CHURCHES – Redcar Church – Renovations

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 15/03/1878


            The Churchwardens have employed several men who have been some months out of work to drain the Churchyard. This is a work long needed, and a double object is attained – of carrying out a needed improvement, and helping a number of poor families, some of whom have suffered severally during the winter. A subscription has also been set on foot to re-floor the Church itself, the present sandstone been very damp and unwholesome, especially since the Church was thoroughly heated by the hot-air apparatus. It is proposed to remove the present stone floor from the nave aisles, and front of the alter, and replace it with a wooden flooring. Some improvement is also intended in the row of seats for children at the East end. The cost of the work inside the Church is estimated at £50, towards which the Earl of Zetland has given £10. Subscriptions are received by the Church wardens.


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