SHIPWRECKS & GROUNDINGS “Charles Butters”, 2 Laden Vessels on rocks “Emily”

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 21/12/1877.


     A fine built three masted screw steamer struck on Redcar rocks on Wednesday evening, two hours after high water, where she now lies, about three quarters of a mile from the shore. She is named the “Charles Butters” (Capt. Curry), and was bound from Padneriol to Middlesbrough with Spanish ore. Her owner is Mr. Robt. Curwin, of Liverpool. The disaster is partly attributable to the foggy weather which prevailed, and also to the incapacity of a Staithes fisherman, who was fallen in with on Wednesday afternoon, and who undertook to pilot the vessel into its proper course for a consideration. The vessel draws fifteen feet of water when ‘laden, and when going at full speed struck on the east end of Saltscar in nine feet of water, sustaining serious injury to her bottom, besides springing her mats and deck. Proper soundings are said to have been taken from the time the fisherman went on board, the “lead” showing fifteen feet depth of water only a few seconds before the vessel struck. She immediately settled down after coming in contact with the rocks, and the extent of the damage will be best understood when it is stated that at high tide yesterday morning the cargo was covered, and the water rose gradually in the hold as the tide came up, corresponding with the depth of the water outside.

     During yesterday a number of Redcar fishermen were engaged in the task of lightening the vessel, with a few to her being got off, but so far without result – indeed, judging from all appearances, it will be a question of some days before she is in a condition to be removed, and should there be any change in the weather she will most likely become a wreck.

     Shortly before the above vessel struck, an Ipswich schooner, laden with iron ore, said to be named the “Emily” struck on the highest part of Saltscar rocks, and remained there until about two o’clock yesterday morning, when she again re floated , and proceeded on her voyage, having apparently sustained little damage.

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 28/12/1877


     The screw steamer “Charles Butters, stranded on Saltscar on Wednesday week, has become a total wreck. Hopes were at first entertained that the vessel would be got off, but she parted amidships on Friday morning, and in the heavy northerly seas of Christmas morning was altogether sunk. The vessel and cargo were worth about £28,000, and all that has been saved is the cabin stores and fittings.


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