EVENT – Redcar Lane, Redcar.

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea 27/01/1871


            About two months ago, the above title was organised in connection with the Wesleyan body in this town. The members meet for mutual improvement, in the classroom adjoining the chapel, every Tuesday evening. The Rev. J. Westlake is president, Mr Abbey vice-president, Mr Yeo chairman, Mr Earl treasurer, and Mr Featherstone secretary, of the society. On Wednesday evening last, the members and their friends, to the number of forty or fifty, met at Mr Hirst’s, Marine Terrace. Supper was served at seven o’clock, after which speeches were given by Mr Abbey, Mr Slack, and Mr Yeo. The proceedings were enlivened by selections of vocal and instrumental music by Mr Johnson, organist of St. Peter’s Church, Mrs Featherstone, Miss Chapman, and Miss Coulson.


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