ACCIDENT – Fall From Ladder

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 01/07/1870.


            About 12 o’clock on Friday (25/06) morning last, as a man, named Thomas Howard, of Liverpool, a painter in the employ of Mr. Unthank, decorator, Station Road, was engaged painting the outside of Holyrood House, on the promenade, he was suddenly precipitated to the ground. Being on a 16 feet ladder he found it too short, and descended on to the last step, which was decayed, and it unfortunately gave way. He was severely bruised and much shaken, being a heavy man. On being taken to his lodgings, Mr. Locke, surgeon, attended him, also of the Rev. W. Milburne, who ordered his immediate removal to the North Riding Infirmary, Middlesbro’. He was visited by Mr. Locke on Saturday (26/06), and from enquiries we find he is not so seriously injured as was at first anticipated.


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