COATHAM – Convalescent Home

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The Coatham Convalescent Home
Coatham Convalescent Home Re-Opens

          Coatham Convalescent Home reopened in April 1934 following internal re-construction, and re-decoration. There is a new Superintendent, Secretary and a new Chaplain Rev. John Reeder. The Matron will be the same Mrs. E.H. Wilkinson.

          The Coatham Convalescent Home is one of Redcar’s landmarks and was founded in 1860/1861 by the Late Rev. John Postlethwaithe, at a cost of £4,500 borne entirely by him. He bought the site, and built and furnished a Home for 30 poor, deserving convalescents requiring a change of air, and sea bathing.

          So liberal was the response to an appeal for subscriptions, donations and legacies that the Home was considerably extended. For many years the Reverend Postlethwaithe undertook personal supervision without remuneration, and even his own expenses.

          Today the Home is administered by a Board of Governors. They carry on the work of the Rev. William Cuthbert who is one of the three trustees in whom the property is vested.
Hot and cold salt water baths are available, while great expenditure improvements have been introduced which make the Institution one of the most modern in the country. In the kitchen are new cooking and steam heated-ovens, modern crockery, washing machines, automatic water heater and fish fryer.One of the most appreciated improvements is the introduction of central heating, which makes it possible for the Home to open earlier in the year, and extend the season later in winter months. In the grounds of the Home are bowling greens, putting greens and a croquet lawn. This year the paths in the grounds are to be repaired, and tar-macadam laid.

          Old Associations and links with the past seasons will not be entirely severed when the Coatham Convalescent Home re-opens in spite of the fact that a new Superintendent has been appointed at the Home itself.


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