EVENT – Bishop of Whitby Condemns Laz Moral Standards

Accreditation Cleveland Standard 07/05/1948    

Bishop of Whitby at Redcar
Condemns Lax Moral Standards.

            A strong condemnation of present day moral laxity attributable largely to decreasing parental control was made by the Lord Bishop of Whitby, the Right Reverend W. H. Baddeley, D.S.O., M.C., speaking at the annual meeting of the Cleveland association of Moral Welfare at Redcar on Tuesday afternoon.

            “Most of us here today have lived through two world wars and in time of war moral standards deteriorate.” He said. “The general social life of the nation is lowered and without being a pacifist the only solution is to extirpate the causes of war. The breakdown or diminution of parental responsibilities has meant that the home ceases to be a place where a child grows up with healthy discipline and with increasing State services, parents feel there is no longer need for family discipline.”


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