CHURCHES – Convalescent Home Chapel

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 11/02/1876


            The following petition has been signed by a considerable number of residents of Coatham  and Redcar, and forwarded to His Grace the Archbishop by T. Bamlett and F. James, Esqs., on behalf of the congregation:-

“To His Grace the Lord Archbishop of York.

“The humble petition of the undersigned laity of the Church of England residing in Coatham and Redcar,
“SHEWETH, – That whereas the population of these two villages (practically one town) has increased sixfold during the last 20 years, there has been no increase of Church accommodation during that period, except for the Convalescent Home Chapel, which is at present closed. RedcarChurch holds that most 700, Coatham Church 500, and the Home Chapel 200. That the whole is inadequate to the wants of the place is manifest, when it is borne in mind that in addition to the large and increasing resident population, crowds of visitors frequent Coatham and Redcar in summer. There is ample room for a new DistrictChurch, and good grounds for believing that a hearty service free from extremes would meet a great want, and find general acceptance, especially in the summer season. Many of your Grace’s petitioners residing in Coatham, although attached to members of the Church of England, cannot conscientiously attend CoathamChurch so long as the present extreme doctrines and practices prevail. The closing of the Home Chapel has been a great deprivation too many of your Grace’s petitioners, as ministrations of the Rev. J. Postlethwaite are greatly valued, and have been productive of much good. Under the circumstances stated, your petitioners humbly pray your Grace to grant the Home Chapel a full license, as provided by the Private Chapel Act of 1871, for all the services of the Church of England except the solomnization of marriages.


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