CHURCH – Coatham election of Church Wardens

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 06/04/1877.

Election of Church Wardens.

            The annual meeting for the election of church wardens for Coatham took place on Tuesday morning (03/04), at the Church, and afterwards adjournment to the School. The Vicar was in the chair, and among those present were Messrs. Druller, Locke, Umpleby, MacKinlay, Rev. A. J. N. Macdonald, Bulmer, Garnett, Patton, Burton, Appleby, Boagey, Hall, Bottomley, Rev. W. Dunn, Young, Bernard, &c., &c. After the vicar had nominated Mr. Druller as his reward for the year, Mr. Locke calls, Mr. Bulmer, seconded, and it was carried unanimously that Mr. Hitchen should be the people’s warden. The vicar then read out a statement of accounts for the past year, showing a deficiency of £7.0s.5d., and it was agreed on the proposal of Mr. Dunn, and seconded by Mr. Boagey, that a statement should be printed and circulated among the parishioners. A committee was then appointed to arrange for the liquidation of the debt on the organ, which amounts to £119, and after some general conversation as to raising funds for the payment of the stipend of a second, curate, to minister at Warrenby, the meeting came to a termination.


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