REDCAR – Redcar and Coatham Regatta.

Accreditation Redcar and Saltburn News 19/08/1875


            The Redcar and Coatham 5th Annual Regatta took place on Friday afternoon (13/08) last, having been postponed from the previous Friday (06/08). The weather in the morning was dull, but it cleared up about noon, and during the rest of the day it was fine.

There was a heavy swell on the water, and in consequence a start was not effected until after three o’ clock. On Redcar Pier Mr. F. Groening’s military band was stationed, and played a number of selections. The course was generally between the Redcar and Coatham Piers, on both of which, and along the beach, there were a several thousand spectators.

The canoe race for a tankard (valued at three guineas), and a sailing race for square sterned cobles, not exceeding 19ft. ram, distance four miles, three men each boat, were left for a future day.

The latter was contested on Tuesday afternoon (17/08) and resulted in a victory for “Lady Elizabeth” (J. Picknett, T. Picknett, and R. Picknett), “Gentle Annie” (W. Boagey and others), 2; “Rising Sun” Thos. Robson and others), 3.


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