2012 Timeline

11/02/2017 Grammy award-winning American Witney Houston accidentally drowned in a bath at a hotel room in Beverly Hills. Los Angeles.
01/03/2012 New group set up Friends of Zetland Lifeboat with aim of conservation of the Lifeboat.
08/03/2012 Award winning Belarusian pianist Kiryl Keduk performing at Sir William Turner’s Chapel, Kirkleatham (09/03)
09/03/2012 R&CBC opened new Customer Services and Library in Town Hall, following demolition of old library..
10/03/2012 Improvements to take place to access on North side of Redcar Railway Station and also the East and West bound facilities, lighting, CCTV shelters etc.
13/03/2012 Coast and Country gained a top 100 place in the Sunday Times Top 100 Not for Profit Organisation to Work For.
14/03/2012 Noise complaints from Inshore Wind farm installations rumbled on as company states that the worst of pile driving noise could be over.
14/03/2012 Man taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation, after being found on ground floor of flat, with flat ablaze, Roseberry Road, Redcar. Arson probe being carried out.
19/03/2012 Former Wurlitzer Organ taken from James Finnegan Hall, Eston for restoration in Barnsley. Believed to be coming back home to Redcar when restored.
24/03/2012 Redcar and Cleveland Police arrested 30 people in 24 hrs following raids on homes throughout the district, mainly for offences of theft, burglary and shop lifting.
29/03/2012 Redcar and Cleveland showed 6.1% of youngsters “persistently absent, from school above the national average.
29/03/2012 Drivers started to face long queues at petrol pumps ‘panic buying’ following a possible strike by tanker drivers.
29/03/2012 Hartlepool Lifeboat on station to rescue 2 Redcar schoolgirls in six foot inflatable dingy at the River Tees entrance. Rescued and taken to former Teesmouth Lifeboat Station.
31/03/2012 Redcar latest £180,000 RNLI Atlantic 85 lifeboat Leicester Challenge III continued its link with Leicester charity supporters,
26/04/2012 Leading councillors of RBC came under scrutiny from parents following their decision to change a decision that had previously been taken that children of faith schools would travel to school free. All would have to pay in the near future.
04/05/2012 Redcar Squash Club hopes of doubling size of courts got a cash boost from two sporting foundations
18/04/2012 St. Cuthbert’s Church, Kirkleatham, given a lottery grant of £97,000 for refurbishing the mausoleum’ spire, stone work, spire, monuments. Grade 1 Listed Building.
20/04/2012 Redcar to host its 30th Birthday celebration, when thousands are expected to compete in the Redcar Half Marathon
21/04/2012 The Care Quality Commission stated urgent action was needed over the standards of care at Clifford Villa, Clifford Street, Redcar.
23/04/2012 Labour Party members in Redcar drew up a list of 6 women candidate’s to choose from, for next general election
05/05/2012 New outdoor educational area to be opened at Coatham Marsh by Mayor Wednesday (09/05)
09/05/2012 R&CBC to have enquiry re-a 16 year old female EW with learning difficulties locked on bus at Dormanstown Depot at the end of its route with the female still on board.
10/05/2012 Enteries flood in for Redcar’s 30th Half Marathon.
11/05/2012 Older people in Redcar needing of helping hand should contact Helping Hands for services offering everyday help.
11/05/2012 Single wind turbine suggested, at Turners Arms Farm, Fishponds Road, Yearby. No planning application yet made.
17/05/2012 Redcar M.P. Ian Swales stated that he had tabled an early day motion in Parliament about chronic Fatigue syndrome M.E.
17/05/2012 Scheme to boost Standard of accommodation by private landlord’s welcomed 200th member. Launched in 2007 now has 620 properties.
18/05/2012 Forty five workers employed by Coast and Country Home call service placed on 30 days notice. Coast and Country contracted by RBC offering response service to vulnerable people.
19/05/2012 R.&C.B.C. councillors freeze allowances for further 12 months.
12/05/2012 Pupils of Sacred Heart School turn part of Coatham Marsh into an educational centre with a project to benefit the community, with the help of £1,500 from Coast and Country.
12/05/2012 Reported that all the scaffolding from the new Tower was now down and expected to be completed in Mid June 2013.
12/05/2012 AGM Redcar Ladies Lifeboat Guild reported that £19,582.11p had been raised during the year 2011, beating the total of £18,180.41o for 2010.
20/05/2012 Redcar Lifeboat on station to rescue Skinningrove girl surfer rescued at Saltburn after getting in difficulty with the conditions of the sea.
22/05/2012 Cleveland Police send officers to security of the Olympic Games London, for 63 days.
23/05/2012 Cleveland Police prepared file following a blaze in Oak Road, Redcar when a girl and her father lost their lives.
25/05/2012 Scheme backed by Prince Charles Initiative helping over 50s to get back up in business started in Redcar. Advice and support to over 50 entrepreneurs offering solution to unemployment.
25/05/2012 Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council new mayor will be Councillor Denise Bunn. Councillor Vic Jefferies elected deputy mayor.
28/05/2012 R.C.C.B.C. use delegated powers to obtain £50,000 extra to employ a Public Relation company to promote the new tower on the Redcar Esplanade.
29/05/2012 To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee a family fun day street-themed party will take place on Monday, 6 June starting at 10 am until 3 pm, Kirkleatham Museum.
30/05/2012 To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee the parish of Kirkleatham planned to hold a big lunch party 1230pm to 2pm (03/06) at St. Hilda’s Church, Mersey Road, Redcar.
30/05/2012 R N L I lifeguards and to patrol Redcar and Saltburn beach is for the first time this summer. The Redcar and Cleveland Council finalised a contract to hand over the responsibility for its seasonal lifeguard service to the life-saving charity.
31/05/2012 Improvements will take players at Redcar Central, and Redcar East railway stations in a proposed £4 £.5 million boost to travel in the area.
01/06/2012 Queen’s Jubilee celebrations started this week-end with parties all over the Borough.
05/06/2012 Display exhibiting Saxon jewellery at Kirkleatham Museum visited by over 70,000 in the first year.
05/06/2012 Campaign group set up to have further restrictions for motor vehicles/drivers on Coast Road, Redcar.
06/06/2012 Sir William Turner’s Almshouses engaged part time warden David Hall to take up responsibility for the almshouse from Shelia Simpson retiring following 28 years successful service in the post.
07/06/2012 Redcar’s new Tower creates further controversy following a further £50,000 being spent on promoting the building.
07/06/2012 Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson urged people to enter their names for the proposed Redcar Half Marathon (30/09/2012).
07/06/2012 Enthusiastic charity Coatham House staff and users to open Café/shop on High Street, (Millets Old Store)
08/06/2012 Friends of Zetland Lifeboat, appeal for more people to join them in the restoration of the Zetland lifeboat situated in the Zetland Museum on the promenade.
09/06/2012 Norman Evans MBE, charity busker following his collection of £1000 for the Redcar Lifeboat, with a further charity event, helping members raise funds for the installation of an old style pier to be brought back to Redcar.
12/06/2012 Man in court charged with wounding, following incident outside the Station Public House, Coatham Road 10.35pm (09/06). A 48 year old man was taken to hospital as a result of his injuries.
14/06/2012 Residents and staff of a Yew Tree Care Centre, Redcar became ill with a “diarrhoeal illness” Infection control measure immediately put in action.
14/06/2012 Sculptures of seals on Coatham roundabout damaged by persons painting black pain over them.
15/06/2012 A new Hotspot Café opened in West Dyke Road by Cleveland Mind’s Group, giving access to group for coffee’s, and light refreshment.
16/06/2012 Reported that surgical theatres inside the Redcar Primary Care Hospital unused two years after opening.
18/06/2012 Olympic Torch Flame entered Redcar (Fire Station A1085) carried through Redcar by runners along the Sea Front, on its way around the country prior to the Olympic Games commencing in Redcar.
21/06/2012 Unexploded devices found in the area of the building of the Windfarm out at sea. Two devices exploded with small explosive device.
27/06/2012 Petition containing 2,000 signatures handed to RCBC regarding loss of Home Call Service for the elderly.
28/06/2012 Campaign named CRAG (Coast Road Action Group) organised to deter motorists speeding along Coast Road, Redcar.
30/06/2012 Both Redcar lifeboats launched 8 am to search for missing man. After 90 minutes found ashore.
06/07/2012 Well know event Cleveland Show, Stewart Park, Middlesbrough, cancelled because of persistent rain over a period of time.
01/07/2012 Both Redcar lifeboats launched to assist capsized kayak. Crew found to have been brought ashore by clinging onto another craft. Kayak in sea returned to owner by RNLI.
08/07/2012 First Redcar in Bloom Community Games was held at Redcar Cricket Club.
12/07/2012 2nd Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment once known as the Green Howards is to be disbanded under government cuts.
14/07/2012 Acclaimed Russian pianist Sophia Lisovskaya, to play again on 02/10/2012, at the Kirkleatham Almshouses Chapel.
19/07/2012 Redcar Lifeboat launched 12.15pm 18/07/2012, to small fishing boat adrift Saltburn. Engine trouble but restarted before arrival lifeboat. Escorted boat to Marske beach.
20/07/2012 Kirkleatham Alms Houses entrance gates restored as new and fixed into position.
20/07/2012 Shops across all of Cleveland area apply to take advantage of the suspension of Sunday trading hours and trade from 8am to 10 pm (usually 6 hours only)
20/07/2012 Northumbrian Water announced that a new pipe line £1.75 million pounds, to commence along The Stray, to stop sewage spills in that area.
21/07/2012 Redcar and Cleveland Council named and shamed as having the third Road Safety record in the U.K., managing only 8% reduction.
21/07/2012 Redcar Lifeboat launched (20/07) 7.30am fishing boat capsized Saltburn. Vessel and fishermen safe on arrival at shore.
21/07/2012 Redcar Rotary Club and RBC together organised a Celebration Fun Day to mark the approach of the Olympic Games, and to raise funds for the Rotary charities.
23/07/2012 Feral cats proving a problem at The Alms Houses, Kirkleatham, Food being left out by well meaning neighbours and passers-by is causing the problem to grow.
25/07/2012 Severe fire at a house in Egton Close, Redcar. No life loss but serious damage to house. No fire alarms fitted.
25/07/2012 Ings Farm School held sports event to mark the Olympic Games opening.
25/07/2012 Redcar Lifeboat called out 15 occasions between June and August. RNLI urging people to keep safety in mind when of the beach and near the sea.
27/07/2012 Teesside Olympian gold medallist Johanna Jackson encourages people to take part in the SABIC Tees Pride 10k run.
28/07/2012 16 people (teenager’s girls, boys and father) led to safety within 24 hours from the West Scar rocks, Redcar. Would appear that they walked out on the well known pipes in that area.
30/07/2012 Labour chooses Anna Turley to represent their party in the Redcar Constituency.
31/07/2012 Redcar Coastguards in attendance when a 15 year old swimmer got into difficulties whilst swimming in the sea 1.45pm 30/07/2012. Taken to hospital as a precaution.
01/08/2012 Yorkshire Day celebrated in Redcar Town Clock by the reading out the Yorkshire declaration.
02/08/2012 Kirkleatham, Sir William Turner’s Almshouses to hold Summer Fair 27/08/2012.
03/08/2012 Councillor Eric Howden made Redcar & Cleveland’s armed forces spokes person within the council.
07/08/2012 Caribbean Carnival Day planned for those attending the Redcar Racecourse meeting 11/08/2012. Steel band and various amusements for children.
11/08/2012 Wind farm platform off shore had retractable legs stuck in mud, and sloping to one side.
11/08/2012 Council to seek views of placing traffic signals instead of roundabout at West Dyke Road, Corporation Road location.
11/08/2012 Staff at Spec savers raising funds for the Great North Air Ambulance, by recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, mobile phones and printer cartridges.
12/08/2012 The Summer Olympics closing ceremony took place in London, which completed the games.
12/08/2012 Drilling of piles for the new leisure centre to start following the arrival of drilling machine on site.
14/08/2012 Gala Day announced Locke Park 18/08/2012. Redcar Newcomen Ward.
15/08/2012 Following its shut down of the ENSUS plant re emission of foul smells it is hoped that the plant will be up and running again shortly following repairs etc.
15/08/2012 Redcar Lifeboat three crew awarded with three RNLI awards at ceremony. Senior Helmsman Mike Picknett highest honours the Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum. Volunteer crew members Mark Reeves and Barry Knaggs framed letters of thanks signed by RNLI Chairman.
16/08/2012 Lifeboats from Redcar and Hartlepool launched 11am 15/08/2012 to stricken 30foot fishing boat with engine cooling system failure. Fishing boat “Faithful” to Hartlepool marina.
18/08/2012 Many families of Newcomen Ward Community Redcar turned out for their gala day. Events for all the family were available.
20/08/2012 Pleasure craft with 3 anglers “Ocean Pearl” towed to Redcar shore following rapid water leak, by Redcar and Hartlepool RNLI, two nautical miles off Redcar.
20/08/2012 Roseberry Court Residents association formed to fight for new post office on Roseberry Estate Shopping Centre area.
25/08/2012 Redcar Ladies Lifeboat Guild held summer fair in the boathouse Redcar seafront.
25/08/2012 Wind farm platform offshore re-righted, after the legs got stuck in the mud.
25/08/2012 Voyager 1 spacecraft enters interstellar space, becoming the first man-made object to do so.
26/08/2012 Neil Armstrong who became the first man to walk on the Moon, died at the age of 82.
26/08/2012 RCBC to issue third wheelie bin (blue) for plastics, glass, cans, paper. Cost £1.5million.
28/08/2012 Local artist Philip Boville is to create a special painting of the Lifeboat ‘Zetland to help preserve the lifeboat at its present location. Prints to be produce later date.
28/08/2012 Competition by RCBC regarding name for new tower. Shortlist of 9 names put forward by public.
28/08/2012 Bid by RCBC to keep The Hub open 7 days a week until 11pm when built.
01/09/2012 Super cyclist Sarah Storey flew to a gold medal in the Paris Olympics after her husband Barney won one.
01/09/2012 RCBC go ahead with planning application approved to build a Crematorium near to Fishponds Corner, despite strong opposition.
01/09/2012 Friends and volunteers of the Kirkleatham Owl Centre are to walk the Lyke Wake Walk as a fundraiser to the Owl Centre and wildlife.
01/09/2012 Peterson Engineering donated as a gesture of goodwill a plaque and plinth to the Dormanstown & Redcar Merchant Navy Association. It is to stand by the anchor of the “Birger” on the esplanade.
09/09/2012 Two members of the RNLI Redcar selected to go on a specialist exercise refreshing their skills in flooding events.
12/09/2012 Redcar woman to stand trial in Bali accused of drug smuggling.
12/09/2012 Redcar Racecourse first winning the Leech Trophy in the Northumbria in Bloom competition.
13/09/2012 Redcar SSI steel works produced its one millionth tonne of steel.
14/09/2012 Zetland Primary School children placed time capsule at the entrance of The Hub a new building on the sea front.
19/09/2012 Redcar RLNI Summer launches remain same as previous year, despite the rainy summer months.
19/09/2012 Redcar given £10,000 by “My Community Rights” scheme, for revitalising the High Street. Plan for a six week festival.
26/09/2012 Redcar Coast Watch to demolish its existing watchtower on top of the Zetland Museum, and replace it with larger new premises.
27/09/2012 Redcar mum made first appearance in Indonesian court for smuggling £1.6m of cocaine into Bali.
27/09/2012 New Lifeboat named 19/09/2012 for Redcar RNLI, Atlantic 85 vessel ‘Leicester Challenge III’.
28/09/2012 Police swoop on houses in Redcar area targeting homes of suspects of theft and burglary. As a result boy of 12 years arrested.
28/09/2012 Coast and Country’s Westfield Farm, Dormanstown, shortlisted for a Community Impact Award.
28/09/2012 RCBC approved £910,000 scheme at Kirkleatham School providing a two storey 40 place centre, for post 16 students.
28/09/2012 Fun Day held at the Lily Park 1.30pm to 5pm helping the park to grow. Funding has already been raised for hedges and other plants.
29/09/2012 Lifeboat ‘Leicester Challenge’ officially named at ceremony this date.
02/10/2012 Lollypop Lady injured as a result of two car accident Greenstones Way. Taken to hospital with suspected fractured leg.
04/10/2012 The Redcar Pier Association has now 500 members and steadily growing.
06/10/2012 Zetland Lifeboat Museum celebrated with an open day on its 210th Anniversary of the boat coming to the town
05/10/2012 This Friday starts the Annual British Kite Surfing Association’s national tour, on Coatham Beach. 4th year that Redcar has hosted the event.
11/10/2012 New sea defences and tower reported nearly completed.
12/10/2012 Last brick of new sea defences put into place,
12/10/2012 Redcar’s Grade II listed buildings under threat.
19/10/2012 Wurlitzer Organ (once located Redcar Pier) removed from site in Eston which was demolished. Now looking for a home once refurbished.
20/10/2012 Starlings now roosting on metal ribbons of the new tower along the promenade.
28/10/2012 Violin virtuoso Craig Owen brought his band to Kirkleatham Museum for a special performance.
29/10/2012 50th Anniversary of 2394 (East Cleveland) Squadron, Royal Air Force Air Cadets took place
30/10/2012 RCBC has agreed in principle to lease land at Rye Hills School for the building of a centre for Redcar Gym Club.
01/11/2012 Ian Swales PM re Ministry of Defence not to allow the Russian Government to award their Medal of Ushakov to British soldiers who took place in the treacherous Arctic Convoys to Russia.
07/11/2012 Teesside Beaches Redcar which met “mandatory” standard for bathing water were Coatham, Lifeboat Station, Granville, Stray.
09/11/2012 Staff/Pupils of Rye Hills School lined up outside the front of the school, with other staff from the emergency services and held 2 minutes silence as a mark of Remembrance for those killed in conflicts home and abroad.
11/11/2012 Remembrance Sunday, Wreaths laid at Redcar War Memorial (and others) as a mark of respect for those who did not return from the horrors of war.
11/11/2012 Death of Sir Rex Hunt, (11/111/2012) old boy of the former William Turner’s School, Redcar, and Former governor of Falkland Islands who refused to shake hands before surrender of the island with invading commander, after islanders being massively outnumbered by Argentinian troops.
13/11/2012 Teesside steel from the Beam Mill, Lackenby, being used to build the new Redcar Community Leisure Complex.
16/11/2012 Cleveland Police arrest 21 people aged between 15 years and 59 years, during again with Operation Commitment for offences of theft, criminal damage.
19/11/2012 Award winning pianist Arta Arnicane performed in the Kirkleatham Chapel to pupils of the nearby Kirkleatham Hall School.
20/11/2012 Transport disruption was caused by heavy rainfall, and closing the A1085 Trunk Road, Near to Steel House, Dormanstown.
29/11/2012 Cleveland Police set up Amnesty for weapons from now until December 31st, 2012. Disposal bins at Redcar Town Police Office.
29/11/2012 Sixty profile shoplifters and thieves have been sent Christmas Cards informing them that Operation Scrooge has been launched by the Police and R.C.B.C. in an effort to reduce crime in Redcar Town Centre. They will be backed up by the town retailers.
29/11/2012 Public informed that the Redcar Boxing Day Dip will be the best yet, and people are advised to register early at this successful yearly event.
30/11/2012 Cleveland Police to crackdown on drug/drink drivers during the festive season, especially targeting under 25 year olds’.
03/12/2012 Sarah Sweeting and Eddie Muliau gave opera concerts at Sir William Turner’s Almshouses, Kirkleatham (06/12) & (07/12)
04/12/2012 Acclaimed pianist visited J.E. Batty School, Redcar, ahead of the concert when the Chinese-American pianist plays at the Almshouses, Kirkleatham.
04/12/2012 Families were invited to the Redcar Primary Care Hospital, for Christmas celebrations.
04/12/2012 Major sewerage work to commence along The Stray, Redcar, (£1.4m) to replace existing pipeline which has become unreliable.
10/12/2012 Fire fighters attended a blaze to an empty fisherman’s hut at the South Gare. A Stafford Terrier with puppies two days old were found alive when the fire and smoke cleared.
11/12/2012 Redcar Tesco part of the food store chain of shops teamed up with the rest of their stores in a charity, for the Trussell Trust, ‘Help Feed People in Need’ by donating £1,100. Food raised in Redcar will be distributed to those in need in Redcar.
11/12/2012 Councillor of the Zetland Warn starts campaign to have a Plaque erected to honour Redcar born Sir Rex Hunt. Who died in November 2012? He was Governor of the Falkland Islands during the Argentinian invasion in 1982.
13/12/2012 Launched in 1977 and based in Redcar the charity Nightstop, makes an appeal for more funding. The charity provides accommodation for people 16 – 25 years plus back-up services for people with problems.
12/12/2012 The Teesside Coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death following the drowning of a fisherman Keith Ellerby, 64years, who was swept off the lower level South Gare whilst fishing.
12/12/2012 Members of Redcar in Bloom and neighbourhood office of Zetland ward to manage the roundabout at the East end of the town.
12/12/2012 Kirkleatham Chapel lit the chapel’s 270 year old chandelier during a carol service when Green Gates School Choir attended a service nine lessons and carol singing.
12/12/2012 Kirkleatham Alms Houses have one ground floor premises for a single person or a couple, available to suitable person(s)
15/12/2012 Oilfins 6 plant, owners SABIC bosses send out apology letters following a flaring and odour problems incident from their site on Wilton. The flame lit up the night sky (13/12)
15/12/2012 R&CBC propose to move Redcar Market nearer to Redcar Clock West end of the High Street.
15/12/2012 Councillor claims that since the closure of the Warrenby Re-cycling Centre. Fly-tipping is on the increase
19/12/2012 The Army, Naval and air cadets managed to collect £5,297, a fifth of the overall Redcar Poppy Appeal.
21/12/2012 Redcar and Cleveland council tax payers forecast to pay at least 2% more during the forthcoming council tax year 2013.
21/12/2012 RSPB organised a beach clean up at the South Gare in partnership with PD Ports and RCBC. The South Gare is an internationally important site for the PSPB
22/12/2012 Redcar’s Boxing Day Dip has recorded so far 490 people registered to take part. This number exceeds the registration last year which was 304 participants.
22/12/2012 First Choice Labels, Kirkleatham Business Park, staff given 2 day trip to York after completing an order of 2 million labels for a sports retailer.
26/12/2012 A Community Radio Station is proposed with a bid for a licence being submitted in January 2012. It is proposed to transmit from the new Palace Hub
28/12/2012 £4.4 million cuts to be made in Redcar & Cleveland Councils spending, during the year 2013/2014. Proposal to raise council tax by 2%
28/12/2012 Redcar, ‘The Closes’ Estate, to undergo a £30 million facelift. 106 houses will be demolished, with 300 new homes being built starting January 2013 New homes will be started February 2013.
28/12/2013 Vacancy for a single person at the famed almshouses in Kirkleatham Village. Must be over 60 years of age.
29/12/2012 Redcar RNLI hero Mike Picknett, Senior Helmsman, awarded British Empire Medal, for services to the RNLI
29/12/2012 Approximately 500 people took part in the 43rd Redcar Boxing Day Dip, a charity event held every year.


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