2010 09/02/2010. 12 people trapped in fires following two arson attacks to homes in Coatham.
2010 09/02/2010. RCC introduce new scheme of “Redcar Rangers” to do additional work focusing on Town Centre, with jobs such as flower beds, washing windows of empty shops, painting street furnishings etc.
2010 09/02/2010. Green Gates Field and Holyhead Field chosen by R.C.C for inclusion onto a 1.1million scheme  for new play apparatus consisting of aerial rope ways, climbing net structures slides, trampolines etc.
2010 16/02/2010. Police and partners joined forces for two weeks to cut down on anti social behaviour on Zetland and West Dyke Wards.
2010 19/02/2010. The end of the line for Redcar Blast Furnace. To be mothballed putting 1600 men out of work. Possibly never re-open. sad day for the area after 170 years of steel making, and the closure of an high technical steel maker.
2010 22/02/2010. Woman walked into sea 10 meters from Dundas Street Slipway. Member of the Lifeboats operation team pulled the woman to safety from the sea. RAF Sea King Helicopter airlifted woman to hospital.
2010 25/03/2010. Group of private investors make a bid to buy the Tessside Cast Products Plants from parent company Corus lodged.
2010 08/04/2010. Sex crimes in Cleveland on the increase. In Redcar there were 40 offences, twice as many as the previous year.
2010 06/04/2010 Four lads from Redcar Rugby Club, stripped down to bare essentials in Middlesbrough for the charity Cancer Research UK’s Give up Clothes for Campaign.
2010 05/04/2010. Rosie O’Grady’s Hotel in Queen Street, Redcar became one of the first pubs in the country to watch Sky’s 3D Football coverage on its premises. All the viewers were issued with 3D spectacles.
2012 10/04/2010. Mans body found in a pond on Coatham Marshes, following a car accident 3.55 a.m. 14/12/2009 in Kirkleatham Street, half a mile from the crash site.
2010 15/04/2010. Mr. C of Redcar following a find of a button in a field near to Kirkletham (Sir Wm Turners Almshouses) finds further buttons which he notated to the Chairman of the Almshouses. Buttons believed to be clothing buttons. First find of button by a Mrs. M is believed to be over 100 years old.
2010 16/04/2010. Body of Middlesbrough man found on Coatham Marshes for 4 months not seen.
2010 19/04/2010. Memorial Bench sited at  the entrance to Kirkleatham Woods on West Dyke Road in memory of  Norman Davies. This was an area he loved to walk in.
2010 19/05/2010 H.R.H Prince of Wales visited Redcar.
2010 20/05/2010 Councillor Raymond Goddard – Mayor. Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council
2010 May/June 2010 Council displayed model of proposed new sea front amenities consisting of new Tower building and new building called “The Hub” to replace The old building of the Palace of Varieties.
2010 26/05/2010. New Mayor of Redcar & Cleveland Borough Councillor Ray Goddard investiture.
2010 05/06/2010 A Press release from Redcar & Cleveland B.C. announced further Leisure Developments which will provide in Phase 1 Leisure Centre and Swimming Pool between Kirkleatham Street and Ridley Street. Phase 2 A new library, civic/community suite and car park. A media Centre for young people will still be built at Coatham
2010 13/06/2010. Redcar Half Marathon took place.
2010 16/06/2010. Cleveland Police transfer 470 civilian staff to private sector.
2010 16/06/2010 Queen awards R & C B.C. former Mayor and Independent Councillor M. Findlay with M.B.E  at Buckingham Palace
2010 15/07/2010. Child Support figures throughout Teesside (including Redcar) shows that £55, 151, 000 (fifty five million, one hundred fifty one thousand pounds in arrears) The worst in the country.
2010 15/07/2010. An exhibition showing the proposed new sea frond buildings in Redcar attracted 3,000 people showing a model of the work to be carried out.
2010 16/07/2010. News released that further £4.9 million pound will be spent in Coatham providing  arts and Media Centre.
2010 26/072010. Redcar & Cleveland Council cutting £3.1 million pound from its budget.
2010 12/07/2010. Redcar life boat called out twice on same day (1) Broken down fishing boat (2) People cut off by the tide at Saltburn. In both cases all people assisted to safety.
2010 12/07/2010. Redcar & Cleveland Council School Building Programme axed by Government.
2010 05/08/2010. Beacons lit across all five authorities as the Tall Ships arrived at Hartlepool for the weekend.
2010 05/08/2010. Arson attack Soppett Street, Redcar. Home of O.A.P.
2010 10/08/2010. Work commenced on a new school for Dormanstown Primary School. £4.5m pounds
2010 15/08/2010. Continental Market returns to Redcar High Street
2010 15/08/2010. £650 raised in the Cleveland Bay Hotel, Redcar, for Victoria’s Wish Charity.
2010 19/08/2010. Nice to read and see. Redcar & Cleveland Collegeunveils a new Higher Education (HE) in September, focusing on growing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) sector. Interesting to note that one of the joint founders for the scheme was the Sir William Turner Trust.
2010 23/08/2010. High Street Shops in Redcar left as empty eyesores, now being given virtual shop fronts displaying various types of stores.
2010 23/08/2010 Redcar & Cleveland Council announced £3.1 million pounds of cuts to some services being provided.
2010 26/08/2010. Thailand’s biggest steel producer SSI signed a memorandum of understanding with Corus to sell Teesside Cast Products.
2010 26/08/2010. Redcar Fire Station temporarily moved to the Business Park, Kirkleatham. On return Spring 2011 alongside the Fire Station will be a state of the art Community building for young children.
2010 01/09/2010. Redcar Beach Lifeguard gets 4 x 4 vehicle stuck in sands whilst on patrol whilst tide coming in. 2 people assisted in getting the vehicle re-started and clear of the beach.
2010 13/09/2010. Estate residents on Westmorland Road Redcar, complaint to Coast and Country regarding pigeons roosting under recently installed solar panels on residents roofs. Pigeons roosting between roof and solar panels keeping warm and dry.
2010 02/09/2010. Report the the identity recently taken on Tees Valley may not now have all the backing from local people and businesses.
2010 19/09/2010. Friends of Redcar Cemetery report that the anchor which was placed on a decorative wall just off the car park of the Mungle Jungle is now on the large roundabout in the new section of the cemetery. This was their latest project which was completely funded by themselves. There is also an item called ‘Tulip Tree’ a sculpture (by Steve Irdale tree sculpture) which was fashioned from a twenty five foot cherry tree which had died in the centre section of the cemetery.This tree sculpture will be dedicated to the Yorkshire Regiment, past, present and future. New gates into the cemetery were fabricated (by Corus PLC as part of their ‘Help in the Community’) and fitted at no cost.
2010 15/09/2010. Cleveland Police after launching a theft of purses campaign in March reported a 70 % decrease.
2010 15/09/2010. 29th Teesside Classic Bike Show, organised by Middlesbrough Motor Club in the Redcar High Street a tremendous success on the day with at one time 6,000 people present.
2010 15/09/2010. Dow’s EO (ethylene oxide) and glycol facility will be completely dismantled by the Spring. Ceased work in January with the loss of 55 jobs.
2010 17/09/2010. Head of Redcar & Cleveland adult services department responsible for adult social care suspended.
2010 23/09/2010. Redcar Lifeboat called out on 33 occasions in June, July, August, 14 of these being people cut off by the tide beneath Huntcliff, Saltburn.
2010 22/09/2010. The fishing boat Volente MH142 donated to Kirkleatham Museum, in 1980’s, now placed on Zetland Roundabout vandalised/theft of tiller from boat for a second occasion.
2010 09/10/2010. Moves made in the House of Commons to re-instate the Saltburn hill climb which involved vintage motor cycles and cars racing up the hill. Thousands used to attend this event.
2010 09/10/2010. Johanna Jackson of Redca,r won 20km race walk in 2010 Commonwealth Games, India.
2010 09/10/2010. Massive bone found on Saltburn beach turned out to be probably the shoulder bone from  a whale.
2010 13/10/2010. Funding appeal from the voluntary trustees of Kirkleatham Almshouses, for bringing its historical features up to date. £198,000 still required.
2010 16/10/2010.A woman’s body found on Redcar beach, with part of the Stray Dunes (rear of Stray Cafe) area down to the beach sealed off
2010 17/10/2010. Revival event of Redcar Jazz Club took place at Redcar’s Coatham Memorial Hall. Future events planned.
2010 24/10/2010. Crowds of people came to Redcar to watch the exceptionally hide tide (with swell and choppy seas) Public warned re wave dodging.
2010 25/10/2010. Portable swimming pool brought to Rye Hills School to help young people learn to swim and water safety. Stay until December 10th.
2010 27/10/2010. Local M.P. Ian swales claims new Redcar Primary Care Hospital under used due to inadequate waste facilities and scrubbing up in operating theatres.
2010 28/10/2010. Proposed £5m My Place set to be a world class arts and media centre to be built at Redcar.
2010 01/11/2010. Worked commenced on a new state of the art community centre near the Fire Brigade Station, Redcar. Expected to Finish Spring 2011.
2010 02/11/2010. Services safeguarding vulnerable adults Redcar and Cleveland criticised following an inspection. Action to rectify this inspection following an interim report.
2010 02/11/2010. Group of women dressed in pink (Cancer Research UK) annual Pink Dip took the plunge into the waters of the North Sea at Redcar in aid of their charity.
2010 04/11/2010. Ann Charlton MBE, a Multiple Sclerosis sufferer dies at the age of 66. The £1.5m Ann Charlton Lodge in Redcar catering for residential care of sufferers of M.S. and related diseases, was the result of her inspiration and tireless work.
2010 06/11/2010. Redcar Lifeboat launched to Saltburn man and his dog in difficulty. Inshore boat involved in freak accident onto rocks. Trainee lifeboat volunteer swam from other lifeboat craft to inshore boat to attach a line and prevent further damage. Man and dog in incident rescued.
2010 10/02/2010. Four volunteers of the Redcar Lifeboat station received official praise/commendation. Efforts attempting to save a females’ life at Redcar on 22/02/2010 unfortunately failed when the lady later died in hospital.
2010 13/10/2010. Heavier fines in an attempt to keep the streets clean are to be introduced by the R & C.B.C..
2010 16/11/2010. Temporary portable pool at Rye Hills School, Redcar, to teach pupils to swim. Redcar without a swimming Pool since 1997.
2010 19/11/2010. Police retailers and other persons team up to unwanted criminals (shop lifting etc) in the town during the Christmas period. “Operation Scrooge” to be put into force which has been successful in previous years.
2010 20/11/2010. Martin Campbell 47 years gaol for life sentence for the brutal murder of frail victim  David Crockett.
2010 25/11/2010. Council give go-ahead for development of sea including new sea defences
2010 26/11/2010. Significant amounts of snow start falling in the Redcar area and surrounding East Cleveland, and residents warned of further falls and temperatures falling well below zero.
2010 01/12/2010. Cleveland Police launch Drink and Drugs driving campaign crackdown over festive season.
2010 03/12/2010. Redcar & Cleveland B.C.produced detailed report on flooding in the borough, among it are several recommendations.
2010 03/12/2010. Unions on Teesside await final OK for the igniting of steel works blast furnace and industries.
2010 06/12/2010. Nine hundred staff to receive letters informing them that their jobs could be axed by the authority. Cutting 15.6million pound from its budget.
2010 14/12/2010. Cleveland Police to make cuts of 17 million pounds in the next two years. Fire Brigade 8 million over 4 years.
2010 17/12/2010. A stack from Ensus £300m bio ethanol plant Wilton, sending pungent smell across Teesside and east Cleveland, and Redcar.
2010 18/12/2010. Heavy snowfall again in Redcar and sub Zero temperatures -8 to -9.
2010 20/12/2010. Arctic temperatures swept across the whole of the county with many locations reaching -10 below to -14 further inland.
2010 20/12/2010. Sponsored Father Christmas Riders of motor cycles (150) stop off on third leg at Redcar, in aid of local charities
2010 21/10/2020. Dawn saw many people catch a glimpse of a total lunar eclipse when the moon moved into the earth’s shadow.
2010 25/12/2010. CHRISTMAS DAY. Redcar enjoys a white Christmas with snow laid in many places in the North.
2010 26/12/2010. BOXING DAY Hundreds of bathers plunge into the sea at Redcar in aid of local charities. Thousands of pounds raised.

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