CHURCH – Coatham Convalescent Home Chapel Tea Party

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn News 31/12/1874


            The first congregational tea party was held on Tuesday (29/12) evening, and was well attended. After tea, a social gathering was held, presided over by the Rev. J. Postlethwaite, who made a a few remarks on Christmas-tide, and expressed a hope that the congregation would go on prospering through the New Year. The chair contributed to the general enjoyment by singing a number of Christmas carols, all so the to lead “Had smiling morn.” Their efforts being much appreciated. The Rev. G. Austen, (of St. Paul’s, Middlesbrough), sang the “Death of Nelson” and the “Village Blacksmith” in good style, Miss Duck presiding at the pianoforte. Games and sports of various kinds were also indulged in, and all present seemed thoroughly to enjoy themselves.


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