CHURCHES – Congregational Church, Redcar Evening Entertainment

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 16/11/1877.


A social evening and entertainment was held in the above School-room on Friday evening last (09/11), in order to raise fund for providing a suitable library for the scholars. The programme, which consisted of solos, readings, recitations, and a number of sacred pieces sung by the Choir, was divided into four parts, with a short interval between each part. Refreshments were provided at really moderate charges, and a galvanic battery (lent by Mr. Shiel), and a splendid stereoscope (kindly lent by Mr. S. Hoggard) furnished amusement and entertainment, and also materially added to the receipts of the evening. The room was crowded, many being unable to find seats, and the programme was tentatively listened to and thoroughly appreciated by all present. Hearty and cause were recorded to Miss Cowl and Master J. Fielden for their duet “Friendship,” to Mrs. Svensson for her sweet singing of this song, “Far away,” to Mr. Stead for the humorous song “The Cork leg,” and again Miss Cowl for “Thae old Scotch sangs.” in addition to the friends mentioned above, efficient, helpful was rendered by Miss Tomlinson, who read “The May Queen,” in a manner that secured hearty applause; and also by Mesdames Franks, and Corner, Messrs. Shiel, Mr. Fielded accompanied the anthems on the harmonium. Considering that all the arrangements for the entertainment were made in a field days, and were Congregational friends are to be congratulated on the very enjoyable and perfectly social character of the entertainment; financially, too, it was a success, the sum of 5 pounds.15s.being realised.


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