CHURCH – Redcar Congregational Church


Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 05/01/1877


            The annual festival in connection with this place of worship was held on Thursday evening last (28/12/1876). T was provided in the School-room, the tables being presided over by the following the ladies of the congregation:- Mrs. Cowl, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Shiel, Mrs. Unthank, Mrs Ashton, the Misses Halliwell,  Misses Tomlinson. About 130 persons partook of tea, and after the tables were cleared a Christmas Tree was exhibited, and a sale of work took place. The articles on the Tree were principally of any useful character, and found a ready sale. The proceeds of the day amounted to £33.10s. On New Year’s Day, the scholars and teachers, to the number of about 110, were entertained at tea by Mr. Thomas Watson, senior deacon of the church, and Mr. Pattison. Afterwards, there was a public meeting in the Chapel, when addresses were delivered by the Rev. W. J. Franks, and Messrs. Lister, Goss, Graham, and Shiel. During the evening the children rendered suitable pieces and recitations, to the great satisfaction of those present. The hymns sung during the evening were from Sankey’s selection, and certainly did great credit to the Misses Cowl, and Tomlinson, who presided at the harmonium.



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