CLEVELAND – Hospital Proposal

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 11/02/1888.


          A meeting was held at Redcar of representatives from Redcar, Saltburn and Guisborough Local Boards, and the Sanitary Authorities of Marske, Lazenby and Wilton, to consider the question of providing an hospital for infectious cases arising in any of those places.

          Mr. John Marwood presided, Mr. Atkinson submitted a plan and scheme for a building equally distant from Redcar, Saltburn and Guisborough, which including land and furnishing, would cost £3,000, and require rate of a 1d in the pound for 3 ½ years to repay the cost.

          It was generally thought the scheme was much to costly, and it was agreed that the committee should meet Lord Zetland’s agent, and ask if a piece of suitable land could be secured which the committee would afterwards inspect, and ascertain if suitable for a water supply to it, and also for the necessary drainage.


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