy bombers.
02/04/1935 Highest tides of the Winter takes its toll on the fishermen with 350 lobster pots lost, Then the average lobster pot took an average of 5 hours to make. Breaker seas touching the boards of pier, and water flowed like a water fall down the steps onto the sands.
06/04/1935 Mr. W. P. postmaster of the High Street Office sent to prison for 12 months for faking a burglary at the premises.
06/04/1935 Following the above report of mountainous seas, this was followed at low tide along the Redcar Coastline mountainous amounts of sea coal.
06/04/1935 The Coatham Hotel Ballroom was extended to take 400 people. New maple dance floor laid along with other refurbishments. Reported to be the largest ballroom in any hotel in the North East of England.
20/04/1935 Lobster Public House completed renovated to modern day standards including 4 billiard tables in large billiard room.
02/05/1935 Builders and contractors to be prosecuted if found taking sand from the sand hills.
19/05/1935 The death of British scholar, military strategist and (Lawrence of Arabia) author, T.E. Lawrence
25/05/1935 American athlete Jessie Owens set six world records within 45 minutes at Ann Arbor in Mitcigan
25/05/1935 Soldiers at the Redcar Camp this year will be the largest ever at 15,000 from July to August. Will camp in fields adjoining Marske Road.
01/06/1935 Driving tests were introduced and L plates made compulsory in Britain.
10/06/1935 Alcoholics Anonymous was founded by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith in Akron, Ohio, USA.
28/06/1935 The first Rupert Bear cartoon was drawn by Alfred Bestall and appeared in the Daily Express. Bestall had taken over from Rupert’s creator Mary Tourtel
10/08/1935 Record Bank Holiday crowds with 100,000 in Redcar. Railway figures show that 50,0000 travelled over period, and 20,000 of those on Bank Holiday Monday. Extra staff were employed at Redcar Railway Station to cope with the constant stream of passengers.
17/08/1935 Territorial manoeuvers in Redcar, training course on coastal defence in case of emergency lasted 24 hours.
24/08/1935 Plaque commemorating the life and work of Gertrude Bell to be fixed on the Red Barnes the family home. The only historic building other than churches where this had happened.
24/08/1935 The 102nd Cleveland Agricultural Show first held in 1883.
31/08/1935 Spectators 15,000 watched a firework display along The Stray.
31/08/1935 ‘Blackshirts’ organisation in Redcar. Members addressing impassioned remarks to passing people.
03/09/1935 Sir Donald Campbell broke the world land speed record reaching 302.293 mph in Bluebird at Bonneville Flats, Utah. USA.
12/09/1935 American multi-millionaire Howard Hughes established a world land speed record of 352.46 mph in a plane he helped to design.
15/09/1935 At a Nuremberg rally Adolf Hitler issued new decrees, which relegated Jews to sub-human status and made the swastika the official German flag.
21/09/1935 Redcar Lierary Institute – Renovations and extensions carried out.
23/09/1935 23/09/1935 to 28/09/1935. Redcar held its 1st Redcar Trades Exhibition opened by Alderman. W. Charlton.
29/09/1935 The Mayor of Redcar (Coun. J. T. Fletcher J.P.) addressed delegates at the autumn conference of the Durham and North Yorkshire Chamber of Trade held in the Municipal Buildings, Redcar 26.09.1935
01/10/1935 Sound of Music, and Mary Poppins star Julie Andrews was born,
05/10/1936 The march of unemployment workers – from Jarrow to London started.
26/10/1935 Decision taken that Redcar will have its own public library.
06/11/1935 First flight of the Hawker Hurricane with its K5083 first prototype.
09/11/1935 Work commenced on the reconstruction of Redcar Reservoir.
23/11/1935 ‘Seagulls’ Annual Prize Giving – Membership 350.
14/12/1935 Redcar Fisherman took a sample of a curious transparent form of spawn from their lobster pots. Later when tested found to be octopus spawn.
14/12/1935 Red Lion Hotel to have refurbishments including a new ballroom capable of holding over 100 people.
28/11/1935 Reported that before the Christmas period leading up to Boxing Day that 25 extra employees were given jobs for a temporary period to shift the volume of mail.
28/12/1935 Coatham Enclosure Boating Lake to be provided with petrol motor boats for hire.
28/12/1935 Lt. Col. T.K.G. Ridley raised comments at a prize giving 4th Bat. Green Howards that the ‘Drill Hall’ was no longer viable, and that new premises should be looked at. He thought the present Drill Hall should be pulled down and re-built. “It’s a disgrace to the town.”
28/12/1935 Redcar amusement Park reported to have changed hands from 01/01/1936 from Pleasure Park Compant to Councillor J.E. Picknett well known builder and contractor.
11/01/1936 Lifeboat men stood by as a Thames cargo barge adrift off the Redcar coast came within a stones throw of Redcar Pier. The barge appeared to have a broken mast and torn sails. Made its own way to safety and port.
1936 A Redcar man appointed wireless operator No.5 on the “Queen Mary,” the world’s largest and most luxurious passenger liner. Mr. William Alfred Johnson, of Redcar, an old boy of Coatham School only 31 years old. Mr. Johnson has served on many ships, and when the vast army of operators on the “Queen Mary” are realised his “No. 5” importance reflects credit on his appointment.He has served on the “Berengaria” and many other huge Cunarders, and has resigned his position as Chief Operator of the “Alaunia” to take up his new post.
20/01/1936 George V died, and Edward VIII acceded to the throne. He abdicated after 325 days.
28/03/1936 New 2.5h.p. motor boats arrived for Easter Good Friday at the Coatham Enclosure Boating Lake.
29/02/1936 Spring Tides drown two men at the South Gare
11/04/1936 Easter Weekend saw a decrease in the attendace at Redcar. This was due to the weather being cold and wet, combining with the promenade chaos. The council reported a 100% decreas in trade.
18/04/1936 Probably the oldest on Redcar East. Permission was given to the siting of a postal box in Oak Road, Redcar, 100 yards from Green Lane. Still in the same position today.
24/04/1936 New renovations to the Royal Hotel, Promenade, Redcar completed.
05/05/1036 Italian troops occupy Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
23/05/1936 Naomi Jocob, novelist, actress, politician, appeared at the redcar New Pavilion.
23/05/1936 Sunshine Corner Hut of Redcar Sands destroyed due to high seas.
28/05/1936 Alan Turin ‘On Computable Numbers’ for publication
30/05/1936 Redcar Race Course opened new facilities with a new stand to accomodate 800 people in the 2 shilling enclosure, also crush barriers and tarmacadem area for walking.
11/06/1936 Air gun discharged twice in Central Cinema Picture House. Youth 16 years cautioned by courts.
13/06/1936 Warrenby’s first ever Diamond Wedding Celebration.
20/06/1936 Licensing approved all pleasure craft boats and men working them All boats to be examined. Licence for 1 season. Power to suspend licence. One regulation states that boatmen will no be allowed to tout for business beyond 10 yards of gangway to boat,
20/06/1936 Tents no longer allowed on The Stray.
20/06/1936 Plans for a new electricity showroom on High Street submitted.
18/07/1936 Heavier penalties to be given by redcar Court in future for person coming into the town causing trouble, brawling and using filthy language whilst under the influence of alcohol.
18/07/1936 Closure of Coastguard Station at Coatham.
25/07/1936 Redcar saw its first All-in-Wrestling fights for the first time.
01/08/1936 Chairmn of Bench warned of heavy penalties for brawling and bad behaviour in the Town.
15/08/1936 Forget Barrels and Kegs. A temporary bridge of beer cases was made across the Promenade, due to a “cloudburst” of rain near Moore Street which caused extensive flooding. Peculiar that Saltburn had no rain and the roads in Marske were quite dry.
26/08/1036 BBC transmitted the first high definition television pictures introduced by its announcer Leslie Mitchell.
29/08/1936 The 103rd Cleveland Show brings 6,000 people to redcar Racecourse for the event.
07/09/1936 Buddy Holly rock singer and guitarist was born. Died at the age of 22 in an air crash.
29/09/1936 Pinewood Studios opened near Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, to provide Britain with a film studio to compete with Hollywood.
05/10/1936 The Jarrow March sets off for London.
10/10/1936 New Coast Guard look out station at Marske replaces withdrawn Redcar Station.
24/10/1936 New Gas Show Rooms proposed for the High Street.
27/10/1936 Wallis Simpson, the future Duchess of Windsor, was divorced in Ipswich from her husband Ernest.
07/11/1936 Redcar Branch of the Green Howards Association formed at Redcar (Royal Hotel).
28/11/1936 Christ Church Bazaar raised 3450 in two days.
30/11/1936 The Crystal Palace, London, was destroyed by fire.
12/12/1936 New Pavilion Project by council rejected. Sunday Boating and golfing also fails.
12/12/1936 Prince Albert, was declared King in the wake of his brother’ abdication to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson.
13/12/1936 Mayor of Redcar (Councillor J. R. Nixon J.P.) Proclaimed the accession of King Georeg V1 to the throne.
15/01/1937 Redcar Chamber of Trade have booked 200 seats for Sheffield pantomime.
18/01/1937 King George National Memorial Week. Odd monies in bank accounts asked to be donated to banks for provision of more fields in towns and villages throughout country.
30/01/1937 Four men one of which seriously hurt in cabin explosion Dorman Long, Warrenby Works.
20/02/1937 Six lamps to be erected as an experiment. To be suspended 10 feet from kerb over carriageway, between Swan Hotel and sunken garden. Reason because of inadequate lighting.
20/02/1937 New Entertainment Manager appointed for Sands and Entertainment Committee
06/03/1937 Vessels in peril off Redcar due to mountainous seas.
20/03/1937 Significant loss of sand from Redcar beach.
01/04/1937 Aden becomes a British crown colony.
18/04/1937 Daffy Duck’s first appearance, in Porky’s Duck Hunt.
27/04/1937 Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was completed. At 4,200ft long, it was the longest in the world at the time.
01/05/1937 Cleveland Standard P.H. open new premises. Cheque given to Stead Hospital Fund.
01/05/1937 Re Coronation celebrations all the people over 65 from Redcar, Warrenby, Dormanstown, taken by train to Whitby 19/05/1937 as part of the event. Those unable to go will receive a Coronation Gift.
01/05/1937 New office of the local newspaper the Cleveland Standard opened by Deputy Mayor Alderman R. Spellman
08/05/1937 Fire reported at the Co-operative Stores, Queeen Street, Redcar at 5.30am. Prompt arrival of Fire Brigade prevent more serious damage etc.
08/05/1937 Full refurbishment of the Clarendon Hotel, with beautiful new interior.
12/05/1937 Coronation of King George VI at Westminster Abbey broadcast worldwide by BBC.
22/05/1937 New playground area constructed on beach near to Pavilion.
03/06/1937 The Duke of Windsor marries Wallis Simpson.
05/06/1937 New Life Saving Jackets introduced along seafront stations and vantage points of access use.
26/06/1937 Regent Cinema-First of the Charlie Chan movies.
03/07/1937 New Catholic Church built in Warwick Road on the outskirts of town – St. Augustine’s. Dedication 07/07/1937 by the Bishop of Middlesbrough.
05/07/1937 New Gas Board Showroom opens along High Street.
10/07/1937 New Bus Station in Redcar.
31/07/1937 Application from Redcar Amusements Ltd to take down the Racer (Big Dipper) Council reported that they had no further sites for its reconstruction.
31/07/1937 Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Cap in Redcar for 2 weeks. Camp approximately 600 strong of all ranks.
04/09/1937 School children (22) affected by illness in Redcar Schools. Cause – chemical substance used on new cleaning machine used for first time and chemical substance like that of soda mixes in with milk.
10/10/1937 Arcadia Theatre to be demolished. Rats were reported on the site. Land to be used as open space for children to play on until such time as council require it.
16/10/1937 Ald. B.O.Davies makes gift of Cardinal Bird, and a Mr. Stainthorpe, 2 pairs of Turtle Doves for new Aviary in Zetland Park.
22/10/1937 The Duke and Dutchess of Winsor arrived Berlin and shook hands with Adolf Hitler. Visit to study housing conditions, and hear concert by the Nazi District Orchestra.
13/11/1937 Councillor Semple elected Mayor.
16/11/1937 MP’s voted in favour of air raid shelters being erected in towns and cities.
20/11/1937 Rough seas destroys over 200 lobster pots. Fishermen unable to get out to retrieve them.
11/12/1937 Archbishop of York opens new Redcar Library.
24/12/1937 Redcar man found bottle in sea with message. “If found return to Marine Laborities of Fisheries Board.” Ascertained that part of investigations re- movement of fish shoals,
24/12/1937 The game of Table Tennis found to be on the increase in Redcar
08/01/1938 Redcar Library unexpected success. 13% of population of Redcar area now signed up.
08/01/1938 Mayor Councillor D. R. Semple J.P. became President of Redcar & District Table Tennis League. Now 120 individual players.
23/01/1938 Death of Lord Guisborough at his home Guisborough Hall. Hundred line funeral route to the church. Funeral procession led by Lord Guisborough’s favourite dog and pony.
29/01/1938 Although a shortage of books Redcar Library had 6,000 books out on loan.
01/02/1938 A branch of the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals was opened in Lord Street, Redcar, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and is proving very popular.
04/02/1938 The “Builders’ Ball,” at it is known was held at the Swan Hotel, Redcar with 300 people attending the ball and whist drive.
10/02/1938 Two Redcar Police Officers on patrol averted a serious fire when the investigating the rear of a painters shop on the High Street, found a hut well alight. The fire was extinguished with buckets of water.
12/02/1938 Seal comes ashore refusing to return to water. Coastguard made it safe to find it gone next morning with tracks leading from safety into sea.
09/04/1938 John Emmerson Batty School ranked 3rd in the whole of England as a school saving association
02/07/1938 American tennis player Helen Wills Moody won her 8th Wimbledon tittle. She died at the age of 82 in the year 1998.
24/07/1938 First ascent of the Eiger north face.
08/08/1938 Film star Dustin Hoffman was born.
23/08/1938 Len Hutton scored what was then a world record Test score of 364 against Australia at The Oval.
27/09/1938 The 80,000 tonne liner Queen Elizabeth was launched at John Brown’s Yard in Clydebank.
30/09/1938 On hisreturn from Germany the British Prime Minister said, “I believe it is peace in our time”, and waved the agreement signed with Hitler. WW11 followed.
25/05/1939 The birth of respected English actor in Burnley of Ian McKellen.
25/05/1939 New Blast Furnace tapped at Dorman Long, Cleveland Works. Produces 2,750 tons of steel a week.
11/06/1939 George VI became the first reigning English king to set foot on United States soil.
24/06/1939 Siam is renamed Thailand by Plaek Pibulsonggram,, the country’s third prime minister.
13/07/`939 Frank Sinatra made his first record, From The Bottom Of My Heart, with the Harry James Band.
17/08/1939 The film The Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland opened in New York.
01/09/1939 Germany invaded Poland and bombed Warsaw at 6am. First time in History the King went to Downing Street to see the Prime Minister instead of going to the Palace.
17/09/1039 The film The Wizard of Oz, starring Judy Garland, opened in New York.
23/09/1939 Sigmund Freud, Austrian, B.06/05/1856, psychiatrist and founder member of psychoanalysis, died in Hammersmith. Aged 83 years.
14/10/1939 The Royal Navy battleship Royal Oak was torpedoed and sank in Scapa Flow. 833 were killed that night or died later of their wounds.
16/10/1939 World War ll: First attack on British territory of the German Luftwaffe.
24/10/1939 Nylon stockings went on sale in the USA for the first time.
15/12/1939 Premier of the film Gone With The Wind took place in Atlanta, Georgia. Starring, Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh.
29/12/1939 First flight of the Consolidated B-24 Liberator.


08/01/1940 World War II: Britain introduces food rationing
16/02/1940 HMS Cossack rescued more than 300 British prisoners from the German Naval auxiliary ship Altmark in Norwegian waters.
01/03/1940 Vivien Leigh won Best Actress Oscar for her role as Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With The Wind.
06/05/1940 John Steinbeck is awarded the Pulizer Prize for his novel ‘Grapes of Wrath’.
14/05/1940 The Home Guard was formed by the British Secretary of State for War Anthony Eden, with him appealing for volunteers. Nearly 1.5 million signed up within a few months.
25/05/1940 Middlesbrough this date was the first industrial town to be bombed by Germany.
20/07/1940 California opens its first freeway, the Arroyo Seco Parkway.
20/07/1940 The first singles chart was published in the US Journal Billboard. No.1 was I’ll Never Smile Again by the Tommy Dorsey band, and vocal Frank Sinatra.
23/08/1940 The Blitz began as German bombers launched an all-night raid on London.
05/09/1940 Famous film star Raquel Welch was born.
15/10/1940 A 500lb bomb hit Broadcasting Houser, London, killing seven people. Bruce Belfrage was reading the news at the time and paused for only a second before continuing.
26/10/1940 The P-51 Mustang makes its maiden flight.
09/11/1940 Neville Chamberlain died just months after resigning as Britain’s war time prime minister.
11/11/1940 Willys-Overland launched the Jeep (so called from the initials GP, for general purpose car).
29/12/1940 German bombers dropped 10,000 bombs on London on one of the worse nights of the Blitz. Eight Wren churches and Guildhall were destroyed.
January 1941 Opened January 1941 RAF Middleton St George Airfield. Opened as a bomber Base for WWII. RAF’s 78 Squadron based during war.
05/01/1941 Amy Johnson, English aviator and first woman to fly solo from England to Australia in 1930. drowned in a mysterious accident over the Thames easturary.
1941 Sergeant George Frederick Dunn, Dormanstown awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal for gallantry, having flown 33 times over Germany as wireless operator, and rear gunner.
1941 This was the year when the ban on visiting seaside resorts was lifted, but the beaches were still out of bounds.
1941 Five months without news of their son 4th Officer T. L. Reid of Redcar, received a letter from him news that he was a P.O.W. in Bordeaux, France
11/01/1941 Air raid warnings etc may lead to unavoidable delays or delivery of newspapers. Those newspapers that have been ordered with the newsagent will be delivered or can be collected should this occur.
11/01/1941 Redcar Emergency Wartime Committee made arrangements for residents to go on the beach between the Pier and Coatham Enclosure to gather sea coal. Must have identity Cards stamped by Police
01/02/1941 Women’s Section of British Legion send parcel of clothing to H.Q. for persons made homeless as a result of bombing in London.
08/02/1941 Redcar A.T.C. expected to reach 200 members.
08/02/1941 W.V.S Redcar Branch given permission by Lord Zetland rent free for the duration of voluntary workers.
08/03/1941 Town Women’s Guild reported to have sent away over 900 garments to the minesweeper they have adopted.
12/03/1941 A cargo ship SS Politician ran aground on the Island of Eriskay with a hold filled with 24,000 cases of whisky. The ship from Liverpool and the islanders managed to hide 24,000 bottles. from Customs officers.
13/04/1941 World War II. German general Erwin Rommel attacks Tobruk.
19/04/1941. Easter at Redcar in peace-time was the official opening of the season along the North east Coast with thousands coming to the area for a holiday weekend. Happy days! There were a few this time visiting Redcar and Saltburn, but for the majority of folk in the district it was work as usual.
03/05/1941 Medical Officer of Health reported 19 cases of measles in Redcar area.
10/05/1941 Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s deputy, parachuted into Scotland in an effort to negotiate a peace settlement. but was arrested and imprisoned for the remainder of the war.
10/05/1941 The worst night of the London Blitz when the Houses of Parliament were damaged.
15/05/1941 Britain’s first jet-propelled aircraft, the ‘Gloster-Whittle E28/39’, flew for the first time.
20/05/1941 WWII Battle of Crete – German paratroopers invade Crete.
24/05/1941 Mr. Edward c. Baker of Redcar, retired on pension after 30 years as engineer to R.N.L.I. Worked various stations but mainly Tees Mouth Lifeboat. 12 year in R.N. as Chief Petty officer (engine room staff).
14/06/1941 Rise in the amount of pilfering from allotments. Police informed.
21/06/1941 Redcar reported to have collected in the month of April 1941, 47 tons of salvage
22/06/1941 Hitler’s German army began its invasion (Operation Barbarossa) of the Soviet Union.
05/07/1941 For the present NO action is being taken by the Redcar Corporation in respect to giving railings for scrap – reason, “outstanding loan charges in respect thereof.”
05/07/1941 Shortage of paper and has to be rationed. Newspapers only have 30% of they had pre-war.
12/07/1941 Popularity of Redcar Public Library growing and sees even more applications for membership. Additional shelving for books installed.
09/08/1941 Redcar Council reported that during June 1941 there was nearly one and a half million cubic feet of gas in the holder than the same period in 1940. It was all sold and more besides.
09/08/1941 RAF fighter pilot Douglas Bader was sho down and seized by German troops, who were surprised to discover his apparently fractured legs were both artificial.
16/08/1941 Redcar included in the registration for compulsory fire watching. Unlikely that it will have any impact on Redcar because the bulk of people are already doing it on a voluntary basis.
23/08/1941 Registration of Milk Scheme starts 1st Oct, 1941. Babies and expectant mothers seven and half pints per week. Children born between 01/01.1921 and 31/12/1935 three and half pints per week.
23/08/1941 W.V.S. Redcar reports over 600 members.
06/09/1941 Yellow Star of David badges became compulsory for all Jews living in Nazi Germany.
17/09/1941 The Government ordered potatoes be sold at just 1 old penny to encourage people to eat more of them. Potatoes were not rationed in WWII. Women’s Auxiliary Air Force often helped in harvesting them.
24/09/1941 A message from the Japanese Naval intelligence headquarters in Tokyo to the Japanese consul in Honolulu was intercepted by America. They required information of fleet in Pearl Harbour. It was deciphered one month later. The attack on Pearl Harbour occurred in December of the same year.
03/11/1941 Roy Plomley suggest an idea to BBC Desert Island Discs. This programme was first broadcast in January 1942.
07/01/1942 Redcar reported now to have 757 members of its W.V.S. Branch.
14/02/1942 At the Redcar Court Brewster Sessions if was reported that in Redcar area their were 25 fully licensed houses and 21 off-licensed houses.
11/04/1942. Borough Engineer to report on how best the famous lifeboat “Zetland” maybe best preserved.
02/05/1942 Redcar Police Inspector reported that during the last 6 months 88 cases against the black out regulations were committed, stating that fines were having no effect.
23/05/1942 Redcar Police requested to pay more attention to damage being caused to Air Raid Shelters following an Emergency Committee request.
23/05/1942 In order to protect the famous Redcar Lifeboat “Zetland” a blast wall has been authorised,
23/05/1942 Badges/plaques exchanged between adopted ship H.M.S. Skate and Redcar Borough Council.
23/05/1942 Redcar Medallions presented to Mayor & Mayoress at the end of office suspended until after the war owing to cost.
23/05/1942 Tightening up paper control with new Ministry order that bans wasteful letters, and only a quantity of paper that is reasonably required may be used for any document, leaflet, pamphlet, report, letter, or memorandum may be used
13/06/1942 Birthday Honours list – Marquis of Guisborough Made a K.G.
11/08/1942 Barnes Wallis patented the bouncing, which destroyed German dams in 1943.
24/10/1942 A special service of remembrance was held in Coatham Parish Church on Wednesday for the twelve Redcar people who lost their lives in the destruction of the Zetland Club.
24/10/1942 Thirty Redcar district schoolchildren have picked 48 tons of potatoes in two days.
14/11/1942 Redcar Magistrates granted permission to local picture houses to be open on Christmas Day from 2 p.m. – 11 p.m.
14/11/1942 The North Riding County Valuation Committee won their appeal against Redcar Corporation regarding the ratable occupation of the boating lake, New Pavilion, two shops and part of the foreshore.
26/11/1942 The makers of the film Casablanca took out $100,000 insurance policy in case Humphrey Bogart died before filming ended.
27/11/1942 French Navy at Toulon scuttled fleet to prevent Nazi capture.
07/12/1942 The Japanese attacked the US fleet in Pearl Harbour in Hawaii.
02/01/1943 Shortage of apples. Firm in Redcar to obtain special permit (railway priority) to have apples transported in.
09/01/1943 M.B.E, awarded to Chief Officer Harold Ingledew, Redcar for gallantry at sea with the Merchant Navy.
14/01/1943 American President Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill met in Casablanca Morocco, taking part in meetings to discuss the end of the Second World War.
16/01/1943 Mr. John Brown Smithson, Redcar awarded the M.B.E. for being engaged in important work (Smiths Dock) since outbreak of war.
06/03/1943 Red Army Day celebrations celebrated at the Palace Theatre when the Red Flag stood alongside the Union Jack. members of the services joined together.
20/03/1943. Pie Centres – National Chamber of Trade asked if it would be possible for the pie distribution to be effected through legitimate retailers rather than through local committees
20/03/1943 Flight Sgt George Dove D.F.M. of Redcar awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal.
04/04/1943 Redcar increased rates by 5d to 13s-5d.
23/04/1943 According to the “Daily Telegraph” Redcar had disappeared in a recent gale.
01/05/1943 Concern in Redcar over the loss of Ration Books. Over 50 applications for replacement books.
01/05/1943 Proposed bus shelters plane for Redcar would not be looked at until after the war.
01/05/1943 No extra buses on Middlesbrough to Redcar route due to staff shortages and shortage of vehicles.
03/05/1943 St. Peter’s Church celebrated 114th anniversary 1829-1943
27/05/1943 Birth of British singer, actress and television personality, Cilla Black
02/10/1943 Church service and parade for “Battle of Britain” Sunday.
00/12/1943 Recent investiture by the King to Flying Officer Donald Vincent Hibbert of Redcar received for gallantry and devotion to duty.
22/12/1943 Death of children’s author Beatrix Potter.
08/01/1944 Warrenby Labour Party entertained a party of 80 Warrenby children. Christmas festivities and Father Christmas.
22/01/1944 Influenza epidemic in district had reached its peak early part of last month. Six schools showing a few cases of chicken pox.
24/01/1944 Further 501 houses to be built on 42 1/2 acres of land in region of Bennison Cort. (12 houses to the acre.
04/03/1944 New premises for Redcar Boys Club “Burnhamthorpe” Coatham Road, Redcar.
11/03/1944 Miss Betty Maltby, Redcar Soprano professionally know as Jeanette Hall left Britain for concert tour of the troops in North Africa, Egypt and probably India.
18/03/1944 Reported in news that Redcar cannot run a bus service properly. Discussed in detail at Council meeting.
30/04/1944 First pre-fab homes went on show in London at the Tate Gallery. Seen as a solution to the country’s post war housing problems.
06/06/1944 Thousands of allied troops landed in Normandy beginning the D-Day landings offensive against the German army
06/05/1944 Ministry of fuel alarmed by the amount of fuel being used in the area. M.O.F. states need for economy savings to avoid curtailment of supplies.
06/04/1944 Recruits required for A.T.S. particularly drivers, cooks and assistant cooks, pay clerks, and orderlies Must be over 17 1/2years and under 18 years.
13/05/1944 Redcar’s Salute the soldier Campaign planned for town.
13/05/1944 Both British restaurant and packed meals service in Redcar have shown a trading profit.
13/05/1944 Coun. A. W. Caplin J.P.. was elected an Alderman.
17/06/1944 Vandalism caused in Redcar Cemetery
01/07/1944 Redcar was amongst the authorities supporting the proposed new Teesside Industrial Council.
01/07/1944 Sgt H. Morris of Redcar, awarded the Military Medal for gallantry in the Burma Campaign.
20/07/1944 An assassination attempt was made by a German staff officer, Count Claus Schenk von, at Rustenburg, East Prussia. He was summarily executed, as were 1,000 other people implicated in the plot.
22/07/1944 Chief Sanitary Inspector reported at present that 305 manholes had been baited with rat poison and that 715 rats had been poisoned to date.
22/07/1944 Twenty Six persons now waiting for allotment lan d in Redcar.
22/07/1944 Sale of gas continued to rise in May by 10 per cent more than last year at the same time.
22/07/1944 Mr. J.E. Mills retired Post Office worker form Redcar awarded Imperial Service Medal by the King.
22/07/1944 Redcar’s quota of evacuees from London 1,000 this being in addition to those already staying in the town privately.
22/07/1944 Major Leslie Petch, son of Mr. T. S. Petch, became Chairman of the Bench at Guisborough, and also appointed director of the Redcar Racecourse Company
22/07/1944 Coatham Parish Church Garden Fete held in the grounds of the Red Barnes attracted 300 people
20/07/1944 Adolf Hitler survived a third assassination attempt.
29/07/1944 Several hundred evacuees from London arrived in Redcar given official welcome at Redcar Station. Given a hot meal at the rest centres before going to their billets the next day.
05/08/1944 Redcar holidays at home seems to have attracted a lot of visitors.
07/08/1944 IBM creates the first programmable calculator, the Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator.
12/08/1944 Redcar rats campaign estimates that up to 1,500 rats killed.
29/08/1944 15,000 American troops liberated Paris, and marched down the Champs Elysees.
16/09/1944. Reported that an extra 59,000 adult volunteers throughout the country will be required to bring in the harvest of beet and potatoes.
17/09/1944 The British airborne invasion of Arnhem and Eindhoven in the Netherlands began as part of Operation Garden. The object was to secure a bridge over the River Rhine as part of an Allied invasion of Germany, but after a battle which lasted until September 27th, the attempt failed.
20/09/1944 Guy Gibson, British pilot and Victoria Cross winner, (Raid on German Dams), was later killed when his aircraft crashed in Holland on its way back to base.
30/09/1944 Built in 1800 at Sunderland, Redcar’s old “Zetland” lifeboat arrived in the town 142 years ago this week. She is still in pretty good state of preservation.
14/10/1944 Rommel the “Desert Fox” took cyanide tablets and died within minutes – before he could be arrested for his part in the plot to kill Hitler.
30/12/1944 Reported that 3,318 rats have been killed since campaign started.
1945 Redcar Topwn Council stated that 90 houses stood empty, These were given up by the War Department..
1945 Redcar Community Centre used John Emmerson Batty School as H.Q. if its new Community Centre.
06/01/1945 Rear number plates now to be displayed with a rea light following relaxation due to war.
10/03/1945 Grotto Bar at Coatham Hotel licence not granted by magistrates. Coatham Hotel to appeal. Later court rescinded embargo.
10/03/1945 King appointed Marquess of Zetland as Lord Lieutenant of the North Riding of Yorkshire.
17/03/1945 The Americans defeated the Japanese at the Battle of Iwo Jima.
30/03/1945 Start of the Easter weekend when nearly all the Boarding House and some Hotels well full to capacity. A Bumber crowd were urgedwhere possible to take care of barbed wire (WWII) still on the beach and in the sand.
00/04/1945 Rationing remained in force with cuts in meat, bacon, fats and soap on the cards and no extras likely for Christmas
15/04/1945 Art treasures looted by the Germans during WWII discovered in a mine in Austria. Among the paintings were paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo.[
21/04/1945 Council Entertainments and Publicity Committee accepted suggestion of Ministry of Food that the Redcar British Restaurant should close April 28th.
21/04/1945 Ivor Novello’s Pechance to Dream opened at the London Hippodrome with his new classic song We’ll Gather Lilacs. The show ran to 1,022 performances.
28/04/1945 When applications for reinstatement of establishment licences took place members of the council vent their feelings at the price of a cup of tea. Food enforcement officers investigated the matter and found that note more than 1/3d (one shiiling and three pence) was being asked for a jug of tea.
07/05/1945 Germany signed the unconditional surrender to the Allies in Rheims.
23/05/1945 Redcar Juvenile Court. 20 boys of
varying ages 8 – 11 years before the court on 8 charges of criminal damage.
03/06/1946 The first bikini bathing suit was unveiled in Paris.
14/07/1945 Reported that in Redcar 90 average dwelling houses standing empty.
17/05/1945 Warrant Officer Frank Walker, Sherwood Forrester’s of Redcar mentioned in dispatches and awarded the Oak Leaf.
17/05/1945 19/05/1945. Good turn out for Redcar’s Thanksgiving Day but rain spoilt the procession.
19/05/1945 Councillor speaks out regarding the damage to property along the Stray, having not received the co-operation of the public who appear not to be aware that it is their property others are causing damage to. Police informed.
07/06/1945 Benjamin Britten’s opera Peter Grimes was premiered at Sadler’s Wells, London.
16/06/1945 Growing concern by the Redcar Control Committee regarding the residents finding it difficult to obtain un-rationed foodstuffs owing to visitors standing in the same queues for their share.
16/06/1945 Redcar solicitor Sgt. J.A. Askew, R.A.F.V Redcar awarded B.E.M.. Mentioned in dispatches in June last year.
23/06/1945 Former Prisoners of War were entertained by Redcar British Legion to a social evening.
22/06/1945 Two British Restaurants close to Warrenby and Dormanstown due to losses.
30/06/1945 A native of Redcar, Pte. Robert S. Boagey awarded M.M.
16/07/1945 The first atomic bomb was exploded in New Mexico at the Jornada del Muerto desert.
26/07/1945 Clement Atlee’s post-war Labour government came to power with huge majority.
06/08/1945 The first atomic bomb codenamed Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima from a B29 US Plane called Enola Gay.
25/08/1945 Flight Lieu Ernest James Pearson, of Redcar awarded the D.F.C.
1945 Redcar football team The Albion reached final of North Riding Junior Cup. Team beat Middlesbrough Crusaders 2-1. Played at Redcar Borough Park Redcar won 2-1 before a record crowd.
02/09/1945 Vietnam declares its independence forming the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.
10/09/1945 Vidkun Quisling, the “puppet” Premier of Norway during the second World War, was sentenced to death for collaboration with the Nazi and was executed on October 24
15/09/1945 Over 7 million shell or bomb parts were made at the Redcar Factory of Gerald Fleming Ltd, which closed down last weekend.
06/10/1945 Sub. Lieut. Cecil Golightly, R.N.V.R. of the aircraft carrier Indefatigable, awarded the D.S.C. Old boy and Captain of Coatham School, Redcar.
17/11/1945 Mine washed up on shoreline at Marske. Safely secured by H.M. Coastguard until arrival of Bomb Disposal Squad.
17/11/1945 Councilor J. S. Dixon installed as Mayor of the Borough of Redcar. Ceremony held at the New Pavillion, Redcar.
24/11/1945 Redcar still waiting for extra food from Ministry of Food seeking the same treatment as Newcastle and Tyne area (extra food granted). A huge petition and M.P’s requesting to press for reasonable treatment. It would appear the Minister at Ministry of Food cannot make his mind up as to whether Teesside is a heavy industrial area.
08/12/1945 Military Medal awarded to Corp. E. Hustwitt, Redcar, also mentioned in dispatches for his distinguished service at the beginning of the war in France. Took part in the invasion of Sicily, and Italy, D-Day. In last war served 2 years.
08/12/1945 White House School held their first annual party since the war in the Coatham Hotel at which there were over 200 scholars and pupils.
22/12/1945 Redcar 57th Cleveland Dog Show a huge success.
1946 In this year Corporal E Hustwitt of Redcar was awarded the Military Medal in recognition of his gallant and distinguished services in the field. Served in France, Sicily, and Italy and took part in D Day. He also served in the last two years of WW1.
1946 Redcar Rotary Club founded by a group of men when they met at Wilson’s café, Station Road, Redcar. Redcar Rotary Club was later given charter by Rotary International.
1946 ICI started building new complex on Wilton Site.
17/01/1946 The United Nations Council held its first session.
19/01/1946 Mr James Phelps, Warrenby celebrated his 93rd birthday this week.
20/02/1946 VERA actress Brenda Biethyn born in Ramsgate. Worked as a book-keeper before becoming a well know actress being nominated for Oscars for several of her roles.
02/03/1946 Ho Chi Minh is elected the President of North Vietnam.
19/01/1946 Red Lion Hotel, opens new dance floor (Lord Street Entrance) with new dance floor furnishing, fittings, lighting refurbishment. Dances Wednesday evenings.
February 1946 February 1946. 5 men lost their lives when the River Tees tug boat George Robinson, owned by Tees Towing Company, sank in the River Tees, this morning a few seconds after being involved in a collision with the s.s. Imperial Valley.
23/02/1946 Major J. A. Dooley, Green Howard’s, B.A.O.R. of Redcar, awarded the M.B. for gallant services in Europe.
05/03/1946 Winston Churchill coins the phrase ‘Iron Curtain’ in his speech at Westminster College, Missouri.
23/03/1946 Redcar Corporation report that there are 900 persons on the housing list.
23/03/1946 L.N.E.R informed Redcar Corporation that it hoped to arrange additional trains between Darlington and Saltburn in May.
23.03.1946 A branch of Redcar Public Library is being established at Dormanstown.
23/03/1946 Redcar and Thornaby Councils have objected to the use of the air raid siren for fire alarms
30/03/1946 Cleveland Show to be revived.
30/03/1946 The Coatham Hotel held the Stead Hospital 300 Ball dancing to Charles Amer and his band.
06/04/1946 A letter simply addressed Redcar, North Yorkshire has just been delivered – via New York.
07/04/1946 Syria’s independence from France officially recognised.
13/04/1946 A native of Redcar Mr. O. S. Franks elected Provost of Queens College, Oxford.
13/04/1946 One thousand people in Redcar waiting for houses reported the council.
18/05/1946 Government cut down brewing of beer by 15%. Barley to the extent of 148,000 tons made available to feed the starving people of Europe. Shortage of beer in Redcar licensed premises, and in fact throughout the area.
25/05/1946 Archbishop of York (the Most Rev Cyril Foster Garbett, D.D.) attended Coatham Parish Church to confirm 55, people.
25/05/1946 Dormanstown public library officially opened 24/05/1946 by Mayor (Councilor Dixon).
25/05/1946 Redcar Pierrots start on Victory Day for 13 weeks ending in September.
01/06/1946 Sign of the times when a Norwegian vessel arrives in the Tees with timber. First since the very early days of the war.
01/06/1946 Licence for a mobile canteen turned down. Application made by three ex-airmen. Later meeting revoked decision.
04/06/1946 Former army colonel Juan Peron became president of Argentina. Married Eva Duarte, (better known as Evita. Later Evita became a musical by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber.
22/06/1946 Mr. James Batty, Redcar, Senior Principal inspector for Inland Revenue receives C.B.E.
24/06/1946 Redcar fishermen used matches to guide a Dutch m/v in danger of grounding near Saltscar rocks ou to sea.
06/07/1946 Over 750 ex-service men attended county rally of British Legion. Civic welcome by the Mayor and Mayoress Councillor and Mrs. Dixon.
06/07/1946 400 Inhabitants of Redcar and over 300 electors of the borough met at public meeting to decide on a democratic manner whether cinemas should be open on a Sunday. Those qualified to vote in the hall showed that 212 were in favour of opening and 102 against.
13/07/1946 Reports of broken glass on Redcar beach reported to be 15/20 casualties every day.
08/06/1946 BBC part of programme from the race meeting at Redcar Racecourse broadcast live.
29/06/1946 Redcar stated by other papers to have received a deluge of water when it started to rain. Described as “A curtain of water.”
20/07/1946 Redcar Rugby Club given permission to use Coat of arms in President’s jewel.
20/07/1946 A recent vote at an open meeting regarding Sunday opening of Cinemas resulted in 102 Against 243 For
27/07/1946 Successful Cleveland Show 107th held after a break of seven years. 12,000 people attended.
27/07/1946 Redcar Rotary Club inaugurated nine months ago received its Charter.
03/08/1946 During a storm a lightening strike hit the electric power plant Low Farm, causing damage.
03/08/1946. I.C.I. made an application to build a bridge West Coatham Lane.
10/06/1946 Macedonian-born Sister Teresa Bojaxhiu, of Loret Sisters’ Convent, was on a train to Darjeeling when she said she heard the call of God directing her “to leave the convent and help the poor while living with them.” She became known as Mother Teresa and was known as the saint of the slums. She died in 1997 and this week was declared a saint by Pope Francis at a ceremony at the Vatican.
16/09/1946 Have a Go began on the Light Programme, with Wilfred Pickles and his wife Mabel (Mable at the table)
20/09/1946 The first CAnnes film festival opened.
05/10/1946 Sergeant J. Jones, of Redcar, Royal Artillery, Belgium 1939-1940 received the Belgian Croix-de-Guerre with bar, for courage and bravery in glorious battles leading to the liberation of Belgium. Issued by H.R.H. The Prince Regent of Belgium.
05/10/1946 Display of the Northern Lights visible a 10pm in Redcar.
05/10/1946 Newly sited steel works between Cleveland and Redcar Works to be called Lackenby Steel Works to perpetuate the name of the farm and houses swallowed up by the new project.
07/10/1946 Woman’s Hour was first broadcast, a daily programme of music, advice and entertainment for the home. The thriller serial Dick Barton, Special Agent, also started.
11/12/1946 The United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, was established.
18/12/1946 Potato picking now covered by rules of employment in relation to hours worked per day. School children granted special permission to undertake work at 5 shillings a day and snacks included by farmer.
21/12/1946 A small fire at the Pier Pavilion, Redcar (due to open in January) was extinguished by the N.F.S. before any damage was done.
1947 Wilton Castle sold to ICI for use as an H.Q. administration centre for the company.
04/01/1947 Redcar Council protested to Ministry of Health about the reduction in supply of dustbins. Suggested that the dustbin lids lasted longer than the bins therefore manufacturers should be allowed to to supply bins without lids.
04/01/1947 Question of plane flights from Redcar sands and the possibility of running a model railway in the Borough are being considered.
04/01/1947 Cleveland Hunt Meet at Redcar on the sands. Large crowd in attendance.
25/01/1947 Al Capone, Chicago gang boss in the Prohibition era, died of a heart attack, days after suffering a stroke, aged 48.
01/02/1947 Redcar Town Council request for band to play on the pier.
08/02/1947 The Swedish 2,000 tons vessel “Mona” which ran aground on Salt Scar rocks, re-floated with the help of tugs. Ran aground in fog.
08/02/1947 Woman 46 years, Mrs Barry, appeared before Redcar Court for theft. 69 previous convictions for mainly drunkenness.
08/03/1947 Now takes eleven months to build a house, against three pre-war.
15/02/1947 Redcar Magistrates to her report from Inspecting Licensing Justices re the Majestic Cinema, Dormanstown, as to whether the cinema should be re-new or revoked.
22/03/1947 Agreement reached that a road be made along Thwaithes Lane, with Racecourse providing access road to racecourse
22/03/1947 Redcar has the distinction of having the largest penny weekly paper in England. Cleveland Standard.
22/03/1947 Hitler’s former yacht, “Grille,” sailed from Hartlepool for the Mediterranean on Saturday.
06/04/1947 Death of Henry Ford, American motor car manufacturer.
12/04/1947 Redcar contributed 2,000 garments to the victims of the floods at Selby.
12/04/1947 Redcar Rate increased by 2/6d bringing the General Rate from 15/2d up to 17/8d.
12/04/1942 Death of Alderman W. Wardman reported.
12/04/1947 Election of Ald. Mrs. I. Lonsdale to become a Freeman of the Borough of Redcar.
12/04/1947 Coun. J. T. Fletcher to the Aldermanic Bench.
19/04/1947 Resolved that Alderman Mrs. I. Lonsdale be made a Freeman of the Borough, in this the Silver Jubilee anniversary of the Redcar Charter.
28/04/1947 Rockets fired by Marske Coastguards to warn 4 masted schooner approaching dangerously close to the Scars off Redcar.
26/05/1947 Northern Council of Butchers Association held a conference at the Royal Hotel, High Street, Redcar. Butchers from Northumberland, Newcastle and Durham met to hear a deputation of Jews to state their case with regard to fresh meat and the Jewish religion.
03/05/1947 Mr. H. Morris of Redcar, received from the King the Military Medal he won for gallantry in Burma three years ago. accompanying the medal was a letter from his Majesty.
10/06/1947 Saab produced its first automobile.
25/06/1947 First version of Anne Frank’s diary was published in The Netherlands by her father, the only surviving member of the family following the war.
17/05/1947 Freedom of the Borough was conferred on Ald. Mrs. Lonsdale.
09/07/1947 Engagement of Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten officially announced.
14/08/1947 Pakistan gained independence from Britain.
20/09/1947 Coatham Convalescent Home to be sold.
27/09/1947 Police Constable in Redcar finds a newly born child (deceased) in the bottom of a pram wrapped up in towelling and brown paper.
11/10/1947 During the previous weekend coastguards at Redcar warned shipping about getting to close to the Redcar Rocks.
1947 Corporation Health Com. reported that the following foodstuffs had been voluntary surrender being unfit for human consumption. Meat 174lbs, Fish 383lbs, Misc Packet Foods 269 packets, Misc Canned Food 325 tins.
08/11/1947 Mrs. Shillito 93 years, mother of Coun Sydney Shillito will attend the New Pavilion, Redcar, where her son will be made Mayor of Redcar Borough Council.
13/11/1947 The Soviet Union completes development of the AK-47 on of the first proper assault rifles.
06/12/1947 The Golden Wedding of Mr and Mrs Henry Shieldon, Redcar. Both members of the business of Shieldon’s Plumbers in Lord Street, Redcar which is 100 years old.
1948 1948 Timeline The Windsor Ballroom in Redcar played host to the Annual hairdressing competition of the Teesside Coordinating Committee of the National Hairdressers’ Federation.
1948 1948 Industrial development on Teesside made it absolutely necessary’ that work on a school in Redcar get started, heard the North Riding Education Department. Redcar Girl’s Grammar School should start in 1949. Due to increase in birth rate.
14/02/1948 Alderman Mrs I. Lonsdale to retire at the end of her term of office. She presented shrubs to the council for placing in the roundabouts entering the town.
10/03/1948 Arrangements made for purchase of sweets for provision to children attending Redcar Immunisation Centre. The custom is adopted in other council areas.
10/03/1948 M O H contacted in relation to100% increase in costs and maintenance re burial at Redcar Cemetery.
28/03/1948 Mr. Charles Amer, a director of Coatham Hydro Ltd, and well known band leader in the are, realised a life-long ambition when he purchased Normanby Hall (built 1840) and 80 acres of grounds
16/04/1948 For the first time Cleveland Hunt Point-to-Point held on Redcar Racecourse for first time.
16/04/1948 Borough Librarian reported that 720 applications were accepted in February, 343 postal applications had been made for books overdue, 184 new books were added, and 687 withdrawn. Total number of books issued during March 24,963. and increase of 3,786 during same period 1947.
23/04/1948 Steel Confederation Conference held at Redcar in the Coatham Hotel a.m. and pm. followed by a smoking concert held in the Swan Hotel on the evening.
01/05/1948 Large crate of food arrived John Batty School, Redcar, from the pupils of Watertool Primary School, Wellington New Zealand. Tinned food, cooking fat, soap, soap flakes. Distributed among the school children.
21/05/1948 Record Whitsun Crowds at Redcar, and on the Tuesday the Princess Royal, attended the horse racing at Redcar Racecourse.
21/05/1948 Council decided to make representations to the Minister of Town and Country Planning for permission to proceed with the compulsory purchase of the Coatham Convalescent Home.
21/05/1948 Letter from Head Postmaster stating that it was not possible to accede to the Council’s request for a sub pots office at Redcar East end of the town.
25/06/1948 Saltburn & Marske Council consider boundary changes. Opposition to merger with Redcar.
25/06/1948 The Berlin airlift begins.
02/07/1948 Paul’s International Circus visited Redcar on West Dyke Fair Fields. A success.
05/07/1948 Labour Government introduced the National Health Service. Supplied free medical treatment and free prescriptions for glasses, teeth and wigs.
16/07/1948 Attempted Robbery at the Pier Ballroom. Safe removed, and attempts made to open failed. No contents stolen from safe or inside premises.
20/07/1948 Dormanstown Kirkleatham Estates hold their 1st Carnival organised by Dormanstown and Kirkleatham Communities Association.
20/07/1948 Bishop of Whitby held a untied service on Redcar Sands.
23/07/1948 12,000, Visitors attended the Cleveland 109th Agricultural Show, with thousands of enteries.
27/07/1948 BBC Radio “Beside the Seaside” recorded from Redcar Pavilion, and also from Saltburn.
27/07/1948 Large crowds watched Middlesbrough District Motor Club Special Trials on Redcar Sands, with people coming from all ove the U.K.
06/08/1948 2nd Donkey Derby held by Redcar British Legion. Good crowd saw well known jockey D. Buckle thrown off his mount twice and getting back on to win race.
06/08/1948 Patients (33 men) from the St. John of God Hospital, Scorton, Richmond, returned back to their hospital following 2 weeks re-cuperation in Redcar.
06/08/1948 Mayor and Mayoress Mrs. N. Atherton, opened new Cleveland Golf Club, Redcar.
06/08/1948 Town Clerk was requested to investigate and report on derlict houses in Tod Point Road, Warrenby.
14/08/1948 Donald Bradman played his last innings at The Oval. After a standing ovation, he was bowled for a duck.
18/08/1948 Lester Piggotr, at just 12 years rode his first winner on only his seventh ride.
20/08/1948 Bus crashed down embankment at Warrenby Bridge.
15/09/1948 The F-86 Sabre sets the world aircraft speed record at 671 miles per hour.
17/11/1948 Britain’s House of Commons voted to nationalise the steel industry. The Labour Government was determined to nationalise steel, but the Conservatives partly opposed it.
19/11/1948 The Redcar and District Chrysanthemum Society held their fourth annual show, at the Pier Pavilion. Without doubt the best show ever held in the area. 260 entries, a record for the Society.
28/11/1048 Edwin Land’s first Polaroid camera went on sale in Boston, USA, (1963 colour camera.)
03/12/1948 Redcar & District members of the Scots Society gathered at Wilson Cafe, Redcar, on Saturday, to celebrate St. Andrews Day.
17/12/1948 Letter from RNLI was submitted to council suggesting that the derelict house in Moore Street should be added to the existing Lifeboat, and used for re-housing the old Zetland Lifeboat.
24/12/1948 Mayor Coun S. G. Shillito performed the opening ceremony, unlocking the door of the new British Legion Club, Legion House, Coatham Road, considered to be the “finest little club of its type in the North Riding.”
1949 Two 700 giant ore unloaders were pictured relieving the ship Polyana of it cargo of ore. Meant that 10 men could clear the ship in to time it previously took 40 men.
07/01/1949 Cleveland Agricultural Ball was held at the Swan Hotel with over 350 persons attending.
07/01/1949 Yes you will not believe it, but true Redcar had a shortage of soap.
14/01/1949 Coun. John Dixon was elected an Alderman of the Borough, filling the vacancy caused by the resignation of Ald. Mrs Lonsdale.
14/01/1949 Mr James Phelps of Broadway West, Dormanstown, celebrated his 96th birthday, and is believed to be the oldest resident in Cleveland.
04/02/1949 Redcar Master Builders held a dance in the Coatham Ballroom with over 380 attending.
13/02/1949 Allied planes began bombing Dresden, East Germany. More than 25,000 people were said to have died. 3,900 tons of bombs and incendiary devices were dropped on the city during these raids
18/02/1949 Army Cadet Force, Redcar, in need of recruits.
01/03/1949 Joe Louis, US world heavyweight boxing champion known as the Brown Bomber, retired aged 35, after a record 25 successful defences of his title.
11/03/1949 Licences for all public houses raised to read 10pm to 10.30pm in the Summer.
18/03/1949 Redcar Council may buy Kirkleatham Hall as Newcastle Breweries Ltd approach council to make the Hall a Hotel.
18/03/1949 Revealed that 347 ration books had gone astray in the past 7 months, with only 82 being recovered with people getting rations that they were not entitled to.
18/03/1949 Enquires with boat building firm in Keswick for new pleasure boats at Locke Park. Informed that the ban had not been lifted regarding the building of pleasure boats by the Admiralty. (presumably since the war years)
18/03/1949 Letter submitted to Council By Redcar District Amateur Operatic Soc to have stage trapdoor fitted as this was necessary for their forthcoming production.
18/03/1949 Chief Sanitary Insp. reported that 103lb of meat, 96lb of fish and 11 tins of miscellaneous canned foods had been condemned as unfit for human consumption due to putrefaction.
18/03/1949 Application from Open-air Mission Elijah Logan to hold religious services on the foreshore was granted subject to no microphone or loudspeakers equipment being used on the site
18/03/1949 Application for permission to hold motor racing on foreshore July 2nd not granted. asked to apply for alternative date.?
18/03/1949 Reported the average consumption of Water weekending February 14th and the corresponding week of (1948). Cleveland, 274,000 gallons. Cleveland 226,000 Gallons. REDCAR 219,000 Gallons. REDCAR 308,000 Gallons. Tees Valley 205,000 Gallons. Tees Valley 160,000 Gallons.
25/03/1949 Redcar Rate Payers will have to pay 1s.10d in the pound more in mates in the forthcoming year, Council to levy a rate of 18s payable in two instalments of 9s each as compared to the present rate of 16s.2d
08/04/1949 Redcar soap shortage blamed on the influx of extra workers into the area.
08/04/1949 New Pavilion refurbished with alternative lighting and decoration.
08/04/1949 New extension for library. Extension consisting of renovated hut at rear.
22/04/1949 Herbert Sutcliffe, former Yorkshire and England cricketer, spoke at Redcar Cricket Club dinner, held at the Swan Hotel.
06/05/1949 Not soap but bricks. Reported that there was a shortage of bricks in Redcar.
06/05/1949 Letter received by council signed by 21 residents complaining about the smoke and soot discharged from the Cleveland Laundry chimney. Further investigations by Chief Sanitary Inspector.
20/05/1949 Redcar Works Silver Prize Band will compete in the area band competition for the first time since before the war.
17/06/1949 Dormanstown School wins both Senior Shields at the Redcar Schools Annual Athletic Sports Day. 12 schools entered.
17/06/1949 United Automobile Service requested by Guisborough Council to provide a half-hourly service to Redcar. They stated that they ran such a service through the summer months and Saturdays, but several members wanted the half-hourly every day where practicable.
01/07/1949 Stated as being an hectic day for the beach patrol on Redcar sands.1949
01/07/1949 Borough engineer was requested to carry out work painting the old Zetland Boathouse, and was decided forthwith for removal of the white paint from the windows and doors of the premises.
08/07/1949 Kirkleatham Estate sold.
08/07/1949 Vessel believed to have been Oceanic 100 tons fired a distress signal believed drifting down coast. Vessel located as a result of Hartlepool boat following vessel down coast to Whitby. Tugs standing by at Whitby.
15/07/1949 Warning given to Redcar people not to buy ice-cream from vendors coming into town.
21/07/1949 The Unite States ratifies the North Atlantic Treaty.
1949 Eston Beacon demolished
1949 ICI major advance at Wilton. A third cracker unit is on site and on-line. Now capable of handling 250,000 tons of feed stock per ethylene capacity 60%annum. Olefine capacity of high purity 110,000 tons a year produced.
29/07/1949 29/07/1949. Borough Engineer reported that up to 7th, July, 1949 that 250 houses had been completed, under construction 104, and approved but not started 36.
29/07/1949 A sketch layout providing for 260 houses was submitted foer approval. These houses would be built south of Brooksbank Avenue.
29/07/1949 A draft standing order providing for the press to be admitted to council meeting was put forwarded and recommended to the Council to make such an order.
29/07/1949 Old Zetland Lifeboat house, Esplanade the committee recommended that the RNLI be requested to co-operate with the Council regarding supervision of the building.
29/07/1949 The “Redcar Follies of 1949” attracted full houses to the New Pavilion, proving that they are to be one of the best companies to have appeared there.
29/07/1949 Sparks from a passing train set fire to a N.A.F.F.I, marquee at Zetland Camp, Marske. Blaze extinguished immediately. No other damage.
05/08/1949 10,000 people attended the 110th Cleveland Agricultural Show at Redcar Racecourse. Wind ripped roof of show field Marquee.
05/08/1949 Six people helped to save the life of a girl aged 7 when she fell into a hole near the waters edge. Mr. P. Picknett and another person applied artificial respiration until oxygen assistance and ambulance arrived. Taken to Stead Hospital and released the next day.
10/08/1949 ‘Acid Bath; murderer John Haigh, was executed at Wandsworth Prison.
12/08/1949 Redcar air is so bracing. Find 10s for being drunk and incapable Tyneside lady who came out of the public house drunk. She stated in a letter to the court, “The sea air must have taken hold of me when I came out of the public house.” Police officers who arrested her state she was carried to the Police Office on a stretcher.
15/08/1949 The day the Circus came to town Barrett’s Canadian Circus on Bean’s Field, near Redcar Racecourse, and an eagerly awaited eve
19/08/1949 Cleveland Province of the R.A.O.B. held its annual outing to Redcar when a party came from 15 different lodges, and included old age pensioners and 170 children. 350 in all. Children’s sports were held on the afternoon and each child given 2s. The Mayor presented the prizes to sports winners
26/08/1949 Redcar Donkey Derby, organised by Redcar British Legion attracted a crowd of 5,000.
26/08/1949 Picknett Brothers whilst “crabbing” caught a twelve and a half pound sunfish. A Tropical fish. Second caught off Redcar during past 30 years. First presented to Dorman Museum, Middlesbrough.
26/08/1949 34 Austrian children holidaying in Middlesbrough visited Redcar as guests of the Legion of Mary, Sacred Heart Church. Brought by bus from Middlesbrough and given free donkey rides, free ice-cream and rock. meals were provided by the Coatham Hotel.
14/09/1949 ICI Wilton opens and starts operations with an inauguration ceremony by Lord McGowan, chairman of ICI Tour of the works site by a large number of invited guests.
16/09/1949 Last of the ironstone mines ended at Eston.
23/09/1949 The birth of rock singer and guitarist, Bruce Springsteen.
30/09/1949 New carburetter water gas plant with frontage on West Dyke Road recommended, but gas works were not to be extended in a residential area.
30/09/1949 Reported that there was an acute shortage of houses on 71 houses being built since January. Borough Engineer stated that there was an acute shortage of bricks which he would raise with the Ministry.
30/09/1949 Modest scheme of illuminations planned for Redcar Esplanade.
07/10/1949 Redcar council rents to rise by 10% on pre war houses.
07/10/1949 Redcar Squatters in huts Green Lane, Redcar, defiant they would not leave. Legal action taken against the. Also persons living with pensioners at aged persons homes given one week to leave.
07/10/1949 Council gave consideration to Chief Constable of North Riding, asking the council to give favourable consideration to an application for houses to married constables.
28/10/1949 Plea from councillor made for cheaper rents stating that the house being built presently renting at 24s.6d a week appeared to be out of reach of most on Council List. Request to build a cheaper house.
28/10/1949 M.O.Health stated that 8 huts in Green Lane, Redcar occupied by council tenants were in bad state and were to be demolished.
28/10/1949 Sooty and Harry Corbett appeared on BBC television for the first time.
18/11/1949 Street lights at Redcar are to be restored to 100% pre-war standing. i.e. street lights lit until midnight and main traffic routes dusk to dawn.
18/11/1949 Miss E. M. Lee, of Redcar Lane, Redcar, 85 years died recently after living in Redcar all her life. Miss Lee was a descendant of the famous navigator Captain Cook. Her grandmother’s mother was sister of Captain Cook.
18/11/1949 Redcar Rotarian’s held their first dinner dance in Redcar.
25/11/1949 Reported that there was no early hope for Redcar getting a Maternity Home in the near future.
21/11/1949 Redcar fisherman whilst fishing from the shore at Redcar caught a six and quarter lb Silver Bream fish which is a deep sea fish and very rare on the North East Coast.
02/12/1949 Redcar Town Council refuse North Riding Constabulary for 15 houses in the town.
09/12/1949 Redcar Town Council informed Billingham Rural Council that their expectations regarding a crematorium would be met by Middlesbrough. It was stated that Middlesbrough and Hartlepool had agrred in principle with the establishment of a crematoria.
10/12/1949 American singer and piano player Fats Domino recorded The Fat Man – the song that gave rise to his name
16/12/1949 In connection with the National Savings Week during October it was announced that three balloons crossed the North Sea 2 landing in Germany and 1 in Germany.
16/12/1949 In connection with the National Savings Week during October it was announced that three balloons crossed the North Sea 2 landing in Germany and 1 in Germany.
16/12/1949 Warrenby Halt but the 8.25am train went on to Redcar forgetting that it was supposed to stop at Warrenby Halt. Arrangements were made for the passengers for train travelling in opposite direction to make a forced stop at the halt to let off the passengers concerned.
30/12/1949 Mr. George Nadin, aged 98 believed to be Redcar’s oldest resident died on 28/12/1949.


13/01/1950 Mr. William Altham Johnson, Redcar received MBE in New Years Honour’s List.
1950 Mayor – Alderman James William Coles.
1950 Water consumption for Redcar increase so far this year 780,000 gallons per day compared with 6661,000 during last year.
1950 Outside Swimming Pool closed, Coatham enclosure.
1950 Flower beds on Esplanade removed being to expensive and difficult to maintain. Eventually they fell into disuse.
16/01/1950 Listen with Mother broadcast for the first time on BBC Radio. Programme on the sir until 1982
31/01/1950 Mr. William Altham Johnson, Redcar, received MBE in New Years Honour’s List
27/01/1950 Redcar Town Council to be asked again to press for Maternity Hospital.
27/01/1950 Mr W. M. Friskney of Redcar was elected an honorary life governor of the Royal Lifeboat Institution after 30 years of Tees mouth Lifeboat.
03/02/1950 Rejection by the Regional authority of a recommendation of the Redcar Food Control Committee that a seasonal retail licence for the sale of chocolate and sugar confectionery be granted to a Redcar Trader caused dissatisfaction at a meeting of the committee.
10/02/1950 New Redcar Girl’s Grammar School with glass walls and flat roofs, to be built on Land situated in Redcar Lane and Warwick Road.
19/02/1950 It was unanimously decided at a meeting of Redcar Food Control Committee that the abolition of points rationing and that the regional food officer be informed accordingly.
20/02/1950 Welsh poet Dylan Y
Thomas arrived in America for his first series of poetry readings.
03/03/1950 Stated that unless further land found house building in Redcar would stop in two years time.
03/03/1950 Alderman B.O. Davies of Redcar, re-elected chairman of the North Riding County Council for the 9th year on St David’s Day 01/03/1950.
03/03/1950 Cases (102) of measles in a week.
03/03/1950 Lack of playgrounds for children to play in the town, and Redcar Estates Committee requested such facilities be provided.
10/03/1950 A police shortage at Redcar was discussed by the Redcar Housing Committee, and that women in the town feared night walks. A further request was made for housing which would see police officers more options to come to the town.
31/03/1950 Sit down strike by over 100 men over previous 6 days over 2 men employed by Cleveland Meter Co.Ltd, who declined to join the AEU (union).
31/03/1950 A tree preservation order recommended for the trees surrounding Kirkleatham Hall.
31/03/1950 Decision for no illuminations this year in Redcar.
21/04/1950 Plans for a new girl’s Grammar School, and commercial school which cost £100,000 to build in 1947, submitted to the county authority for their observations. Location Redcar Lane and will accommodate 530 pupils. Each seat cost £207 against pre-war figure of £40
21/04/1950 A total of 346 council houses of the permanent type had now been built.
21/04/1950 Redcar population now 28,000.
21/04/1950 Measles epidemic subsides in Redcar where 271 cases of the disease were reported.
21/04/1950 Middlesbrough Cripples Social Club formed 25 years ago opened their holiday chalet in the Coatham Holiday Camp. Completely self contained, members can rent the chalet for 10s a week.
05/05/1950 Redcar Borough Council asked by the town improvement and water committee to confirm a recommendation that the council proceed to acquire 268 acres from the Kirkleatham Estate.
05/05/1950 Following negotiations with the Gas board the line of the wall Thrush Road/West Dyke Road is set back from its current position which would improve the site lines for traffic. This was accepted.
12/05/1950 Mural tablet to the memory of Mrs. Kathleen Teresa Turner LeRoy Lewis dedicated at Kirkleatham parish Church, who died at Kirkleatham Hall 26/05/1948 aged 82 years
12/05/1950 Request for more members made at the AGM of the Redcar “Seagulls” Amateur Swimming Club.
26/05/1950 The UK Government announced the end of petrol rationing
23/06/1950 Musicians Union “blacklisted all the Redcar Corporation’s undertakings where their musicians have been asked to play, because of the introduction of pan trope equipment. The buildings include the Pier Ballroom, the New Pavilion and the Bandstand.
25/06/1950 England Football team beaten by the USA 1-0. Believed to be one of the greatest upsets of all time.
11/07/1950 Andy Pandy made his first television appearance live on BBC Television.
18/07/1950 Business mogul Richard Branson was born in London.
21/07/1950 Petition signed by residents of Sandringham Road and Buckingham road demanding the removal of a bus park adjoining their road, given to Redcar Corporation
21/07/1950 Recommendation that motor vehicles be prohibited from parking on the Esplanade. Other car parking to be made available around the town.
28/07/1950 Musicians lift their “blacklisting” of all Redcar Corporation’s undertakings due to dispute being settled.
18/08/1950 The Annual Donkey Derby held by the British Legion was held 12/08/1950, and attracted a crowd of 4,000 people.
04/08/1950 Redcar Corporation’s proposals put forward to convert the outside swimming pool into a skating rink likely to materialise earlier than anticipated.
04/08/1950 Five year old girl taken to Guisborough Isolation Hospital case of infantile paralysis ‘Polio’.
04/08/1950 Outing of 150 children from Nazareth House, Middlesbrough visited Redcar 02/08/1950 for their annual outing. Gratitude expressed to the Redcar people and district.
11/08/1950 Mayor speaks out about wanton damage to golf links at Cleveland Golf Club, Redcar.
18/08/1950 Mr. Jim Thompson put to sea in his motor boat Lady Zetland after seeing a 30 foot yacht under full sail heading for East Scar rocks. Sailed by 2 Frenchman who were unaware of dangers and given advice and put back onto their destination Edinburgh?
25/08/1950 In pouring rain more than 3,000 people attended a Firework Display on Wednesday. 23/08/1950, also attended by Marske Silver Band.
01/09/1950 36 crippled men from St. John of God Hospital, Scorton, arrived at the Sacred Heart School, on one of their annual day trips. Trip paid for by the people of Redcar, and was greeted by the Mayor and Mayoress (Ald. and Mrs. J. Coles.)
22/09/1950 Redcar Town Council to take over control of its own street lighting in the town. The council was informed that the Gas Board would be agreeable.
22/09/1950 Redcar Council granted permission to Zetland Park Bowling Club to use the town’s coat of arms on its flag and coat badges.
24/11/1950 Redcar man Mr George Henry Roddam awarded the Imperial Service Medal by the King.
24/11/1950 A demand for Sunday games, boating and illuminations in Locke Park was rejected by the Parks, Cemeteries and allotments Committee
26/11/1950 Death of Redcar well known printer Mr. A. A. Sotheran 75 years. Was in the printing trade for almost all his life, and acquired a well known business in Queen Street, Redcar.
01/12/1950 Reported that when the Coatham Convalescent home is demolished the area will be used as either a playing field or open space
01/12/1950 Fewer applications have been made for the registration of pigs with the Redcar Food Control Committee. This year 68, last year 196. Believed cause is the high price of feeding stuffs.
02/11/1950 Irish writer George Bernard Shaw aged 95. Hobby tree pruning which he was doing and fell. Died shortly afterwards.
22/12/1950 Redcar Corporation built 153 houses from 1st, January, 1950.
22/12/1950 It was suggested that schoolchildren may be asked for ideas for the redevelopment of the Coatham Convalescent Home.
1951/52 Mayor – Alderman Thomas Alexander Dougall.
08/02/1952 Queen Elizabeth II acceded to the throne on the death of her father King George VI.
08/08/1952 The 150th Anniversary of the Redcar Lifeboat Station.
1951 The population of Redcar was 27,516.
29/03/1951 First performance of The King And I at St. James Theatre, Broadway, with Yul Brynner as the King and Gertrude Lawrence as Anna.
23/06/1951 British diplomats Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean fled to the Soviet Union.
01/09/1951 Britain’s first supermarket opened, the Premier in Earls’s Court, London.
1951 Convalescent Home bought by Council and demolished.
1951 Redcar Lifeboat named “City of Leeds” by HRH Princess Royal. Saving 31 lives.
1951 Market established on Car Park opposite the Alexander (Pig & Whistle).
1951 250 children courtesy of the R.O.A.B (The Buffs) travelled to Redcar from Middlesbrough as a treat
25/10/1951 Margaret Thatcher was, at 26, the youngest candidate to stand at a general election. The Tories won overall by a narrow margin but she failed to win her seat.
26/10/1951 Winston Churchill became prime minister for the second time.
21/12/1951 Libya becomes an independent country.
1952 1953 Mayor – Councillor Robert Hodgart Cowie.
1952 Greek Steam Ship ‘Taxiarchis’ ran aground West Scar rocks. Beached and then scrapped.
28/04/1952 Dwight D. Eisenhower resigns as Supreme Allied Commander of NATO.
02/06/1952 Queen Elizabeth II acceded to the throne on the death of her father King George VI.
1952 Redcar Amatuer Cine Club formed
1952 Extension built onto the Coatham Hotel, to accommodate Winsor Ballroom, and eventually the world renown Redcar Jazz Club.
19/09/1952 Silent movie star Charlie Chaplin settled in Switzerland after an investigation by the US Immigration stopped him from returning to his Hollywood home in the US.
26/09/1952 Wildred Pickles got lost in North Yorkshire looking for Tod Point being the most northerly point in Yorkshire from where to broadcast unable to locate. Tod Point although still shown on ordnance survey maps of the area, it is now swallowed up by the Messrs Dorman Long & Co.’s Redcar Works.
29/09/1952 British and world water speed record holder John Cobb was killed on Loch Ness when his vessel Crusader disintegrated after hitting waves at 240mph.
08/10/1952 A rail crash in HArrow left 112 dead and nearly 340 injured.
25/11/1952 The Mousetrap opened at the Ambassadors Theatre in London. Richard Attenborough played the detective, and notices said the play had ‘a fair degree of success’.
28/01/1953 Derek Bentley, 19, was hanged at Wandsworth Prison, despite public protests. Bentley and Christopher Craig, 16, had been found guilty of murdering a policeman, but Craig escaped the gallows because of his age.
19/02/1953 During 1952/1953 at the Pier Ballroom, Danny Mitchell (Orchestra) introduced teenage dance nights which were popular.
20/03/1953 Ald. J. Coupland planted a tree in the forecourt grounds of the Municipal Buildings to commemorate the Coronation.
27/03/1953 Civic leaders from Redcar and throughout the area send letters of Condolence to Queen and Royal Family on the death of Queen Mary.
1953 Coronation celebrations in Redcar. Street bunting and street parties.
1953 Extensive damage to Redcar Sea defences
10/04/1953 Easter of 1953 will be remembered for bitter winds and showerrs of hail and sleet. Very view ventured out and those that did soon returned home.
10/04/1953 Mr. R.W.G. Willis headmaster of Sir William Turners School, Redcar, appointed headmaster of the English High School for Boys in Istanbul, Turkey. Commences Autumn term.
10/04/1953 More increases in Redcar Rates forcast.
10/04/1953 Redcar Aero Club enters national competitions for the first occasion since its formation.
16/04/1953 The first stock-car meeting was held in Britain at the New Cross Stadium, Old Kent Road, London.
24/04/1953 Winston Churchill is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.
02/06/1953 The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.
16/04/1953 Queen Elizabeth II launches the Royal Yacht HMY Britannia.
17/04/1953 Warrenby Library to close due to lack of use. Only 16 books issued during the last month.
29/05/1953 New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Napalese Tenzing Norgay conquered Mount Everest.
02/06/1953 Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in Westminster Abbey on a dull, showery day. It was the first coronation to be televised.
08/08/1953 Nigel Mansell racing driver was born.
19/08/1953 England cricket captain Len Hutton won the Ashes for the first time since the controversial bodyline tour of 1932/1933.
17/09/1953 First successful separation of Siamese (conjoined) twins.
24/09/1953 The first Cinemascope wide-screen film The Robe, premiered in Hollywood starring Richard Burton.
08/10/1953 One of Britain’s best-loved singers the contralto Kathleen Ferrier, died of cancer at 41.
09/11/1953 Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, author of Under Milk Wood, died aged 39, after falling into an alcoholic coma following the consumption of 18 stiff whiskies.
14/01/1954 US Baseball hero Joe DiMaggio married Hollywood star Marilyn Munroe at San Francisco City Hall. The marriage lasted 9 months.
1954 Redcar jammed as holiday brought out sunshine on the Bank Holiday. Trains leaving every six minutes for Saltburn and Redcar, Crowds described as heavy in a 70 degree temperature.
1954 Dorman Long revealed it had spent £14 million on its Cleveland and Lackenby works since the war.
1954 Newcomen infant and junior school took delivery of a hand crafted oak shield donated by a woodcarver, and bearing the school’s crest of a lion’s head and three crescents.
20/01/1954 The world’s first fully operational nuclear submarine , USS Nautilus, was launched. Became the first submarine to travel under the Polar ice caps and travelled half million miles during her 25-year career.
18/02/1954 Grease Pulp Fiction and Saturday Night Fever film star John Travolta was born in New Jersey.
22/03/1954 Closed since 1939, the London buliionb market reopens.
02/04/1954 Britain’s first TV soap-opera, The Groves Family, was transmitted.
02/06/1954 Lester Piggott, at 18 became the youngest jockey to win the Derby when he rode Never Say Die.
06/05/1954 Britain’s Rodger Bannister became the first person to run a mile in less than four minutes.
15/06/1954 UEFA (Union of European Football Association) is formed in Basel, Switzerland.
17/06/1954 Boxing legend Rocky Marciano beat Ezzard Charles in 15 rounds in New York to be heavyweight boxing title.
04/07/1954 Fourteen years of food rationing in Britain ended.
05/07/1954 BBC television started its first daily television news programme.
09/07/1954 Rock Around the Clock by Bill Hayley & The Comets became the first rock song to top the Billboard Chart.
1954 Central Cinema re-opens for business.
12/09/1954 Frank Sinatra singer and actor had his first UK No. 1 hit with the song/film ‘Three Coins in a Fountain’.
15/10/1954 Novelist William Golding’s classic novel Lord of the Flies was published in Britain.
02/11/1954 The classic comedy series Hancock’s Half Hour began on BBC Radio.
12/11/1954 New York’s famous immigration control centre at Ellis Island closed after 62 years. Dealt previously with 5,000 people a day coming to America, and 15 million people passed though the centre over the years.
04/12/1954 The First Burger King is opened in Miami.
1955 Redcar Marines Juvenile Jazz Band formed.
1955 Goods train accident happened approaching Redcar Lane crossing, when a goods van and a wagon jumped the rails. Fleet of buses transported passenger to and from stations between Redcar and Saltburn.
1955 Cleveland Show took place on the racecourse, Redcar 2/6d adults and 1s for children.
00/04/1955 Yorkshire miners strike spreads to 11 collieries causing 38 pit closures and 60,000 men on strike wanting revision upwards of piece rates.
00/04/1955 Pavilion Players from Redcar staged a new production with the play Grand national Night, with success, adding to the already many other triumps
05/04/1955 Sir Winston Churchill, aged 80, resigned as Prime Minister, and the following day Anthony Eden took office.
11/06/1955 Le Mans disaster claims 77 lives when a racing car spins off the track
13/07/1955 Nightclub hostess Ruth Ellis became the last woman hanged in Britain when the sentence was carried out at Holloway Prison.
16/07/1955 Stirling Moss won the first British Grand Prix.
17/07/1955 The British Grand Prix was won by Stirling Moss, being the first Englishman to do so.
22/09/2017 The start of commercial television in Britain, with the first advert transmitted being, Gibbs SR toothpaste
30/09/1955 Actor, James Dean, killed in a car crash aged 24.
1955 Tradespeople,, motorists and shoppers protestested over parking arrangements in Redcar
1955 Efforts to salvage the collier ‘Guildford lying on its side, submerged failed and work began to blow up the wreck, for fear of being a danger to other small and larger shipping
17/11/1955 Anglesey became the first authority in Britain to introduce fluoride into its water supply.
12/12/1955 British engineer Sir Christopher Cockerell patented the hovercraft.
1956 1957 Mayor – Councillor Charles Rand.
00/00/1956 Tees built ship ‘REDCAR’ returned to the river Tees on her first commercial visit, brining from Labrador, Sept Isles a cargo of iron ore. Anchor at Dorman Long’s Eston Jetty.
11/02/1956 Cambridge spies Guy Burgess and Donald Mcclean resurfaced in Moscow. Both British diplomats vanished mysteriously in 1951 following the disaqppearance of sensitive documents from the British Embassy in Washington. Both denied they were spies.
15/03/1956 My Fair Lady opened on Broadway starring Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison. Title was adapted from the Cockney pronunciation of “Mayfair”.
18/04/1956 British Chancellor, Harold Macmillan, launched the premium bond scheme
19/04/1956 Actress Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainier of Monaco.
1956 Kirkleatham Hall demolished
1956 Queen Elizabeth II Visits ICI Wilton Works, leaves by Royal Yacht Britannia from Teesport.
1956 Zetland Park filled in and lawned.
1956 Market on West Dyke Road ceased to trade.
1956 Redcar born actress June Laverick gave birth to a baby boy at Middlesbrough General Hospital.
1956 Redcar Public House the Yorkshire Cobble opened
02/07/1956 Elvis Presley recorded Hound Dog and Don’t Be Cruel in New York. It took 32 years before Elvis was happy with the sound of Hound Dog, but when released became an immediate No.1,
01/11/1956 Computer ENIE was born as Premium Bonds first went on sale in Britain.
04/11/1956 The Soviet Union invaded Hungary.
12/11/1956 Sighted in the South Pacific Ocean the largest iceberg, the size of Belgium.
15/11/1956 Elvis Presley’s first film Love Me Tender, premiered in New York.
1957 1958 Mayor – Councillor Stanley Linford.
02/01/1957 Princess Grace of Monaco listed as the best dressed woman of the year by the world’s fashion press in New York.
22/02/1957 Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was formally granted the style and titular dignity of Prince of the United Kingdom by the Queen in recognition of his 10 years’ service to the country.
19/03/1957 Elvis Presley bought Graceland in Memphis for $102,500, More than 600,00 visitors now tour Graceland every year.
14/05/1957 Five months of petrol rationing ended this date due to the Suez crisis.
1957 Locke Park was stocked with Carp, Tench, Perch, Bream, Roach and Eels.
01/06/1957 The first Premium Bond prize winners were drawn by the computer ERNIE with a first prize of £1,000.
1957 A Redcar Police Sergeant M.O. collapsed and died whilst waiting to give evidence at the local Magistrates Court.
1957 Flu epidemic hit Redcar.
08/10/1957 Jerry Lee Lewis went into the studio to record Great Balls of Fire. Released in America 11/11/1957. Instant hit and became one of his trademarks.
04/01/2017 Sir Edmund Hillary with a New Zealand party, reached the South Pole, the first man to do so since Captain Scott.
1958 The 100th Cleveland Dog Society Show took place at the Queens Hotel, Redcar.
04/01/1958 Sputnik 1 fell to earth from orbit.
30/01/1958 Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent held his first fashion show at the age of 22. Christian Dior personally chose him to design his spring collection which brought him acclaim world wide.
06/02/1958 Plane carrying Manchester Untd football team ‘Busby Babes’ crashed on taking off from Munich Airport.
23/02/1958 Cuban rebels kidnap five-times world F1 champion Juan Manuel Fangio.
02/03/1958 A British team led by Vivian Fuchs completed the first crossing of the Antarctic, covering 2,158 miles from the Weddell Sea to the Ross Sea in 99 days.
24/03/1958 Elvis Presley then 23, signed up for the US Army in Memphis, Tennessee.
26/03/1958 Alec Guinness won Best Actor for Bridge Over The River Kwai, but did not attend the awards ceremony.
19/04/1958 Footballer Bobby Charlton made the first of 106 appearances for England. In the match against Scotland, he scored the first of his 49 international goals.
30/04/1958 My Fair Lady reached London’s West End with Julie Andrews in the lead role. Musical ran for 5 years with 2,281 performances..
18/05/1958 The trademark Velcro is registered.
26/05/1958 26/05/1958 & 27/05/1958 Redcar Races televised for the time at two day meeting.
16/06/1958 The notorious yellow no-waiting lines were introduced to British streets.
03/08/1958 US nuclear submarine, ‘Nautilus’, made the first undersea voyage of the North Pole.
18/08/1958 Vladimir Nabokov’s controversial novel ‘Lolita’ is published in the USA.
11/10/1958 The BBC TV sports programme Grandstand was first transmitted.
13/10/1958 Paddington Bear, a classic character from English children’s literature, makes his debut.
27/10/1958 The first edition of BBC television programme Blue Peter was transmitted.
28/10/1958 The State Opening of Parliament televised for the first time.
1958 Little did we know. Redcar Jazz club was formed in Pacitto’s Cafe High Street, Redcar, amongst a group of people who attended there regularly. The first meeting of the club took place in the Royal Hotel Hotel (now partially gone). It became so popular that it then moved to the Red Lion Hotel. By the end of the 1960’s the Jazz Club was well established and moved to the Windsor Ballroom of the Coatham Hotel. This became a top venue in the North East for major Jazz Artists and groups etc.
05/12/1958 Britain’s first motorway, the Preston-by-pass was opened by the Prime Minister Harold Macmillan.
23/12/1958 Dedication of Tokyo Tower, the world’s highest self-supporting iron tower.
1958 1959 Mayor – Councillor Reginald Hall.
January 1959 A track laying machine started to lift the lines on a disused section of the Loftus to Whitby railway line. The machine a Morris Track layer that had been rebuilt after lying rusty for a number of years.
1959-1960 Mayor – Councillor Henry Armstrong Darling.
07/01/1959 The United States recognises the new Cuban government of Fidel Castro.
12/01/1959 Henry Cooper became the British and European heavyweight boxing champion when he defeated Brian London on points.
03/02/1959 Buddy Holly, US singer and guitarist, died in an air crash aged 22. With him were fellow rock n’ rollers Richie Valens and JP “Big Bopper” Richardson.
13/02/1959 The Barbie doll was launched in America. Around 350,000 were sold at $3 each.
1959 Frankie Vaughan visited Coatham Hotel guest at charity banquet.
16/02/1959 Fidel Castro became prime minister of Cuba after overthrowing the regime of Fulgencio Batista.
18/03/1959 EMI discontinued the manufacture of 78 rpm singles
04/05/1959 The first Grammy Awards are held.
21/08/1959 Hawaii became America’s 50th state.
11/10/1959 Postcodes were introduced in Britain for the first time owing to the growing volume of mail. Now 1.7 million postcodes.
02/11/1959 The first stretch of the M1 motorway was opened. Boasted the first motorway service area Blue Boar, which became known later as Watford Gap.
16/11/1959 The Sound of Music, a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical opened on Broadway.
1959 Supplement in The Times – Sea coaling at Redcar is a holiday occupation for Sunday mornings.
1959 Market traditional to Redcar closed


02/01/1960 Politician John Fitzgerald Kennedy announced he would run for the American presidency.
1960 1961 Mayor – Councillor George William Thorne JP.
1960 South Gare Lighthouse converted to gas and electricity.
1960 June 1960 500 Children left Middlesbrough for Redcar for an annual summer outing organised by Acklam Employee’s Welfare Committee. They were accompanied by 200 parents and given sweets and ice-cream
1960 June 1960. Dredging/quay/berths for the new Tees Dock at Lackenby was completed ahead of schedule
16/03/1960 Grocers in the areas of schools were annoyed that schoolchildren in the area were buying biscuits and other goods within their schools (tuck shops) thus their trade was becoming effected.
1960 Late 1960’s the Queens Hotel, High Street, was demolished. (Iceland now stands there)
1960 Food hygiene Inspectors secured an emergency court order for Chilli’s, Redcar High Street to remain closed until Redcar & Cleveland Council are satisfied that there is not health risk.
21/07/1960 Francis Chichester -later Sir- docked in New York in Gypsy Moth II, setting a new record of 40 days for a solo crossing of the Atlantic.
01/08/1960 Chubby Checker singer introduced ‘The Twist’. in the UK. Born as Earnest Evans.
16/08/1960 Cyprus gains its independence from the United Kingdom.
18/08/1960 America introduced the birth control pill.
23/08/1960 Oscar Hammerstein II American lyricist died. With his brother Richard Rodgers produced show/film Oklahoma.
25/08/1960 17th Olympic Games opened in Rome. Light weight boxing gold medal won by an American youth Named Cassius Clay.
13/11/1960 First night of Jazz Club in the Coatham Hotel was Sunday 13th, November, 1960 Nat Gonella & the Georgians appeared – Support band was Mike Taylor Jazzmen from Manchester. Attendance record broken for Jazz Club’s in the North of England, there being approximately 650 attendees.
09/12/1960 First broadcast of the long running British TV soap opera, ‘Cornation Street’
20/06/1960 Floyd Patterson became the first man to retain the world heavyweight boxing title.
30/06/1960 Congo gains independence from Belgium.
20/10/1960 Trial took place re Penguin Books proposed publication of the novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover, under the Obscene Publications Act. Found not guilty.
08/11/1960 John F. Kennedy beat Richard Nixon and became the 35th US President.
02/11/1960 The ‘Lady Chatterley’ book trial ended with publishers, Penguin, cleared of obscenity.
16/11/1960 Clarke Gable the “King of Hollywood” and Oscar winner, died after shooting the final scenes of The Misfits, opposite Marilyn Monroe.
09/12/1960 The first episode of Coronation Street was televised, although it was not networked until Spring 1961. It was originally called Florizel Street.
1961 The population of Redcar was 31,460.
10/08/1961 Britain first applied for membership of the EEC.
15/01/1962 James Bond movie began shooting Dr No. Sean Connery made his debut as Bond.
01/10/1962 Mississippi race riots over first black university student.
1961/1962 Mayor – Councillor Philip Harvey JP.
09/02/1961 The Beatles made their first appearance at the Cavern, Liverpool, during a lunch time session.
23/04/1961 Date of Census. Population of Redcar 31,460
05/05/1961 Commander Alan Shepard returned to Earth after becoming the first American in space.
16/06/1961 Soviet ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev, defected to the West at Paris airport.
01/08/1961 The then Mayor of Redcar stated that the next two years would see an significant increase in houses and population with the town growing faster than ever before.
06/08/1961 Soviet cosmonaut Major Gherman Titov became the second man in orbit. Orbited the Earth 17 times whilst in space for 25 hours.
10/08/1961 Britain first applied for membership of the EEC.
13/08/1961 Germany – Berliners woke to a divided city. East German guards stopped cars passing east through the Brandenburg Gate thus sealing the border. Later a wall was built. the Berlin Wall.
17/09/1961 One of the largest “ban the bomb” demonstrations ended up with 830 arrested including Vanessa Redgrave, and playwright John Osborne.
18/10/1961 Artist Henry Matisse’ Le Bateau attracted crowds when his painting went on show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. 116,000 people and 46 days later, it was found the painting was hanging upside down.
10/02/1962 In Berlin, Germeny,US spy-plane pilot Gary Powers, shot down by the Russians, was exchanged for KGB agent Rudolf Abel, captured in New York five years earlier.
1962 1963 Mayor – Councillor Albert William Kidd.
20/02/1962 John Glen became the first American to orbit the Earth three times, in his spacecraft Friendship Seven, before landing in the Atlantic Ocean safely.
1962 Teesdock opens following the imminent closure of Middlesbrough Docks.
1962 Seal Sands purchased by ICI for development of new chemical plant
12/07/1962 The Rolling Stones perform their first concert, at the Marquee Club in London.
1962 Teesmouth Coxswain John Stonehouse received bronze medal for gallantry from RNLI rescuing a three man crew from yacht ‘Sybil Kathleen’ off Skinningrove.
21/07/1962 The Rolling Stones made their first appearance, at the Marquee club in London
31/08/1962 Tinidad and Tobago becomes independent.
21/09/1962 The British TV quiz programme University Challenge, conducted by Bamber Gascoigne, was first transmitted.Bamber
1962 Sir William Turner’s Grammar School moved to new site on Corporation Road.
01/10/1962 Barbra Streisand signed her first recording contract and brought out multi-Grammy winning album The Barbra Streisand Album the following year on Columbia Records.
17/10/1962 The Beatles made their first ever television appearance on Granada Television, Manchester.
24/11/1962 Satirical TV programme That Was The Week That Was went out for the first time. introduced by newcomer David Frost, with material written by equally unknown John Cleese.
14/12/1962 The ‘Mona Lisa’ was given the highest ever insurance value for a painting; $10 million.
14/12/1962 NASA’s Mariner 2 becomes the first spacecraft to fly by Venus.
1963 1964 Mayor – Councillor Stanley Brotton.
09/04/1963 Former Prime Minister Winston Churchill was made the first honorary citizen of the United States. To this day only two have received this award, the other being Mother Teresa.
05/06/1963 Secretary of War, John Profumo, resigned over his relationship with a call girl, Christine Keeler.
1963 Two Jazz Festivals held on Redcar Racecourse with a Jazz Ball staged on Bank Holiday Monday
16/06/1963 The first woman astronaut, Valentina Tereshkova, blasted off in the Soviet spacecraft Vostok 6.
1963 Caravan Park opened, Coatham end of Town.
1963 Zetland Lifeboat taken by road to Leith, Edinburgh for the 9th International Lifeboat Conference.
1963 The playing fields within Locke Park were amongst the first to be allocated money from the Prince of Edinburgh’s Playing Field Scheme’s
08/08/1963 Great Train Robbery took place near Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, and more than £2.5 million in untraceable banknotes taken
05/09/1963 Christine Keeler was arrested and charged with perjury over the Profumo Affair. Later pleaded guilt and jailed for nine months.
09/09/1963 Scotland’s Jim Clark became the world’s youngest motor racing champion at the age of 27 years.
22/09/1963 Murder. The body of Linda Cook found at 7am in Green Lane, Redcar.
19/10/1963 Sir Alex Douglas-Home succeeded Harold MacMillan as Prime MInister.
04/11/1963 The Beatles played at the Royal Variety Performance in front of the Queen Mother.
22/11/1963 John F Kennedyu president of the United States, was assassinated in Texas, during the run up to the 1964 presidential campaign
23/11/1963 The first episode of the BBC TV serial Doctor Who was screened in Britain. The Doctor was played by William Hartnell.
24/11/1963 Lee Harvey Oswald charged with killing President Kennedy, was shot dead by club owner Jack Ruby at Dallas Police Headquarters.
13/01/1964 A reluctant Capitol Records released the first Beatles record in the US “to see how it goes”. I wanna Hold Your Hand became the fastest-selling single – one million copies we sold in the first three weeks.
28/03/1964 The pirate ship, ‘Radio’ Caroline’, began transmitting from a ship in the North Sea.
16/04/1964 Twelve members of the Great Train Robbery gang were sentenced to a total of 307 years in jail for their part in the £2.6m robbery mail train.
1964 Roseberry Square Shopping Centre opened.
18/05/1964 The seaside resort of Clacton was the scene of pitched battles by gangs of Mods and Rockers.
04/06/1964 Geoffrey Boycott made his cricket test debut against Australia at Trent Bridge.
13/06/1964 Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment and sent to Robben Island, seven miles off Cape Town, sparking international protests.
1964 A 19,000 tonne vessel Welsh Herald carrying 27,000 tonnes of ore. Biggest shipment ever to arrive on the river and unloaded at Dorman Long’s South Bank wharf.
27/07/1964 Sir Winston Churchill made his last appearance in the House of Commons.
12/08/1964 Ian Fleming best selling author and creator of James Bond died.
18/08/1964 South Africa was banned from the Olympic Games because of its racial policies.
1964 Female body discovered floating in the sea at Coatham.Police appeal for identity.
23/09/1964 The first performance of Fiddler On The Roof took place in New York, with Zero Mostel singing If I Was A Rich Man.
28/09/1964 Harpo Marx, the silent one who chased girls and played the harp. died aged 75 years.
15/10/1964 American composer and songwriter Cole Porter died in California aged 73. Successes included the film and soundtrack of the film a ‘High Society’.
24/10/1964 American civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King jnr was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. for his nonviolent campaign against racism. Donated prize $54,600 to the civil rights movement.
25/10/1964 President Kaunda took power in Zambia.
1965 1966 Mayor – Councillor Gordon Timperley Thornton.
24/01/1965 Winstin Churchill (born November 30, 1874, Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, England—died January 24, 1965, London), British statesman, orator, and author who as prime minister (1940–45, 1951–55) rallied the British people during World War II and led his country from the brink of defeat to victory.
30/01/1965 The state funeral of Winston Churchill (90 years) took place and Big Ben was silenced for the funeral procession.
11/02/1965 Ringo Starr married Liverpool hairdresser Maureen “Mo” Cox at Caxton Hall Register Office in London.
15/02/1965 Nat King Cole, US singer and Pianist, died of cancer.
00/06/1965 The film Goldfiinger with 007 James Bond was shown at The Regent Cinema.
05/07/1965 Maria Callas gave her last stage performance – in Tosca – at Covent Garden. She was 41.
28/08/1965 Bob Dylan booed for playing electric guitar at a concert in New York’s Forest Hills.
1965 Limited customs experiment for Teesside Airport introduced.
1965 11th Century camp of refuge created by Gospatric and known as Freedom Land destroyed to build Steel House nearby.
1965 Central and Regent Cinemas, Market Hall, demolished and rebuilt to become Craighton House.
1965 Lifeboats – Aquila Wren into service and saving 28 lives.
1965 Laburnum Road Library opened on site of old Sir William Turners Grammar School.
1965 After 900 years the remains of a camp from approx 1910, were covered over by the then Dorman Long Steel works.
08/10/1965 The Post Office Tower in London became operational. It was opened by Prime Minister Harold Wilson.
26/10/1965 The Beatles went to Buckingham Palace to be presented with their MBE’s.
12/12/1965 Last of the Beatles concerts in Britain took place at the Capitol Theatre in Cardiff, in front of 5,000 fans. 25,000 applied for tickets.
1966 1967 Mayor – Alderman Lancelot Harold Baker JP.
00/00/1966 Telephone lines, trees toppled as gales sweep across Teesside area, accompanied with heavy rain making some road impassable.
21/01/1966 George Harrison married Patti Boyd at Epsom register office, in Surrey. Beatle Paul McCartney was Best Man and manager Brian Epstein was present. John Lennon and Ringo Starr were away on holiday.
01/03/1966 Chancellor of the Exchequer James Callaghan said Britain would switch to decimal currency from 1971.
1966 Part of the wall surrounding St. Peter’s Parish Church, Redcar was demolished to make improvements at the crossroads for traffic.The section effected was turned into an open space allowing for the widening of Lord Street. The grave stones were taken down and replaced elsewhere.
1966 64-year-old Redcar widow won £13,123 on the football pools.
1966 Teesside Aiport opened. Former Wartime aerodrome ‘Goosepool’
1966 Dorman Long became British Steel Corp.
01/06/1966 Folk fans at the Royal Albert Hall booed Bob Dylan for performing with an electric guitar.
1966 Wheatlands Park Estate – commenced building.
1966 New library opened on site of the Grammar School.
1966 Christ Church (Church in the Fields) damaged by fire. NFD
11/07/1966 World Cup Willie became the first ever football tournament mascot (a lion)
23/07/1966 Prime Minister Harold Wilson re-opened the revamped Cavern Club in Liverpool
15/08/1966 The Princess Royal (Princess Ann) was born.
18/08/1966 The Tay Road Bridge was opened.
08/09/1966 The Severn Bridge was officially opened by the Queen.
29/09/1966 The Chevrolet Camaro, originally named Panther, is introduced.
21/10/1966 Disaster struck the Welsh village of Aberfan when under rainy conditions slag slid down a tip and engulfed a children’s school, houses and a farm. 144 people died, 116 of them being children.
22/10/1966 George Blake, is a former British spy who worked as a double agent for the Soviet Union, escaped from Wormwood Scrubs. He escaped via East Germany into Russia where he remained.
12/11/1966 The Beach Boys were No.1 in the music charts with Good Vibrations. Record cost $75,000 to produced being the most expensive record at the time produced.
30/11/1966 Barbados becomes independent from the United Kingdom.
10/12/1966 Sir Cliff Richard made his debut playing Buttons in the London Palladium production of Cinderella.
15/12/1966 Walt Disney, cartoon film producer and creator, died aged 65.
31/12/1966 George Harrison was refused admission to Annabel’s Nightclub in London. He and his party, which included Beatles manager Brian Epstein and Eric Clapton, saw in the New Year in the Lyons Corner House instead.
1967/1968 Mayor – Councillor Mrs Hannah Cunningham.
01/01/1967 Tees Conservancy Commision replaced by the Tees and Hartlepool Port Authority. Now responsible for all the port area.
04/01/1967 Donald Campbell died attempting to break the world water speed record on Coniston Water, in the Lake District.
28/04/1967 Mauhammad Ali refused induction into the US army and was stripped of his heavyweight boxing title.
1967 Doman Long became part of the British Steel Corporation
16/06/1967 The Monterey Pop Festival begins.
27/06/1967 The world’s first ATM is installed in Enfield, London.
1967 Redcar’s last Mayor Councilor Nancy Cunningham. She was only the second woman to hold that position.
1967 Roseberry Square Library opened.
Redcar Regent Cinema showing Alfie’, starring Michael Caine which was billed as ‘by popular demand. Freddie and the Dreamers starring at the Fiesta Night
03/12/1967 First Human heart transplant took place in Cape Town, South Africa, by Christiaan BArnard and team of surgeons in Cape Town, South Africa. Patient died 18 days later from double pneumonia.
01/06/1967 ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ by The Beatles, is released.
06/07/1967 Using Sir Francis Drake’s sword, the Queen knighted Francis Chichester, who had sailed solo around the world in Gypsy Moth.
26/08/1967 Brian Epstein who made the Beatles died at his London home of an overdose.
29/09/1967 Radio 1 went on air for the first time with The Breakfast Show introduced by Tony Blackburn. First record was Flowers in the Rain.
08/10/1967 Transport Minister Barbara Castle introduced the roadside breathalysers for motor vehicle drivers who faced a 12 month ban if they were found to be over the limit. Traffic accidents dropped dramatically once they cam into force.
27/10/1967 The Queen launched the new Cunard cruise liner the Queen Elizabeth 2, at a ceremony on the Clydebank.
22/01/1968 Apollo 5 lifted off, carrying the first lunar module into space.
04/02/1968 The first trials of the world’s largest hovercraft were held. The British Hovercraft Corporation-built vessel named Princess Margaret, began running cross-channel services between Dover and Boulogne.
1968 County Borough of Teesside formed with unification of Stocton, Billingham. Redcar, Thornaby and Middlesbrough.
1968 Three oil refineries built on Seal Sands to supply chemical industries and one refinery on the South of the Tees at Teesport.
1968 138 mile pipeline completed linking ICI Teesside with plant in Runcorn, supplying ethylene in gaseous form.
01/01/1968 Alexander Dub’ek comes to power: ‘Prague Spring’ begins in Czechoslovakia.
1968 York Hotel, Coatham Road, Redcar opened.
1968 14/03/1968 – Final meeting of Redcar Borough Council took place on this date.
16/05/1968 Collapse of a London tower block Ronan Point.
22/05/1968 First meeting of Teesside County Borough Council took place.
25/05/1968 St Louis Gateway Arch is dedicated.
08/06/1968 James Earl Ray, wanted for the murder of Martin Luther King, was arrested in London travelling under an assumed name with a Canadian passport.
17/07/1968 The Beatle’s animated, Yellow Submarine’, premièred in London.
18/07/1968 Intel is founded in Mountain View, California.
20/07/2017 Actress Jane-Asher broke off her engagement with Paul McCartney in a BBC television interview.
31/08/1968 Sir Garfield Sobers of Nottinghamshire became the first cricketer to score six sixes off an over
06/09/1968 Swaziland become independent.
06/10/1968 British drivers took the first three places in the US Grand Prix. Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill, John Surtees.
16/10/1968 During the Olympics awards ceremony two athletes gave a black power salute.
22/10/1968 After orbiting the Earth 163 times, the spacecraft ‘Apollo 7’, splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean.
24/12/1968 Astronauts Frank Borman, James Lovell and WQilliam Anders piloted the first manned space mission into orbit around the Moon.
1968 1969 Mayor – Alderman John Appleby Brown (Middlesbrough).
1968 Redcar became part of Teesside Borough
1969 1970 Mayor – Alderman Frederick Talbot Webster (Stockton).
14/01/1969 Football legend Sir Matt Busby retired from Manchester United. He survived the Munich air crash tragedy in 1958 which claimed eight of his “Busby Babes” players.
18/02/1969 Approximately one thousand people turned out to the wedding of Bee Gees singer Maurice Gibb and singer Lulu. Married at St. James Church, Gerrard’s Cross, Buckinghamshire.
02/03/1969 The French built supersonic airliner Concorde made its maiden flight from Toulouse.
10/03/1969 James Earl Ray pleaded guilty to murdering American civil rights leader Martin Luther King and was sentenced to 99 years in jail.
12/03/1969 Beatle Paul McCartney married American photographer Linda Eastman.
19/03/1969 The 385 metre TV mast at Emley Moor, UK, collapsed due to build up of ice
1969 Concorde flew for the first time.
1969 Bandstand demolished to be replaced by the ‘Beach centre’ later to become ‘Old Kent Road’ then ‘Leos’
1969 Zetland Museum opened by Teesside council.
1969 First Boxing Day dip- Redcar Lions.
02/04/1969 Official maiden voyage of the QE2 to New York.
22/04/1969 The Queen Elizabeth II left on a mini cruise to Las Palmas before returning on its first official maiden voyage to New York. A world cruise trip lasted about 80 days.
26/05/1969 John Lennon and Yoko Ono began a one week ‘bed-in’ to promote world peace in a Montreal hotel. Another later followed in Amsterdam.
05/07/1969 More then 300,000 rock fans attended a free concert by the Rolling Stones in London’s Hyde Park.
21/07/1969 Neil Armstrong and Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin became the first people to walk on the Moon. Stepping out he said, “One giant step for mankind.”
18/08/1969 400.000 fans attended The Woodstock Music Festival, New York ended with Jimi Hendrix as the final act. Because of traffic jams adverse weather and shortage of food it led to the even being decaled a disaster area,
31/08/1969 Rocky Marciano, American world heavyweight boxing champion 1952-1956. who retired undefeated, was killed in an air crash In Iowa.
01/09/1969 Colonel Gaddafi seized power in Libya, over throwing King Idris I.
13/09/1969 “Apollo 9” returned to Earth
19/09/1960 Traffic Wardens issued the first Parking Tickets in central London. Penalty £2.
14/10/1969 The 50p decimal coin was first issued in Britain, replacing the 10 shilling note.
24/10/1969 Richard Burton bought his wife. Elizabeth Taylor, a 69.4 carat diamond, costing more than a million dollars.
19/11/1969 Astronauts from the second Apollo mission landed on the moon. Commander Charles ‘Pete’ Conrad became the third man to walk on the moon followed by Lieutenant- Commander Alan Bean 30 minutes later.
16/12/1969 MPs vote, by a large majority, for the abolition of the death penalty for murder.


1970 1971 Mayor – Alderman Gordon Timberley Thornton (Redcar).
1970 In Redcar a resident Mr William Ling was awarded a testimonial on vellum by the Royal Humane Society, for rescuing a fellow seaman from drowning.
1970 Land Sailing Club formed at Redcar (more info required)
14/06/1970 Bobby Charlton played his 106th and last football match for England in the World Cup in Mexico. His first was April, 19, 1958, against Scotland.
16/07/1970 The Government declared a state of emergency and brought in troops to deal with a dock strike. 47,000 on strike to have tjeir basic wage raised to £11 a week.
08/08/1970 The Match Of The Day theme tune was aired for the first time. It has been called the most famous tune on British television
18/10/1970 Fishing Boat incident Teesmouth when boat sank with its owner. Further three persons rescued.
10/11/1970 The Great Wall of China was opened to tourists.
06/02/1971 ‘Apollo14’ crew landed on the moon.
Astronaut Alan Shepherd played golf on the moon, and struck two gold golf balls on the surface. The shots travelled more than 200 yards in the low density
08/03/1971 Boxer Joe Frazier defeated Mohammed Ali on points to become World Heavyweight Champion.
16/03/1971 Boxer Henry Cooper announced his retirement after losing his title to Joe Bugner.
29/03/1971 Charles Manson and three members of his cult were sentenced to death in Los Angeles for the murders of seven people and one unborn child.
29/03/1970 Easter Sunday. Over this period of Easter, council workers were brought out to fight an oil slick 1 mile long threatening Redcar Beach. Believe to have come from a slick further up the coast at Northumberland.
03/06/1971 The longest running comedy in UK theatre history No Sex Please We’re British opened in London, Savoy Theatre. Ran for 6,761 performances before closing in 1987.
06/08/1971 Chay Blyth completed his first solo round-the-world sail against prevailing winds in 292 days.
1971 NOTE – 15/02/1971 United Kingdom changes currency
00/07/1971 English National Sheepdog trials held their first ever show on Teesside. sheepdog
1971 Redcar parent requested prompt action regarding West Dyke Infant School toilets which had not altered since before the war. Children had to cross icy yard to get to the outside toilets.
18/07/1971 Legendary Footballer Pele played his last international appearance for Brazil in a game against Yugoslavia in front of thousands of fans in the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Score 2-2.
27/10/1971 The Democratic Republic of the Congo is named Zaire.
09/11/1871 Henry Morton Stanley, sent to Africa by his newspaper to find Scottish missionary David Livingstone, finally made contact with him at Ujiji on Lake Tanganyika with the words “Doctor Livingstone I presume.”
1971 1972 Mayor – Alderman Ronald Hall (Redcar).
11/01/1972 East Pakistan renames itself Bangladesh
17/02/1972 Volkswagen broke the record held by Model T Ford by selling the 15,007,034th production of the Beetle.
22/02/1972 An IRA bomb killed seven people at Aldershot barracks.
22/04/1972 The first people to row across the Pacific Ocean arrived in Australia aboard their boat Britannia II. Sylvia Cook and John Fairfax epic 8,000 mile trip started in San Francisco and took them 361 days.
30/04/1972 UK Premiere of Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry movie
07/05/1972 Reginald Kenneth Dwight officially changed his name by deed poll to Elton Hercules John. His middle named came from the horse Hercules featured in sit-com Steptoe and Son.
17/06/1972 Don McLean’s song Vincent about artist Vincent Van Gogh was at No.1 in Britain. The sheet music, and some of Van Gogh paint brushes were buried in a time capsule at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.
18/06/1972 British European Airways Trident aeroplane crashed taking off from Heathrow airport, killing 118 men, women and children.
26/08/1972 The 20th Olympic Games opened in Munich.
04/09/1972 American swimmer Mark Spitz became the first Olympic athlete to win seven gold medals.
1972 Nuclear power started supplying electricity.
1972 Queen Elizabeth opened the new London Bridge.
1972 Redcar Squash Club formed as an offshoot of Redcar Rugby Club
1972 Memorial Clock bell given to Marske Parish Church. It had not been used for almost 60 years
1972 Lifeboats – Sir James Knott into service saving 68 lives.
11/09/1972 The BBC TV quiz ‘Mastermind’ was first transmitted.
17/09/1972 Comedy series M*A*S* premiered on NBC TV in America. Went on to show 251 episodes with last one 125 million viewers watching.
22/09/1972 Idi Amin gave Uganda’s 8,000 Asians 48 hours to leave the country.
11/12/1972 Apollo 17 becomes the sixth and last Apollo mission to land on the Moon.
19/12/1972 Last manned mission by NASA astronauts. with module splashing down in the Pacific Ocean.
1972 1973 Mayor – Councillor Maurice Sutherland (Stockton).
14/01/1973 Multi Talented performer Roy Castle tap danced his way into the record books
23/01/1973 American President Richard Nixon announced “peace with honour” ending with the ceasefire in Vietnam. US military intervention began in 1965. This was America’s longest war.
27/01/1973 America signed a ceasefire to end its military action in Vietnam.
09/03/1973 The Provisional IRA terrorists exploded a bomb at the Old Bailey, at the time of the referendum.
24/03/1973 Rock Band Pink Floyd released The Dark Side Of The Moon, which went on to become on of the biggest-selling albums of all time.
26/03/1973 Women were allowed to enter the London Stock Exchange for the first time in its 200 year history.
02/07/1973 Successful comedian Peter Kay was born. His live arena shows have broken records for ticket sales.
17/07/1973 The Everyly Brothers parted on stage in California when Phil smashed his guitar and stormed off, leaving Don to finish the gig.
20/08/1973 The Sydney Opera House opens.
10/09/1973 Muhammed Ali defeated Ken Norton and won the NABF Heavyweight title.
23/09/1973 Juan Peron was re-elected president of Argentina after being ousted almost 18 years earlier.
1973 The 810 ton Dutch coaster ‘Hendrik a’ was wrecked off High Point, Saltscar, Redcar.
08/10/1973 Britain’s first independent licensed commercial radio began broadcasting, goin on air at 6am.
20/10/1873 The Dalai Lama made his first visit to the UK.
20/10/1973 Sydney Opera House opened by the Queen.
12/11/1973 The group Queen began their first UK tour at the Leeds Town Hall.
14/11/1973 The wedding of Queen Elizabeth 11’s only daughter, Princess Anne, at Westminster Abbey.
1973 1974 Councillor Gordon W Hodgson (BEM Chairman) 21/06/1973. The First Annual Meeting took place of Langbaurgh Borough Council, on Thursday, 21st, June, 1974, at 10.30am in the Council Chamber, Eston Town Hall.
1973 1974 Mayor – Alderman Leonard Poole (Middlesbrough).
00/00/1974 Redcar Health Committee introduce a smokeless Zone for the town. The first being the Lakes Estate. Electric fires and radiators to be introduced.
18/02/1976 Carl Andre’s “pile of bricks” sculpture at the Tate Gallery caused controversy. Known as Equivalent VIII and was a rectangle of fire bricks in a rectangle, and costing £2,297.
00/03/1974 Terry Scott, actor and comedian drove straight off the front platform of the Transporter Bridge, thinking it was the road. His car was caught by the safety net but was written off.
26/03/1974 The Final Meeting of Teesside County Borough Council took place on this date.
1974 1975 Mayor – Councillor W Hodgson. BEM.
1974 British Steel Corp. debated plans for building a bridge or tunnel to connect their Redcar Works and Seal sands plants saving a 16 miles journey. Cost 20 million pounds.
04/05/1974 Abba reached the top of the pop charts with Waterloo, the Eurovision song contest winner.
1974 Redcar residents of France Street and Red Lion Street took legal action against Langbaurgh Council following flooding to their homes.
02/09/1974 Edward Heath’s Morning Cloud III was sunk in a Force 9 gale in the English Channel.
14/09/1974 Chia-Chia and Ching-Ching, giant pandas, arrived at London Zoo
1974 HM Coastguard, Tees Coastguard control centre established at South Gare.
05/10/1974 Five people died and 65 were injured when the IRA bombed two pubs in Guilford.
1974 Langbaurgh Borough Council replaced Teesside County Borough.
1974 Ridley House (former site of public library demolished).
05/12/1974 Final episode of ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ broadcast by the BBC.
24/12/1974 Drowned former UK minister, John Stonehouse, found alive after faking his own death. Living under a false name with his secretary in Australia.
1975 Damaged caused by 80 mph winds along the coastline. Redcar’s’ NLI was put on alert. Part of the beach centre roof was blown off during the winds.
1975-1976 Mayor – Councillor J Morgan. BEM.
04/02/1975 Sir Edward Hearth resigned as Tory leader, but remained a backbencher MP until his retirement in 2001.
1975 A19 Viaduct (Flyover) commenced taking traffic A19 over the River Tees Middlesbrough/Stockton North and South
19/04/1975 British actor William Hartnell died. Best known for playing the first Doctor Who series on television between November 1963 and July 1967. Returned to Dr Who to celebrate 10th Anniversary in a four part special involving three of the other Doctors.
05/06/1975 The first live radio broadcast of Parliament, from the House of Commons.
10/06/1975 It Ain’t Half Hot Mum comedy favourites Windsor Davies and Don Estell were no 1 in the Uk music charts with Whispering Grass.
05/07/1975 Arthur Ashe, American tennis player, became the first black man to win the Wimbledon singles’ championship.
11/07/1875 Archaeologists finished the first excavations of the Terracotta Army, discovered in China.
1975 Redcar resident Mr Benjamin Jones died at the age of 105 years.
1975 Sir William Turner’s moved as a Sixth Form College, to Redcar Lane.
11/08/1975 The Government took ownership of British Leyland, the only British owned car company.
24/09/1975 Douglas Heston and Doug Scott became the first Britons to conquer Everest
22/10/1975 Art Garfunkel was number one in the music charts with I Only Have Eyes For You. Originally written in 1934 for Busby Berkeley musical film Dames.
03/11/1975 The North Sea pipeline, the first to be built underwater bringing 400,000 barrels each day was opened by The Queen.
19/11/1975 One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, based of the 1962 book by Ken Kesey, was released in cinemas. Went on 50 win 5 Oscar’s and the best actor award to Jack Nicholson. Film made more that £120m.
1976 1977 Mayor – Councillor Jack S Dyball.
1976 Construction of Kielder Dam commenced mainly to supply the needs of Industries in the North East, mainly Teesside.
02/01/1976 Queen were at number 1 in music charts with Bohemian Rhapsody. Freddie Mercury reported to have written the song on scraps of paper and telephone books.
12/01/1976 Dame Agatha Christie, the world’s most successful detective story writer, died. aged 85.
11/02/1976 John Curry was awarded the men’s figure skating gold medal at the Innsbruck Winter Olympic Games. First Britain to win a solo title. 20 million TV viewers watch his performance on TV.
05/04/1976 James Callaghan won the Labour leadership contest and became Prime Minister.
05/04/1976 Billionaire recluse Howard Hughes died on his private jet on his way to Houston, Texas.
11/04/1976 The Apple 1 is created.
29/06/1976 The Seychelles become Independent from the United Kingdom.
01/08/1976 World Champion Formula 1 racing driver Niki Lauder badly burned in an accident German Grand Prix
05/09/1976 Eurovision winners Abba went to the top of the charts again with Dancing Queen.
09/09/1976 The death of Chairman Mao Zedong.
09/09/1976 Mao Tse-tung (Chairman Mao) died aged 82 after a series of strokes.
04/10/1976 Official launch of the Inter-City 125 high-speed train.
15/10/1976 Two men from the Ulster Defence Regiment were jailed for 35 years in connection with the murders of the Miami Show Band. 7 people died in total.
03/12/1976 40 foot flying pig broke its moorings at Battersea Power Station during a photo shoot for Pink Floyd’s album Animals. Later at 18,000 feet over Chatham, Kent. Airports made aware of situation.
1977 1978 Mayor – Councillor Leonard A Douglass. JP
1977 02/77. Local Newspaper reported allegations of overcrowding in boarding houses in Redcar. Boarding houses being converted to accommodate large workforce at both British Steel and Redcar steelworks. Five or six men to a room.
27/03/1977 Two jumbo jets collided on a runway in Tenerife, killing hundreds of people, some from the UK
02/04/1977 Charlotte Brew became the first female jockey to ride in the Grand National at Aintree with the horse refusing at the 27th fence. The eventual winner was Red Rum.
27/08/1977 First ever Teesside Steel Family Gala held at the Redcar Racecourse.
17/08/1977 The Soviet icebreaker Artika becomes the first surface ship to reach the North Pole.
16/09/1977 Maria Callas opera singer was found dead in her Paris flat, aged 53.
26/09/1977 Freddie Laker’s first cut-price Sky train flight to New York from Gatwick
01/10/1977 World renown footballer Brazilian legend Pele retired from football. He scored 1,281 goals in his career.
18/10/1977 German anti-terror troops stormed a high-jacked Lufthansa airliner at Mogadishu, Somalia, killing three Palestinian terrorists, and freeing all hostages.
21/11/1977 The first occasion that Supersonic passenger aircraft Concorde, flew from London to New York’s John F Kennedy Airport.
21/01/1978 The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack featuring The Bee Gees, Kool and the Gang, and KC Sunshine Band Topped the US billboard chart. The music sold 30,000 copies when first released. Later sold 20 million, and became the popular music film soundtrack starring John Travolta.
07/04/1978 US President Jimmy Carter took the decision to postpone production of the controversial neutron bomb.
17/05/1978 Compact discs were created by Philips.
24/05/1978 The London to Washington, DC, service begins.
24/05/1978 Princess MArgaret’s 18 year marriage to Lord Snowden was ended by a special procedure divorce.
25/06/1878 First occasion when the Rainbow Flag was raised during the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade.
Redcar’s Coatham Bowl was the venue for the selection of the 1978 British Steel Gala Queen. 22 contestants from steelworks around the area.
17/08/1978 First transatlantic balloon crossing by ‘Double Eagle’, landed in Normandy, France.
26/08/1978 Cardinal Albino Luciani was elected Pope John Paul I. Within 33 days he was dead.
28/09/1978 Pope John 1 died after only 33 days as Pontiff
1978 A four day holiday in Blackpool for 78 pensioners from the Pig and Whistle public house was organised and paid for by younger customes.
1978 James Cook Museum opened in Stewart Park.
1979 David Coverdale former Depp Purple star, brought his acclaimed new band Whitesnake, to the Coatham Bowl.
1978 1979 Mayor – Councillor Mrs Pat J Zoryk.
02/01/1979 Sex Pistol Sid Vicious, on bail charged with killing girlfriend Nancy Spungen, died of a heroin overdose in New York.
1979 1980 Mayor – Councillor Mrs Ivy M Cole.
1979 During the Spring of this year the Cleveland Organ Society installed a Wurlitzer Organ.
1979 In the Spring of 1979, 32 houses were flooded at Dormanstown, owing to the excessive rainfall. Local becks overflowing onto Armitage Road. The whole flooded area was described as a Venetian lagoon.
01/02/1979 Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran after 14 years exile’ in France.
18/02/1979 Some falls of snow in the Sahara Desert in southern Algeria for the only time in recorded history.
22/02/1979 Independence of Saint Lucia from the United Kingdom.
19/03/1979 Richard Beckinsale comedy actor in Rising Damp and Porridge died from a massive heart attack.
04/05/1979 Margaret Thatcher became Britain’s first woman prime minister.
11/06/1979 Marion Robert Morrison, better known as John Wayne, movie star died. Nicknamed The Duke.
14/08/1979 The longest lasting rainbow on record took place over North Wales from the coast of Gwynedd to Clwyd, remaining for more than 3 hours.
27/08/1979 Earl Mountbatten, the Queen’s cousin, killed when the IRA exploded a remote controlled 50lb bomb on his boat Shadow V off the coast on County Sligo, Ireland.
24/10/1979 Paul Mc Carney celebrated being the most successful composer of all time. Presented with a rhodium disc.
16/11/1979 Anthony Blunt was revealed as the ‘fourth man’ in the Philby affair.
30/12/1979 Richard Rodger’s on of the world’s best-known composers of musicals died in New York, aged 77.


1980 1981 Mayor – Councillor Terry Collins.
22/02/1980 British ice skater Robert Cousins won the gold medal for figure skating in Lake Placid Olympics.
30/03/1980 Jesse Owens, winner of four Olympic golds in Berlin in 1936, died.
30/04/1980 The Iranian Embassy siege begins in London.
05/05/1980 The Iranian embassy siege , in London, ended dramatically after a raid by SAS commandos.
18/05/1909 Mount St Helen’s volcano in the American state of Washington erupted, killing 100 people. A cloud of ash 2,500 miles long and 1,000 miles wide was created.
1980 First oil arrived in a 220 mile pipe line to the River Tees from Ekofisk Field. It was loaded aboard the ship ‘Ross Head’ at a new Phillips Terminal costing £120m. The ship was loaded with 80,000 tons of crude oil.
1980 Teesside got its first international air terminal service Air Anglia. Services to Amsterdam, Norwich, and Aberdeen.
1980 Middlesbrough Docks closed. Area to be redeveloped.
1980 Zetland Museum closed, re-opened by volunteers.
02/09/1980 John Archer, BBC cricket commentator, called his last game, England v Australia at Lord’s, before retiring after 35 years broadcasting.
1980 Following just a year the Wurlitzer Organ was removed from the pier.
1980 Zetland Museum closed then re-opened by volunteers.
1980 Zetland lifeboat and museum ran by a volunteer group.
1980 Fish and chips served by topless staff from a shop in Redcar.
1980 From Christmas of this year demolition of Redcar Pier started.
17/10/1980 Queen Elizabeth II met Pope John Paul at the Vatican. The first state visit by a British monarch to the Vatican City.
04/11/1980 Ronald Regan was elected 40th President of the USA.
23/11/1980 In Southern Italy approximately 4,800 people were killed in a series of earthquakes.
08/12/1980 John Lennon was shot dead in New York by Mark David Chapman
1981 1982 Mayor – Councillor Naorman Lantsbery.
05/01/1981 The hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper who killed 13 women over four years, ended when lorry driver Peter Sutcliffe was charged with murder.
09/02/1981 Rock ‘n’ roller Bill Haley died. He spearheaded the 1950’s rock revolution with Rock Around The Clock.
20/03/1981 Britain reintroduced the £50 note
23/03/1981 Englishman Mike Hailwood, nine times world motor cycling champion, died two days after a car crash in which his nine-year old daughter was also killed.
29/03/1981 The first London Marathon was won by Norwegian Inge Simonsen and American Dick Beardsley – crossing the tape hand in hand
30/03/1981 US president Ronald Regan was wounded in an assassination bid outside Washington’s Hilton Hotel.
11/05/1981 Reggae singer Bob Marley died of cancer.
03/06/1981 Acclaimed racehorse Shergar, ridden by jockey Walter Swinburn, won the Epson Derby by a record 10 lengths. The fastest ever recorded in its 226 year history.
24/08/1981 Mark Chapman was sentenced to 20 years to life for the murder of John Lennon.
10/09/1981 Picasso’s anti-war mural Guernica returned to Spain after 40 years custodianship in the US. Picasso refused to allow the painting to be shown in Spain until the restoration of democracy.
21/09/1981 Belize is granted full independence from the United Kingdom.
1981 Kirkleatham Old Hall Museum opened.
06/10/1981 Egypt’s President Sadat was assassinated.
23/12/1981 Geoffrey Boycott took his score to 86 not out against India at Delhi to become the (then) most prolific run-scoring batsman in Test history.
12/01/1982 Mark Thatcher disappeared in the Sahara while on the Paris-Dakar rally. He was later spotted by a search plane and rescued.
30/02/1982 Comedy actor Stanley Holloway dies at the age of 91. Starred in films like The Lavender Hill Mob, and The Titfield Thunderbolt.
03/03/1982 The Barbican Arts Centre in London was opened.
02/04/1982 Argentina invaded the British territory of the Falkland Islands, in the South Atlantic
02/05/1982 British submarine HMS Conqueror sank the Argentine Navy Cruiser the ARA General Belgrano during the Falklands War.
19/05/1982 Italian actress Sophia Loren was jailed for a month for tax evasion.
14/09/1982 Princess Grace of Monaco, sometimes known as Grace Kelly, died in a Monaco hospital without regaining consciousness after a car crash the day before.
24/09/1982 Swedish tennis star Bjorn Borg retired at the age of 26 after winning five consecutive Wimbledon championships.
08/10/1982 CATS the musical opened on Broadway, and ran for 18 years closing 10/09/2000 after 7,485 performances.
October 1982 The Redcar RAOB moved into the former Zetland Club in Nelson Terrace in October 1982. The club closed its doors six month previously because of dwindling support and soaring overheads – but members embarked on a do it yourself scheme to get the club up and running again.
02/11/1982 Television Chanel 4 began transmitting.
12/12/1982 30,000 women encircled Greenham Common air base Berkshire in protest of British Government decision to allow US cruise missiles to be based there.
15/12/1982 Spain opened its border with Gibralter
1982 Last shop in Warrenby closed about this time. Owner Gloria Chigthai.
1982 1983 Mayor – Councillor William Herlingshaw. MBE.
08/03/1983 President Regan called the Soviet Union an “evil empire”.
21/04/1983 One pound coins went into circulation in Britain, replacing paper notes in England and Wales but not in Scotland and Northern Ireland.
19/03/1984 Mayor – Councillor Ron Jones. JP. BA.
09/04/1983 Jenny Pitman became the first woman trainer to have a horse win the Grand National. Ben de Haan rode Corbiere to victory at Aintree.
23/04/1983 First televised snooker break of 147 achieved by Cliff Thorburn at the World Snooker Champions in Sheffield
25/04/1983 Pioneer 10 travels beyond Pluto’s orbit.
18/06/1983 Sally Ride became the first US woman in space.
17/08/1983 Ira Gershwin, lyricist to his brother died. Both composed many of the world’s greatest songs.
1983 Tees Coastguard Control Centre at South Gare closed.
1983 Rex Masterman HUNT received a Knighthood 20/07/83
22/10/1983 Michael Foot Labour leader was amongst a 1 million-strong CND peace march in London against plans to site nuclear missiles at Greenham Common. Key founder of CND in 1958.
10/11/1983 Bill Gates introduces Window 1.0
21/11/1983 USA military campaign in Grenada ends.
25/09/1983 38 prisoners escaped from the high-security Maze jail in Northern Island.
26/11/1983 Gold bars worth £26 million wre stolen form the Brinks Mat security warehouse at London’s Heathrow Airport by and armed gang. Britain’s largest-ever robbery, the gang getting away with gold, diamonds and cash. Haul never recovered.
1984 1985 Mayor – Councillor Steve Kay MA. AKC.
1984 Creator of Uncle Tom’s Corner, Thomas (Tom) Thompson) a regular feature on Redcar Beach died.
15/04/1984 FEZ-LOVING comedian Tommy Cooper died at the age of 63 after suffering a heart attack on live television.
10/06/1984 Ivan Lendl beat top seed John McEnroe to win his first tennis Gram Slam title.
30/06/1984 Last sixpence minted in Great Britain (in use since 1551).
09/07/1984 York Minster struck by lightening, destroying the West end transept. 150 firefighter took part taking 2 hours for the fire to get under control. Repairs took 4 years and £2.25m
05/09/1984 STS – 41 – D: The Space Shuttle Discovery lands after her maiden voyage.
12/10/1984 Five people died, and 34 injured in an IRA bomb attack on the Grand Hotel in Brighton, where the Conservative Party conference was being held.
13/10/1984 John Lowe achieved the first televised 501 score in nine darts in a major event in the quarter finals of the World Match Play. championships in Slough.
12/11/1984 Tory Chancellor Nigel Lawson announced the discontinuation of the £1 notes in England and Wales. £1 coin introduced.
25/11/1984 Britain’s top rock stars, responding to a call by Bob Geldof, gathered together under the name of Band Aid to record Do They Know It’s Christmas, in aid of the Ethiopian famine appeal.
10/12/1984 and Aid charity record Do They Know IT’s Christmas was the fastest selling single in UK chart history.
24/12/1984 British born film star Peter Lawford died aged 61 Los Angelis/The Oceans 11 actor was a member of the Hollywood’s famous Rat Pack. Last person to speak to Marilyn Munroe before her death.
1985 1986 Mayor – Councillor Arthur S Seed.
19/02/1985 ‘EastEnders’ BBC’s flagship soap opera, broadcasts for the first time
28/04/1985 Dennis Taylor won the Embassy World Snooker Championship after a spectacular final frame against Steve Davis.
11/05/1985 A fire broke out in the main stand of Bradford City football club ground and 56 died. spectators died
07/07/1985 Boris Becker became the youngest player to ever win Wimbledon, aged 17 years.
10/07/1985 Greenpeace ship ‘Rainbow Warrior. destroyed by two explosions in New Zealand.
13/07/1985 The “Live Aid” benefit concert took place in London, and at other worldwide venues.
01/09/1985 The wreck of the RMS Titanic lies at a depth of about 12,500 feet, 237 miles,, about 370 miles south-southeast off the coast of Newfoundland.
15/09/1985 Tony Jacklin’s European team won the Ryder Cup from the US who had long dominated the competition.
30/03/1986 James Cagney, American tough-guy actor, died aged 86.
28/07/1986 US Space shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after take-off, killing seven astronauts.
08/08/1988 Princess Beatrice. Named after Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter.
25/08/1985 Michael Jackson bought ATV Music (including every Beatle song) for $47 million.
1986 1987 Mayor – Councillor Les Morgan.
1986 New hospital unit was opened as a physiotherapy centre. More than £15,000 pound was raised with Redcar’s Rotarians leading the cash raised.
1986 River and Teesport third largest river in the country in terms of tonnage shipped to all parts of the world.
1986 Redcar Racecourse invited Princess Anne as a Lady Jockey – She won the race on ‘Gulfland’.
1986 Lifeboats – Introduction of Atlantic 21’s.
16/07/1986 C&W singer Dolly Parton opened an amusement Park in Tennessee and called it Dollywood. Now one of the top attractions in the USA and covers 118 acres.
23/07/1986 Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson at Westminster Abbey.
15/04/1984 The wreck of the RMS Titanic lies at a depth of about 12,500 feet (3,800 m) (2.37 miles (3.81 km)), about 370 miles (600 km) south-southeast off the coast of Newfoundland
29/06/1986 Richard Branson’s boat Virgin Atlantic Challenger II completed the fastest Atlantic crossing in three days, eight hours and 31 minutes.
07/09/1986 Bishop Desmond Tutu appointed Archbishop of Capetown.
07/09/1986 Desmond Tutu becomes the first black man to lead the Anglican Church in South Africa.
02/08/1986 Plans revealed regarding the building of Teesside Park, on the site of the old Stockton Racecourse.
07/09/1986 Bishop Desmond Tutu appointed Archbishop of Cape Town, the first black head of the South African Anglicans.
08/09/1986 The first international broadcast of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’.
06/10/1986 More than500 Transit staff walked out on strike following a bitter row over pay. The striking busmen brought chaos to Cleveland commuters.
07/10/1986 A new newspaper, The Independent, was published.
11/10/1986 Nuclear weapons negotiations between Ronald Regan and Mikhail Gorbachev opened in a summit in Reykjavik. They ended in failure.
15/10/1986 The final ship launched from the shipyard of Smith’s Dock. The ship was for Cuba and named North Islands, 15,000 tonne
29/12/1986 Lord Stockton, the former Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, died aged 92.
02/01/1987 Noddy’s publishers gave witer Enid Blyton’s creation a politically correct revamp – golliwogs were abolished and replaced by gnomes and goblins..
03/01/1987 Aretha Franklin became the first woman inducted into Rock and Roll’s Hall of Fame.
12/01/1987 Prince Edward resigned from the Royal Marines.
1987 1988 Mayor – Councillor Neil L Loughran.
04/02/1987 Flamboyant pianist and entertainer Liberace died at the age of 67. At the height of his career his TV shows were watched by 35 million viewers.
03/03/1987 Final Day of Smith’s Dock, Ship Building Yard.
19/03/1987 Prince Charles and Princess Dianna visited Teesside visited Nino’s Restaurant Redcar for a private lunch, during their two days (18/19) Teesside visit.
23/03/1987 Cheltenham Gold Cup brought £55,000 prize money to Cleveland after a racehorse The The Thinker romped home. The horse was owned by Tom McDonagh, manager of civil engineering firm T P McDonagh, Middlesbrough
19/04/1987 The Simpsons premieres as a short cartoon on the Tracey Ullman Show.
21/04/1987 Five children and two adults escaped with their lives following the alert given to Redcar Lifeboat, and were trapped under Saltburn Cliffs. With only 15 feet of beach left were the we stranded, and an incoming tide they were plucked to safety by men from the lifeboat.
09/05/1987 The Monster Loony Party gained its first local government sea in Ashburton in Devon.
11/06/1987 Having been a member of the Labour Party since 1969, Mowlam was elected Labour MP for Redcar, North Yorkshire in 1987. It was a position she held for 14 years, until 2001. (Member of Parliament James Tinn decided to quit)
11/06/1987 Margaret Thatcher became the first British prime minister in 160 years to win a third consecutive term.
16/06/1987 Marjorie Mowlam MP swept to victory in the Redcar constituency in the Government elections.
28/07/1987 Laura Davies became the first Briton to win the US Women’s Open
01/08/1987 Dire Straits song Money for Nothing became the first music video to be played on MTV Europe.
17/08/1987 Former senior Nazi Rudolf Hess committed suicide in Spandau Prison at the age of 93.
19/08/1987 Michael Ryan shot dead 16 people in Hungerford, Berkshire massacre. He then shot himself.
17/09/1987 Former senior Nazi Rudolf Hess committed suicide in Spandau Prison at the age of 93.
15/10/1987 Hurricane-force winds swept across southern England, the worst storm since 1703. Weather forecaster on TV Michael Fish reported that a woman had rung them earlier to report that a hurricane was on the way. He said, “Well if you’re watching, don’t worry, there isn’t!”
19/10/1987 Jacqueline du Pre, British Cellist, died aged 42
19/10/1987 Black Monday on Wall Street wiped out millions on stock market around the world. Wall Street ended the day down 22%, lower than the 1929 crash.
05/11/1987 Eamon Andrews broadcaster of This Is Your Life died at the age of 64.
11/11/1987 Van Gogh’s painting fetched £29.3 million at Sotheby’s in New York.
18/11/1987 The worst fire in the history of the London Underground killed 31 people at King’s Cross.
1987 John Baycroft, born in Redcar, educated in Redcar, former pupil of Coatham Grammar became Bishop of Ontario, Canada. Married to Joan Lake former pupil of Stockton Queen Victoria High School.
1988 1989 Mayor – Councillor D.W. Lane.
10/03/1988 The Price of Wales narrowly escaped death in an avalanche at Klosters in the Swiss Alps. His friend Hugh Lindsay was killed.
19/03/1988 Michael Jackson paid $28 million for Sycamore Ranch, Santa Yuez, California then re-named it Neverland. The property went on to contain its own zoo and theme park. Following the singers death it was put up for sale for $100 million
18/04/1988 The Duke and Duchess of York announced the birth of their first child.
18/07/1988 Filming commenced on James Bond 007 Licence To Kill. Timothy Dalton’s second and final appearance as 007.
10/11/1988 George Bush was elected United State America President.
01/12/1988 Benazir Bhutto is appointed Prime Minister of Pakistan.
21/12/1988 Terrorists blew up a Pan-Am Jumbo jet which crashed on top of the Scottish Town of Lockerbie. The plane was on route from London to New York when it exploded, killing all 259 people on board and 11 people on the ground.
23/01/1989 The well known surrealist artist Salvador Dali died at the age of 84 year from heart failure.
05/09/1988 Britain’s longest running stage comedy No Sex please – We’re British closed after 16 years and 6,671 performances
10/09/1988 German Tennis player Steffi Graf became only the fifth person to complete the GRan Slam, winning the four top women’s tennis tournaments in the same calendar year.
10/11/1988 George Bush was elected US President.
17/11/1988 Franz Kafka’s manuscript of his classic novel The Trial (1925) was sold at Sotherby’s in London for £1m, a world record for a modern literary text, Kafka had died in poverty the year before.
03/12/1988 Edwina Currie MP and Health Minister announced that most of Britain’s egg production was affected by salmonella, causing a 60% drop in egg sales, and her resignation.
07/12/1988 Yasser Arafat recognises the right of Israel to exist.
09/12/1988 The Michael Hughes Bridge in Sligo, Ireland, is officially opened.
1989 1990 Mayor – Councillor Doug Moore.
JULY 1989 The International Guide Festival was held at Kirkleatham with guides and brownies meeting from all over the world.
07/06/1989 Peter Shilton made his record 109th appearance for England against Denmark, passing Bobby Moore’s long-standing record.
08/06/1988 Russell Harty, British broadcaster and writer died. aged 53 from hepatitis
11/07/1989 British actor Laurence Olivier died aged 82 years.
17/07/1989 First flight of the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber.
23/07/1989 Daniel Radcliffe movie star (Harry Potter fame) born in London.
27/07/1989 The Common Cold Research Centre in Salisbury closed after giving colds to 30,000 people over 43 years.
09/11/1989 The East German government lifted the Iron Curtain to allow free passage through the Berlin Wall. Thousands of East Berliners swarmed through.
16/11/1989 A pillar of South African apartheid crumbled when beach access restrictions were removed by president F.W. de Klerk.
01/12/1989 Pope John II and Mikhail Gorbachev met in Rome to end 70 years of hostility between USSR and the Vatican.
22/12/1989 A Romanian revolution overthrew President Ceausescu. Ceausescu’s son Nicu was arrested.


1990 1991 Mayor – Councillor Mrs Beatrice S Lythgoe. SRN.
08/02/1990 American pop singer Del Shannon shot himself.
15/03/1990 Mikhail Gorbachev was elected executive president of the USSR.
25/04/1990 Deployment of the Hubble space telescope commenced
17/05/1990 The General Assembly of the World Health Organisation (WHO) eliminated homosexuality from the list of psychiatric diseases.
07/06/1990 Universal Studios Florida opens in Orlando, FL.
13/06/1990 Official demolition of the Berlin Wall began.
20/06/1990 Asteroid Eureka is discovered.
02/08/1990 Iraq invades Kuwait, eventually leading to the Gulf War.
27/08/1990 The BBC launched ‘Radio Five Live’.
01/09/1900 The Prince of Wales was recovering after surgeons operated for a second time on his right arm, broken when he fell from his polo pony.
22/09/1991 Bryan Adams made pop history when his chart topping record Everything I Do, I Do For You, stayed at Number one for a twelfth week.
28/09/1990 Margaret Thatcher tendered her resignation to The Queen
03/10/1990 East and West Germany re-united and became one country.
14/10/1990 Five days after announcing his retirement through ill health conductor Leonard Bernstein died.
07/11/1960 Mary Robinson becomes the first woman to be elected President of the Republic of Ireland.
01/12/1990 The two halves of the Channel Tunnel were joined under the sea.
01/12/1990 The last wall of rock separating two halves of the Channel were removed.
02/12/1990 West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl won the first all-German election since 1933.
22/12/1990 Lech Walesa was sworn in as President of Poland.
09/02/1991 Voters in Lithuania voted for Independence.
28/02/1991 The First Gulf War ends
23/03/1991 In a speech to Conservatives at Southport, John Major outlined plans for his Citizens Charter.
23/04/1991 Gerald Ratner claimed his jewellery chain Ratner’s, sold”total crap” during a speech to the Institute of Directors at the Royal albert Hall, London.
19/08/1991 Soviet hardliners topple President Gorbachev in a dramatic coup.
28/09/1991 Miles Davis, the legendary jazz trumpeter, died aged 65. He invented a new sound which became known as ,cool’ jazz.
06/10/1991 In California, Elizabeth Taylor married for the eighth time – her husband was Larry Fortensky, a builder.
15/10/1991 Singer Cher was named the world worst dressed woman of the last three decades by American fashion critic Richard Blackwell
18/11/1991 Church envoy, Terry Waite, was freed by Islamic extremists after almost five years.
24/11/1991 Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the rock group Queen, died aged 45.
1991 1992 Mayor – Councillor Arthur F Harvison.
JANUARY 1992 Opening of Ann Charlton Lodge Nursing Care Home. First visitors attended. Later opened officially by Paul Daniels.
19/03/1992 Buckingham Palace confirmed the Dutchess of York was seeking a divorce from Prince Andrew.
26/03/1992 Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson jailed after being found guilty of rape and other offences.
27/04/1992 Betty Boothroyd became the first woman Speaker of the British House of Commons in its 700 years history.
1992/1993 Mayor – Councillor Mrs Brenda Forster. J.P.
23/11/1992 The first smartphone, the IBM Simon, is introduced at COMDEX in Las Vegas, Nevada.
02/02/1992 ‘Ulysses’, by James Joyce, is published.
24/09/1992 Conservative Heritage Minister Dvai8d Mellor resigned after details of the married MP’s affair with actress Antonia de Sanca came to light.
23/12/1992 The Queens’s Christmas speech leaked and published by a national newspaper.
09/04/1992 Conservative leader John Major won the general election and became the UK’s new prime minister
1992 January 1992, Ann Charlton Lodge opened Britain’s first residential home in Redcar caring for people diagnosed with multiple mclerosis. She herself was diagnosed with M.S.
1993 1994 Mayor – Councillor Vince Teesdale.
11/01/1993 Richard Branson won a legal victory after British Airways apologised for a “dirty tricks campaign” against Virgin Atlantic Airways.
20/01/1993 William Jefferson Clinton was sworn in as the 42nd president of the United States.
26/01/1993 Vaclav Havel became the first president of the new Czech Republic.
28/02/1993 Danish owned 97,000 ton oil tanker Freja Svea ran aground on Redcar Rocks. Large crowds gathered on sea front. Later re-floated.
29/04/1993 Buckingham Palace was opened to the public for the first time.
10/06/1993 Comedian Les Dawson passed away at the age of 62.
11/06/1993 Jurassic Park movie opened in cinemas in America, and set a box office weekend record with ticket sales $502m.
19/06/1993 Death of William Golding, author of “Lord of the Flies.”
15/08/1993 Damon Hill won his first Formula One Grand Prix in Hungary
01/11/1993 The Maastricht Treaty took effect – the precursor to the European Union.
28/11/1993 Carry On comedy star Kenneth Connor died aged 78. Starred in 17 of the movies.
1993 The Rainbow Bridge, connecting Tokyo’s Shibaura and the Island of Odaiba, is completed.
22/04/1994 American President Richard Nixon died at the age of 81. He was the only U.S. President to resign the office after being implicated in the Watergate scandal.
10/05/1994 Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as the first black president of South Africa.
00/06/1994 Penguin Bollards installed along sea front.
17/06/1994 OJ Simpson led Los Angles police on a 50 mile car chase (when his car driven by friend Al Cowlings) when he did not turn himself in on murder charges.
10/09/1994 The debut album by Oasis, Definitely, Maybe, entered the UK chart at No.1 and went on to sell 15 million copies worldwide.
30/09/1994 A meeting between Irish Prime Minister Albert Reynolds and Boris Yelsin was cancelled when the Russian President slept in.
09/11/1994 The chemical darmstadtium is discovered.
19/11/1994 Camelot held the UK’s first lottery draw with as estimated jackpot of £7m
21/11/1994 Retired from public life the racehorse ‘Red Rum’ three times Grand National winner 1973, 1974, 1977. Died and buried near the winning post Aintree Racecourse.
1994 1995 Mayor – Councillor Sam Tombe.
1995 1996 Mayor – Councillor Peter Todd. (Chairman)
02/03/1995 Financial dealer Nick Leeson, whose multi-million-pound dealings on the high risk derivatives market in Singapore bankrupted Barings Bank, was arrested at Frankfurt airport after a week-long manhunt.
1995 Coatham House, Redcar successfully housed 34 young people, compared with 18 the year before 1995.
1995 The Coca-Cola Christmas truck first appeared on the TV screens, and is now a regular feature of the festive season. Appears in more than 100 countries.
1995 Tees Barrage costing £50 million completed on River Tees. On completion it will now hold back water from upstream for 10 miles.
1995 Teesside Steel held its annual gala at Kirkleatham Showground with thousands of people attending
14/05/1995 Blackburn Rovers won the FA Carling Premiership for the first time since 1914. Kenny Dalglish also named a manager of the year.
23/07/1995 The Hale-Bopp comet was discovered by two astronomers Tom Bopp and Harold Hale. Officially named as C/1995 01.
15/09/1995 Tony Jacklin’s European team won the Ryder Golf Cup from the US who had long dominated the competition.
07/12/1995 The ‘Galileo’ spacecraft arrived at Jupiter, having travelled for more than six years.
20/12/1995 NATO begins peacekeeping in Bosnia.
03/07/1996 Stone of Scone is returned to Scotland.
13/10/1996 British Formula One driver Damon Hill won his first and only World Championship after winning the Japanese Grand Prix.
26/11/1996 Entertainer Michael Bentine died from prostate cancer at the age of 74. The British entertainer was one of the four original Goons Show members.
22/10/1995 British novelist Sir Kingsley Amis died at the age of 73. Winner of the Booker Prize 1966 for The Old Devils, and knighted in 1990.
1996 1997 Mayor – Councillor Mrs Frances E.W. Christie. (Chairman)
16/03/1997 An investigation got under way following crude and diesel oil travelling along a culvert served by dozens of drains around Redcar. The E.A took measures to stop the oil spreading using a boom on Locke Park lake, The oil had got onto the ducks, swans and geese in the park, but was not thought to pose any serious risk to fish.
13/04/1997 Tiger Woods becomes the youngest golfer to win the Masters Tournament.
11/05/1997 World chess champion Gary Kasparov was defeated by IBM supercomputer Deep Blue.
23/06/1997 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, by J. K. Rowling, published in the UK.
25/06/1997 New York Charity auction of Princess Diana’s gowns raised more than £1.4m.
01/07/1997 Hong Kong handed back to China, ending over 150 years of British Control
02/07/1997 James Stewart. film star, died at the age of 89.
31/08/1997 Diana Princess of Wales, was killed in a car crash, in a car crash in central Paris, along with Dodi Fayed.
18/12/1997 HTML 4.0 published by the World Wide Web Consortium.
1996 Cleveland County abolished. Former Boroughs have independent status0q
1996 Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council formed.
1997 1998 Mayor – Mrs Kath McBride. (Chairman)
1998 1999 Mayor – Councillor Garth Houchen. JP. (Chairman)
January 1999 Major shopping development in Redcar Wilton Street area with Supermarket Morrisons confirming they would be the major store in the multi pound scheme.
08/04/1999 The Republic of Macedonia joins the United Nations.
16/01/1998 The Tamworth Two. 2 pigs on the run for a week finally captured the last ‘Sundance being flushed out with terrier dogs, and tranquilised.
12/03/1999 Well known violinist and conductor Yehudi Menuhin, died at the age of 82. Founded a school for gifted young musicians in Surrey.
10/04/1998 Northern Ireland peace deal commenced with the historic ‘Good Friday Agreement’.
13/05/1998 American singer and film star Frank Sinatra died.
13/06/1998 Cartoonist and Andy Capp creator Reg Smythe died at the age of 80.
03/09/1998 Prince Harry. aged 13 joined his brother William at Eton.
17/09/1998 Robbie Williams was at No.1 with Millennium .
01/01/1999 The euro was introduced to world financial markets as an accounting currency.
14/01/1999 Jerry Hall announced she was filing for a divorce from Mick Jagger, blaming him for infidelity the cause of the break-up.
04/02/1999 Announced that Bonnie, the Blue Peter Dog, was to retire after 13 years on the TV show.
11/08/1999 Last full solar eclipse of the 20th century.
05/09/1999 Early warnings were issued regarding the possible problems with computers on September 9, 1999. Fears origionated because 9/9/99 was code used by programmers to shut down old computers.
01/10/1999 Scottish singer Lena Zavaroni died at the age of 35 years after battling with anorexia.
09/10/1999 The last flight of the SR-71.
10/10/1999 Millennium Wheel became part of London’s skyline with the world’s largest cantilevered observation wheel with 32 capsules attached.
06/11/1999 Australian people voted to keep the British monarch as their head of state.


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