ACCIDENT – Redcar and Upleatham Road.

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 30/07/1869.


            On Monday (26/07) afternoon, a serious accident occurred on the road between Redcar and Upleatham. A conveyance containing Mrs Wren, wife of Mr G. Wren, of the Global Inn, Redcar, and Mr and Mrs Hardy, was proceeding towards Redcar, returning from the gala at Upleatham, when the horse became unmanageable. Mrs Hardy becoming alarmed prepared to jump out of the vehicle, when a sudden jolt caused her to fall head foremost onto the road. She was once picked up and taken to a farmhouse adjoining, where for a considerable time she remained insensible, and her life was despaired of. On Wednesday (28/07) morning, however, a slight improvement was manifest, and hopes are now entertained of her recovery. The conveyance with the remaining occupants, after preceding about 50 yards from where the accident occurred, ran into another vehicle, and was smashed to atoms; Mrs Wren being very severely shaken.


Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 06/08/1869.

It is our painful duty to chronicle the death of Mrs Hardy, from injuries received on the 26th ult, as detailed in the last week’s Gazette. Up to about Friday last (31/07), hopes were entertained of her recovery, but she afterwards grew gradually worse, and on Monday (02/08) death put an end to her sufferings.


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