EVENT – KIrkleatha Penny Readings

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 21/12/1877.


            The second entertainment of the present season took place in the Lecture-room, Kirk Leatham, on Friday evening last (14/12). Mr. J. Rutherford, occupied the chair, and the room was densely crowded. The following was the programme:-  Part song, “The British Grenadier,” Choir; song, “My old friend John,” Mr. W. Burton; reading, from “Verdant Green,” Mr. Robson; song, “My Pretty Jane,” Mrs. Macfarlane (encored); reading, “Roast Pig,” Mr. Bland; song, “Jaunita,” Miss Murray; song, (in character), “A Song of the Sea,” Mr. Whateley; pianoforte duet, Miss and Mr. J. A. Rutherford; song, “Bonnie Dundee,” Miss Wood; reading, from “Dickens,” Mr. Rutherford; reading, “A Curtain Lecture,” Mr. Adson; comic song, “Put it down to me,” Master Wright; part song, “The Traveller,” Choir.


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