1876 04 07 Redcar Local Board Elections

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 07/04/1876


            The voting papers for electing three members in place of the three retiring members are now in the hands of ratepayers and owners, and the papers will be collected today. The candidates are Messrs. W. Burton, J. Duff, W. Previll, J. H. Webster, and G. Wren. In consequence of the new form of voting paper prescribed by the Act of 1875 being used, a misapprehension seems to have arisen as to the number of persons each ratepayer owner can boat for. It has, however, been officially notified on the Church and Chapel doors that three members are required, inconsequence of the three who annually retire by rotation. Therefore every person possessing a vote as a ratepayer can vote for three, and in case he is qualified as owner he can give a double vote for each. It seems an omission that the number of persons to be voted for is not stated in the form, but it is an omission that the legislature is responsible for. It has doubtless been thought that it would be generally known that anyone having a vote could exercise that vote for the number of persons required to be elected, as is the case in voting for members of Parliament.


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