LOCATION – Street Names (change of)

The following street names in Redcar and Coatham were changed in 1934 as shown. Of course some of these streets were taken by compulsory purchase to make way for the new shopping centre,

High Street, Redcar High Street East
High Street, Coatham High Street West
Zetland Place France Street
Portland Terrace West Dyke Road
West Terrace, Redcar West Dyke Road
West End, Redcar West Dyke Road
Westfield Terrace, Redcar West Dyke Road
Church Street, Redcar Redcar Lane
Cleveland Terrace, Redcar Railway Terrace
Portland Terrace, Coatham Coatham Road
Victoria Terrace, Redcar Coatham Road
Newcomen Street, Redcar Station Road
Wilton Place, Redcar Albert Street
Arthur Place, Redcar Railway Terrace
Albert Place, Redcar (to follow)






Along with the new street names at the same time the road at the side of Ridley House was called Ridley Street.
Name plates to be affixed to Elliot Street, opposite the Municipal Building, and Oxley Street leading to Fisherman’s Square.






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