1878 09 07 – Kirkleatham Local Board Election

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 07/09/1877.


            The first election of nine members to form this board took place on Saturday last (01/09), at Coatham, where the future sitting of the Board will take place. Considerable interest was excited in Coatham on the subject, and the large number of nominations doubtless to some extent perplexed the minds of the voters. Mr. Ralph Woodwark was the returning officer and the business of the election, after the voting papers were collected, took place at the Lobster, in, Coatham, where the first meeting of the new Board is to be held today (07/09). The following are the names of the candidates who went to the poll, and the number of votes recorded for each the first nine being declared duly elected 🙂


Thomas Dawson Ridley, contract                                                             559

James Rutherford, land agent                                                                   543

John Hikeley, innkeeper                                                                            519

Arthur Henry Turner Newcomen                                                              472

Peter Wallis, farmer                                                                                     470

John Proud, farmer                                                                                     428

Edward Robson, mine owner                                                                    404

Thomas James, manager                                                                           398

William Nelson, builder                                                                              390

Thomas Bradley, builder                                                                             236

Thomas Watson, builder                                                                            182

Thomas Hugh Bell, iron master                                                               181

John Cowl, gentleman                                                                                170

James Hogg, ship owner                                                                            159

William Cooke Yeo, builder                                                                        152

Robert Moore, architect                                                                               148

Francis Hewlings Cooke, grocer                                                               111

Thomas Sheil, ship broker                                                                           88

John Richard Stubbs, solicitor                                                                    88

Alexander Holmes, merchant                                                                      84

John Crossley, and sanitary pipes manufacturer                                   74

Thomas William Spink Locke, gentleman                                               65

Alfred Hill, manager                                                                                       62

John Imeson, gentleman                                                                               52

Walter Johnson, iron merchant                                                                   37

Pearson Jackson, joiner                                                                                 28

William Love, builder                                                                                      18

Thomas Taylor, shipping agent                                                                    17

Robert Mothersdale, gentleman                                                                  14

William Lynas, milk seller                                                                             13


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