ACCIDENT – Coble accident Tees Bay

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea, 12/05/1871.


            One of the West Hartlepool pilots, named Charles Hood, narrowly escaped drowning in the Bay, whilst attempting to board a small schooner, on Monday (08/05). His son, who accompanied him, had got safely out of the coble on the deck of the schooner, and Hood, himself, was in the act of following, having grasped a rope for that purpose, when the swell from the screw steamer “George Pyman, which was passing, coupled with a strong sea running at the moment, calls the coble to fill and capsize, Hood being thrown into the sea. He fortunately was enabled to clean to the rope, and of all carried completely beneath the schooner, he came up on the further side, and was safely landed on to her deck by some of the crew, little the worse beyond a wetting and exhaustion produced by his immersion. The coble was of course, lost.


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