COATHAM – Cricket Ground Tradesmen v Farmers

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 19/10/1877.


            The annual cricket match between the Tradesmen of Redcar and Coatham, and the farmers of the District was played on Thursday, the 11th inst., on the Coatham Cricket Ground, and resulted in victory for the Tradesmen by 11 runs. The weather was very stormy, and one or two smart showers fell during the afternoon. After the stumps were drawn at five o’clock, the annual dinner was served at Mr. Hikeley’s, the Lobster Inn; on the removal of the cloth, the usual toasts were honoured, and an enjoyable evening was spent..


Tradesmen                83 runs.


Farmers.                    68 runs


Lol Hansom December 23, 2014 Coatham, Events