BOAT RACING – Coble Race at Redcar

Accreditation Redcar and Saltburn News 29/07/1875.


          On Tuesday, (27/07) afternoon, a few gentleman headed by Capt Sowerby of Darlington, clubbed together, and made a handsome sum of money, to be contested by cobles under sheet. Considering the short notice for arrangements, nine cobles were entered, and drew to the point for start. The boats.well away, although a few mishaps fell in the way of Lady Elizabeth, yet still, under the able guidance of John Picknett at the helm, she “weathered the storm,” and came in victorious.
The following is the result of the race. :- 1st prize, five pounds Lady Elizabeth (Picknett Brothers)
2nd prize, three pounds Olive Branch (J. Burnicle and crew); 3rd prize, two pounds Morning Star (Joseph Wharton and crew).
The race was ably constructed and the satisfaction of the subscribers was displayed by the ready manner in which the money was paid over.



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