TIDES – Extraordinary Low Ebb Tides

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 15/10/1869.


            Though the tides did not float to so great a height on our coast Redcar as had been expected, yet they’re worse ample evidence in the extreme low ebbs that the water withdrawn was making high tide in other quarters; and if the wind had blown a gale. From that point of the compass bearing directly upon our coast, there is no doubt the floods would have been much above the average, and probably have given cause to be remembered. At the Law ebb on the 8th inst., a party of gentlemen interested in the construction of the Redcar Pier took the opportunity of making soundings and a survey of the site best adapted for the erection. They were assisted by Mr John Burnicle, whose knowledge of the rocks and experience of the court enabled them to find the best roadway to the beach to be near what is known as “The High Stone.” Here there is a fine natural bay, which their pilot said was quotes as still as grease” at all times of the tide, and which is most completely sheltered by rocks. The soundings assured that there is sufficient depth of water and ample room for turning any vessel at about 3500 feet from the sea wall, taking a point about midway Graffenberg Street and Clarendon Street. The project so desirable, and so encouragingly spoken of by both visitors and residents of Redcar, we hope to see speedily accomplished, as this site has many advantages which are not to be found on other parts of the coast. The great facility of approach will make it available for all varieties of traffic, the level being favourable for the formation of a tramway in connection with the Stockton and Darlington branch of the North Eastern Railway, where, in addition to the landing and embarking of passengers, vessels may be lauded or unordered with goods to all parts of the coast. We understand that a meeting will speedily be convened for the purpose of forming a directory and issuing a prospectus, and we heartily wish them success.


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